"Edward, come on! Be reasonable about this."

"Bella, I don't know why you're making this so difficult."

I glared at Edward and he was glaring right back at me.

Edward and I had arrived at the movie theatre not even ten minutes ago and we were already fighting over who should pay.

Edward wanted to pay for both of us, being the gentleman that he was.

I wanted to pay at least for my own ticket and food. I was still as stubborn as ever, I didn't need a man to take care of me. I could fend for myself.

"Edward, I don't know why you won't even let me pay half way, like at the dinner." I grumbled.

"Bella, why this once won't you let me treat you? I asked you out, it's only fair the man pays. "Humour the gentleman I was raised to be, please." He said, pulling his puppy dog eyes and pout on me which immediately caused me to roll my eyes.

"Okay fine," I started, making him grin; thinking that he had won, but when he saw me say the b word he frowned. "But I want to pay for either the tickets or the refreshments. I want to pay for something.

He sighed, reluctantly nodding to agree.

"I figure that since you're picking the movie, you can get the tickets while I get the food and drink. Is that okay with you?"

"Yeah, that's fine with me. Are you sure you don't mind me picking out the movie?" I asked, unsure.

"Of course not. Whatever you pick will be good enough for me to sit through it with you." He smiled at me, daring me to disagree before he continued. "Now, what food and drink would you like?"

"Just the regulars. Cotton candy, sweet popcorn, a coke. Feel free to get whatever you want for yourself."

We smiled at each other and our hands parted, going in seperate directions.

"Hi, can I get two tickets for The Uninvited, please?" I asked the red-headed girl at the counter.

She nodded and gave me the tickets and in return I gave her the money.

I'd been wanting to see this movie for a while. Emily Browning was quite the actress.

I stepped out of the line, looking for Edward at the lines where you got the refreshments.

I spotted him at the end of the line talking to a beautiful, skinny, strawberry blonde headed girl.

Anger surged up inside me straight away. Who was I? Just a plain, boring, plump girl. Why would Edward hang around when he could have that?

They seem to be deep in conversation – Edward shaking his head back and forth, while the girl was waving her hands around a lot.

Edward's eyes caught my own, and almost at the same time, the girl looked over at me, glaring.

Edward said something to her, and moved towards me. She didn't do anything, but just kept staring at me.

"Hey!" Edward smiled. "Did you get the tickets?"

"Um. Yeah. We're going to see The Uninvited. I hope you don't.. um, mind." I said, trailing off. Still staring at the girl, my mind a million miles away.

"Good. Let's go. Do you mind..?" He said, gesturing to his handles.

I nodded, placing the tickets in my front pocket and gripping the handles of his wheelchair and pushed him forward.

I handed the tickets to the man in the doors and he ripped the top half and let us past.

I found the screen pretty quickly, and with some difficulty with the doors – I got us both inside.

"Uh, do you need help getting in one of the seats, or would you prefer to sit in your.. um.. chair?" I asked nervously.

"Would you mind helping me? I'm heavier than your average backpack. But erm.."

I nodded. "Where would you like to sit?"

"Near the front if you don't mind?"

I wheeled him to the second row near the front. This would be the hardest part, getting him out of his chair and into the seat.

"Ready?" I asked.

He nodded, holding his arms out for me.

I bent down, gripping his waist with one hand while he gripped both my shoulders, and I placed my other hand under his legs.

Slowly, I hoisted his body out of his chair and began to walk through the row of seats, with his body in my hands.

I stopped in the half way, deciding it would be a nice place to sit.

I used one leg to nudge the seat down, and carefully laid him down in the seat.

"How's that? Are you okay?" I asked, unsure.

He nodded, approving, and I went back to retrieve the refreshments and the chair.

I brought the food and drink first, and then carefully folded the chair, and brought it down the aisle. Placing it on the floor beside me.

"I hope you don't mind sharing a drink and popcorn with me. I just figured it would save money, and it wouldn't been too much money and I didn't want the food and drink to go to waste and -"

I held a finger up, silencing him. "Edward, relax," I giggled, "It's fine. I honestly don't mind."

He sighed thankfully, leaning his head against the seat.

