Between the shadows of the night

Two lonely shadows walks between the shadows of the city.

It has been so long, that she thought she had forget everything-

A white feather, of untouchable beauty fell from the endlessly sky and it stopped at her feet.

The past was once again remembered, ¿by mistake or by need?

What happens mommy?
Are you okay?

I was just remembering


A life that is gone


It doesn't matter. Let's go home.

Your dad must be worried.

Do you love my daddy very, very much?


Why don't you love my daddy?

Between the shadow of a magnificent palace

a king couldn't sleep. He kept on remembering what once was.

He watched the skies as always

until a couple of loving arms passed a blanket by his shoulders.

You haven't sleep at all.

I haven't been able.

You still love her.

Maybe I do.

And me?


You don't answer.

I think I have accustomed.

... I'm sorry...


Her steps took her away and he watched her leave the balcony.

Between his hands he touched an old amulet.

A symbol of what once was and would never be again.

Another little kid is in the gate.

He sees him.

He hates him.

He feels like crying.

Of asking his dad to love him and his mother.

But his prides is very big.

Why don't you love my mother?

The king hates himself.

He tears the necklace from his neck and throws it against a wall.

Then he goes with the little kid

he hugs him and consoles him

as if in that way he can console himself.

Maybe I do love her.


Yes. And even if I don't, starting now I'm going to do it.

There's blood again.

And although the king tries to fight

To protect a family he has learned to love

He cant's.

The blood of his wife pours

in front of his and his son's eyes

and the only thing he could do is to ask why.

I failed you...

...Don't say that...

Forgive me.

There's nothing to forgive. You made what you could

It wasn't enough.

Yes it was...


Take care of you... and take care of him...

I will.

I love you

And she never heard him say the same words.

And because of that his heart break

and the part that stayed alive froze.

Mom, did you ever loved my dad?

Why do you ask me that?

All the time you were married, I'd never heard you say him I love you.

Let's talk about something else.

I want to talk about this.

But I don't.

Why don't you love us?? Father always said there was someone else.

Do you love him? Is because of him that you don't love us?

I don't know what you're talking about...

You do know! You won't tell!


Don't call me that if you don't feel it!! I hate you!!

The young girl run away and the mother's heart broke.

She went out looking for her daughter, but couldn't find her.

And the damned luminous pillar,

the light column
so many times
longed for

this time really found her.

An anguishing cry cutting through the night went to her eras clearly.


But it was to late.

She was already gone.

The mother couldn't answer her daughter

And an angel was left alone crying
at a temple's border.
She fell on her knees
while the thunders and lightning
began crossing the sky.

Blood runs and transforms the green fields in red.

We're in war. It has always been like that.

But still, I just think that she is finally coming back.

Are you sure? You thought that before.

Yes, I am. She will come this time…

What help will that be?

I don't know... but it has to be of help.

The ones that have loved

each other for so long

finally met again.

The king….
The mother….

They weren't the young kids that believed that everything was going to be fine.

She would have to see the blood she had forgotten.

She would have to break her principles again
for a world that now meant nothing for hear.

A world that had already forgot about her,
a world that took her away of the hands of her family.

He would have to see in her eyes again
and ask himself if his heart would beat again.


He was a warrior.

She was from another world.

The dreams that once joined them, existed no more.

They shared nothing in common.

It is you...

It is me…

You're not the same person...

That once I loved...

You have also changed...

Years had passed...

Your forgot me....

I forgot you... you also did it...

You're not a girl anymore...

You aren't a boy neither...

You grew...

You too...

Once we wished to live together ever after...

And in the end, we were apart...

It's good to see you... And remember... Although my Herat mourns…

When it remembers that once its beat was for you
and finally, when everything ends, your going again…

Did you ever thought about me?

Day and night...

While my heart was alive...

But one day it was broke...

And another person put the pieces together…

But still, is good to see you again.

After this...

It would be good bye forever...

You'll keep on living without me,
as you have done it until now… And you'll live without me, and I'll put you again at the bottom of my memories
but… why did I come back?

We need you...

Their heart had waited
for so long for the return of the loved one,
that one day their hope ended breaking,
but it lived again.

It decided to live again,
and it give the chance to love again.

Maybe she was in the past.

Maybe not.

But now his heart was made of ice.

It wouldn't help that he was watching into her eyes again.

Blood again...

I'm sorry to have called you for this...

Mi daughter must be worried.
She must be waiting for me at home…

You have a daughter?


She must look like you....

I think she looks more like her father.

He didn't feel pain to know this.

Neither pleasure.

Maybe his heart had really frozen.


The frighten little kid was no more.

Now was a young man with pain in his heart.

He came near his father,
not trusting in the strange woman.

His gaze denoted pain,
and an innocence that had been
taken away many years ago.

Who are you?

Just an old friend...

From when?

When I was just a young girl. And you?

I'm his son. But you're not like I have been told.

Your father met me many years ago.
I was almost the same age you're now.
I have a daughter that must be about your age.

Are you the one that my father loved instead of my mother?


It doesn't matters.

Your being rude.

I'm just making the same thing you made with my mother.