"Thank you. For erm.. helping me. It's usually a pain for everyone to do, and usually I get.. embarrassed about it. It's silly.." He muttered.

"Edward, you need to stop apologizing for little things I do for you. It's okay, really." I nodded.

I was about to ask him who the girl who he was talking to was, but the lights dimmed, signaling the start of the movie.

Throughout the movie, Edward was doing the littlest things which I thought were too adorable.

Like his wide eyes when there was a bone chilling scene, like when the two sister's were trying to figure out a mystery – he would shout it "It's the stepmother! She's eviiiiil!", causing the other people in the audience to shush him. And that only made me laugh.

I have to admit that I spent the duration of the movie watching Edward more than the actual movie.

Since we were sharing a popcorn, our hands met constantly in the popcorn box, sending a jolt of electricity through my body.

I looked to Edward to see if he felt it, but he looked like he was trying to restrain himself from something.

During the climax scene, my hand drifted over to Edward's, squeezing his hand for dear life.

He didn't shy away from it either. Instead, he squeezed my hand back reassuringly, and stroked the palm of my hand.

Soon enough, the end credits ending and lights went back up.

"Wow." I sighed.

"Yeah." Edward agreed.

I stood up, grabbing the wheelchair from underneath my seat, bringing it to the end of the row and set it up for Edward to sit back in.

When I straightened up, I saw Edward still sitting where I left him, looking at me with adoring eyes.

He reminded me of a puppy dog that you find at the pound that had been beaten and hopes that he would find an owner that would love and care for him.

I strode back down to him happily and offered my hand. "Ready to go?"

He nodded, trying to stand up and grab my arm, but almost fell straight to the ground before I caught him.

"I'm sorry, Bella." He whispered against my shoulder.

"It's okay, it's okay. It's all okay." I soothed into his ear, picking his fragile body back up.

He seemed to weigh less than I ever had. Like a bag of bones, so easy to disrupt.

Didn't he ever eat? Didn't he take care of himself? Well one thing is for sure. If Edward is not going to take care of himself; I sure as hell will.

I slowly placed him back into his wheelchair, which he gripped very tightly.

"Are you okay?" I whispered, placing my hands over his.

He nodded silently, seeming embarrassed of himself.

I wouldn't push him, I would let him have his moment. I knew that if I pushed him too far, I would regret it.

"So, where to now, Sir?" I asked once we were out in the chilly air.

"Well, I was thinking that we could get some ice cream, if you want? There's this place around the corner that sells the most amazing chocolate fudge ice cream."

"How did you know that I liked that?" I asked.

"I might have asked around." He smirked.

"So, I have my own little stalker. I'm not sure what to think of that." I laughed, pushing his chair with me.

"Well, I wanted to find out about you. You can hardly blame me. You're an unpredictable woman, Bella."

"Hmm. Well. I rather you stalking me than that Newt boy."

"His last name is Newton. And I think he likes you. Better not call him Newt the next time you meet." Edward teased.

"Let's just say that I have no plans of running into him in the future."

I swore I saw Edward smile when I said that.

And if I was being honest with myself, I kind of liked it.

The idea that Edward could possibly be jealous of another guy who, quite frankly, freaks me out more than bugs do.

Edward agreed to let me pay for both of our ice creams. Maybe he knew that I was just going to put up a fight.

Good. The boy was learning.

"Edward." I said as soon as we were relaxed in a corner.

"Hm?" He responded.

"I want to ask you a personal question." I said, pondering how to go about this.

"Go on." He said reluctantly.

"How often do you eat?"

He looked surprised. "Well, I can honestly say that was not what I was expecting to come out of your mouth."

"You never answered the question."

He sighed. Wondering how to edit his answer, I guessed. I would find out either way, nothing could stop me from finding out.

"Fine, I won't lie. I don't eat a lot. I, obviously, can't cook a lot for myself. And I hate going out in public places. Except.. with you. But all that aside, I'm a vegetarian. And as you can guess – Emmett is on the more carnivore side. So I'm left to fend for myself." He replied.

"Edward, if that's all then.. I wouldn't mind going out with you to eat. Or cook for you even. I haven't had a chance to cook for you yet! I cook for my parents all the time back home." I said happily.

"Really Bella, you don't need to go to any trouble." He said all defensive, raising his hands in the air like he was being under arrest or something.

"It's fine, Edward. I want to. Believe it or not, I love spending time with you. Probably more than I should do." I muttered the last part under my breath.

"Okay then." He said with a big smile on his face, showing off his cute dimples.

"But you do know that if you're going to cook with me and Emmett happens to be lurking around, then he'll want in on some of your grub, too." He warned.

I laughed in response. "I think I can hold my own. Besides, the more the merrier!"

We laughed together, both enjoying the moment.

We were almost done with our ice cream when Edward spoke.

"You know, Bella. Since we met, I've wanted to do something to you." He murmured.

"Not kidnapping and torturing me to death I hope?" I teased.

"No," He laughed. "Of course not. Silly Bella. I just want to try one thing."

I nodded, gesturing for him to continue.

But he didn't do or say anything. Instead he closed his eyes and leaned forward to my face.

I instantly leaned towards his face, feeling his hot breath cloud over my own face, fogging my brain.

And then, his perfect masculine lips pressed very softly to mine.

We held onto each others lips for, I don't know how long, and we slowly let go.

Leaning my forehead against his, I kissed his lips again. Grabbing his hair in my fist, I felt his hand snake around my neck and caress it softly.

Fireworks went off in my head, my heart felt like it was going to jump out of my chest.

I didn't want to stop. And it seemed by his body movements, that he didn't want to either.

But the waitress, on the other hand, seemed to think otherwise.

"Sorry guys," she said once we pulled apart. "But it's closing. And I didn't think that you wanted to spend all night in here."

"It's okay, thanks." I grinned. "Come on, Edward. I guess we better get going."

"Yeah." He muttered, pulling out.

We walked home in silence, not knowing what to say to one another.

When we reached my front door, I turned back to him.

"So, not to sound all cliché and everything, but thanks for tonight. I really did have a good time."

"So did I." He agreed.

"Well, goodnight." I grinned, and turned to put the key in the keyhole.

"Bella.." He said, and grabbed my hand.

"Yes?" I asked, turning towards him and interlocking my fingers with his.

"Would you ever.. I don't know. Consider.. maybe.. dating.. me?" He blurted out.

I gasped and stepped back. I had no idea that he was just going to blurt it out like that.

Edward seemed to misunderstand my reactions and continued blabbering. "Of course, you don't have to if you don't want to. It's just that I really really like you. But if you don't want to, it's okay. God, I'm such an idiot sometimes." He said, grabbing his hair roughly in his hands.

"Edward." I said, kneeling down, keeping eye level with him. "Stop talking. I would love to date you."

He relaxed and I took his lands from his hair and held them between mine.

His hair looked like he had wild monkey sex four times over.

"So, you'll be my girlfriend?" He said, wiggling his eyebrows in a goofy way.

"Of course. I would love to be your girlfriend. On one condition though."

"What's that?" He asked nervously.

"If you'll be my boyfriend."

"Of course." He chuckled.

"Good." I whispered, leaning in to kiss him again.

He responded as eagerly as before. Smoothly, he tangled his hair through the strands of my mess brown hair

Our kisses were only chaste, and I didn't mind that. Not one bit.

I pulled away from him reluctantly, and he pouted.

"Sorry." I laughed. "But I better stop before I do something I most certainly will not regret." I laughed, winking cheekily.

"Alright." He sighed. "I guess I better be getting home, too."

"I'll see you tomorrow?" I asked, unthreading my fingers from his.

"If you want to."

"I do."

"Then tomorrow you shall see me. Can I come around here at say, 1ish?"

"Not any earlier?" I pouted.

"How about you text me as soon as you're awake and then whenever I'm up, I'll get ready and come here? Is that good?"

"That sounds perfect." I smiled. "See you tomorrow."

"See you." He smiled and wheeled his way to the elevator.

I waited until he went inside the elevator and it dinged closed, to go into my apartment.

Once I was inside and locked the doors; I slid to the ground, giggly happily.