And old wounds came again
when the young man turn his back to them.

He hates me.

My daughter also hates me… but she must be alone…

And she is frightened by loneliness…

You also where.

Since her father died, she is even more afraid

When this ends... you will see her again.

Do you promise?


That calms me. I know you always keep your promises.

I'll try to also keep this one.

The battle was cruel.

But when it wasn't?

Again she tried to help.
Friends died in front of her eyes

that were chaste no more.

She tried to see into the future again.

Anybody would have thought she had learned
to not trust herself to an so inexact source as destiny was,
that turns its wheel without caring who may be affected.

Just as time.

The were the same thing.

She fell from a risk and he saved her again.

His angel wings sprouted of his back
and his arms wrapped her.

His body was still warm
and she still fitted perfectly between his arms.
And by mistake she remembered, they remembered,
all the love they shared, and everything it could be.

But then a lance, maybe lost, maybe not,
pierced the bodies of the angel and the woman.

         And although the young prince
also sprout angel wings
and tried to save them, it was to late.
They were death wounded.


Take care of yourself...

Don't let me alone!!!

You won't be...

The king gave the prince his sword.
His crown.
A hug
that brought tears to the young prince's eyes.

I won't be strong...

You will.

But... I'll be alone.

You'll find someone.

The war...

You'll end the war, you'll see.

We'll won… And you'll be fine…


I love you sun...

I also love you dad... tell mom that…

I will...

The young man left,
praying to be
strong enough for keep of crying.

He held his sword with force,
while he tried to keep his pride intact
and while his tears fell
and marked the end of his life as he had knew it.

We'll die... don't we…?

I'm sorry... I'm sorry I couldn't keep my promise…

I'm... I'm sorry that I couldn't see my daughter again…


He gave her their necklace.
The amulet that once
had been a memory of their love.

Maybe you can go back...

I didn't live beside you... at least I want to die beside you.

Me too...

You did kept your promise…

How do you say?

I'll see my daughter again...

And with tears in her eyes she kissed him.

Just a moment to remember.
A moment to think in that past
that they treasured for years,
but then kept it on the oblivion corner
so the could continue living and breathing.

A moment to go back to a place that existed no more.

He hugged her strongly against her chest
and the pillar of light engulfed them.

When it disappeared
their lifeless bodies where in the red land
with a little smile.

His heart that had frozen
began to feel heat again… it beat again.

She learned to believe again… she had learned to dream again.


In the field of an old and abandoned temple
the daughter still waited for the return of her mother.
Anxious to hug her again,
and to take back the cruel words she had say.

she felt a pair of loving hands hugging her
and a voice whispering a  -I love you-.

Maybe it had been the wind.

But when she looked down
she found around her neck a strange amulet
with a pink stone.

Her eyes where filled with tears
when she found out that the
fairytales her mother had told her
when she was a kid were true.


The young prince bravely fought,
although he had his heart broken.
And a clear night, while he was watching the sky
like his father had so many times done,
in front of him appeared a column of light

And a beautiful girl came out of it.

Her features remembered him the woman that his father had loved
only her honey colored eyes showed difference.

She fell on her knees,
while tears kept coming out of her eyes.

She recognized the place as the one
that her mother had mentioned in her fairy tales.

The two moons showed her this reality.

Her mother…. she was never going to se her again.

She was dead, now the daughter was sure.

The young girl saw the young men in front of her,
and with tears in her eyes she realized
he looked very alike the young king her mother had talked about
with dreamy voice so many years ago…

When everything was perfect, because she was still a child.

He was exactly the same, except for the green eyes that shone with pain.

Are you... her daughter...?

Yes... and you...?

His son...

Are they dead?


I won't see her again… and she thought I hated her.

She knew you didn't.

She wanted to see you again…

But maybe I do hate her.

Maybe I do hate him also...

She abandoned me...

He leaved me alone...

In a world that isn't mine…

With a responsibility that I don't want…

With people I don't know…

With a life that isn't mine,
that maybe it would be better to destroy…

I also wish to do it...

Maybe you can, but I cant.


He promised that everything was going to be fine.

Did you believed him?

I don't know... but I want to do it.

I stopped believing them. They lied to me.

You also?

Yes... they told me that I would never be alone...
and now I am…

I don't want to love anyone.


Because I always lose the ones I love.

I understand... ¿what are you doing?

I don't know... I have nothing… not here, not there.

I don't know if you got something there.

But here I offer you my friendship…

Why would you have to do it?

That way neither of us would be lonely.

What do I have to give you?

Just company in loneliness.

Are you sure that nothing else?

Yes. It should be me
the one to ask you what can I offer.

You already told me, your friendship.

That's not the only thing. There's more.

Like what?

There's pain.... dead, suffering...
Anguish and loneliness.

That is found in every place.

You'll stay?

I'll stay.

A smile sprouted on the lips of the two teens.
He helped her to get up, she healed his pains.

That was the first night the slept in the same bed,
but they just cried and shared their sadness,
and stayed hugged between the arms of each other.

Many years passed, the war kept on,
more and more cruel, more bloody, more hungry
and many nights were shared in the same bed,
with their kisses and their caress they tried to forget suffering
and to learn to love without sorrows.

She had inherited the talent of her mother,

And many times she forfeited what destiny behold.

He inherited his father's pride,
but he learned to bend it and admit that he needed her.

The prince, with her help, could kill the dragon,
and control the robot that could save them.

The young woman, with her help, smiled again.

And the two together admitted that they needed each other
mutually, although it was just to pretend.

They stopped sleeping on separate beds
and began sharing the same bedroom.

But slowly, the love took possession of their hearts.

Before they could notice, their souls began living as one
and they stopped being friends, and they turned in something else.

In something they were afraid to know and show.

She called him her angel.

Even before she found out the truth of his people,
that one day he confessed.

He called her his star.

And many nights he turned to see her
to found out where he was.

Life began beating in her belly….
Life that was lost by a mistake.

He tried to avoid her tears,
she cried her whole heart.

Cry no more. Please…

I didn't want this to happen...

I didn't want this to happen!

I didn't want it...

I really wanted this baby to born

Also did I.

That way I would be alone any more.

You won't...

He was my son...

Our son...

Do you really think that way?


They hugged each other and only
their cries went out from their room.

But after that night, everything changed.

Now their kisses were different,
the blood was more real,
the pain less liberal,
the caress more tender…

The innocence that they didn't lost
the first time they were together,
they freed it when for first time
they made love together.

But from their lips never came a single I love you.
They were afraid.
Afraid that if they said it
they would go
like their parents and the ones that they loved
had done
many time ago.

And again, life began beating in her belly,
and all the love he never had as a son,
he gave it as a father.

All the love she denied to receive as a daughter,
she gave it as a mother.

The final battle arrived.

Blood came out of the wounded
and the new king now had reasons to fight….

A family to save.

The memory of his mother dying in front of him,
and then imaging her…
his star, in the same situation
froze his blood

and gave him strength to fight
when he wanted to surrender.

He wouldn't let that to happen.

That she could abandon him.

The labor job had begun earlier than expected,

and there was no way to let the king now.

They attended their new king and tried to help her,
but she only wanted to see him.

She wanted to see him and that he could see their sons.

She wanted to live.

She wanted to see her angel again.


Out the fortress:





Inside the castle:




Possible death…

I can't die here....

I have to go on...

She is waiting for me...

I promised that after this we were going to see us again…

The desire of not breaking
their promise gave them new force
and they tried desperately to fight.

A broken shout came of their dried lips,
and they lived again…


There was a moment they could have surrender.

They saw the light, but returned to life.



Go on...

You can...


Don't surrender now...

You must go with your people...

She is waiting for me...

He hopes to see me again...

I know she sep her promise.... also I will…

Give me strength my Lord....

I have never trusted You...

You know web that I hated You...

Because of that, I only ask You this...

Let him come safe....

Let me see her again....

Show me you're real...

I want to go back with her...

He is my family...

Don't take away my star..

Don't take my angel from me...

Fulfill my wish my Lord.

The battle has ended.

His father was right.

He had come out victorious.

Suddenly, he could hear her
clearly in her heart.

She needed him.

He sprouted his wings and crossed the skies,
worried about her.
The one that he loved with all his heart.

He entered by a window and found someone crying.

He feared the worst.

That she had left him alone.

He run until de room she had used.

He prayed for a miracle.

He prayed that she had kept her promise.

So she hadn't abandon him.

He opened the door quickly
and felt tears in his eyes,
then he felt the salty drops rolling by his cheeks.

I was waiting you.


Aren't they cute?

He came near and sat beside her,
seeing for the first time the two little angels
his star had in her arms.

The little boy had his mother's hair and his eyes.

The little girl had his hair and her mother's eyes.

They're gorgeous..

You're wounded.

And her silky hand caressed his red cheek.

It doesn't matter.


All that matters to me is you...

I was afraid you had left me alone.

I would have come first to say good bye.


I'm also afraid to say it.

Do you know it?


What do you think if we say it together?

He had to smile to the childish proposal,
and kissed the forehead of his now wife.



They felt freedom when they said it.

Happy tears fell from her eyes
and he could feel how his eyes were filled with them.

But he just hugged her,
before watching again the new lives in his wife warm embrace.

How are we going to name them?

What do you think.... for her, Hitomi?

Yes... and for him... Van…

Without words they agreed.
Between the shadows of night went together again.
Once they were reunited by tragedy.
Now they were for love.

Two angels saw them from sky.

They smiled and gave them their blessing.

They were also happy now.

Now it was their children's turn.

They wished them the best.

The magical light would maybe never be called again....

Maybe it would….

They wouldn't be alone anymore.

Now they could smile.

And between the shadows of the night,
than once was mortal
rested calmly six souls and six consciences.
Two of untouchable innocence.
Two that finally rested in peace in heaven.
And the other two, many times wounded,
but now, finally,
have found happiness.

Tenshi… I love you.

I love you to Haruka.


Author's notes:

Okay... this is a weird fic...

Yes, Tenshi is Van's son, Haruka is Hitomi's daughter…. And this fic is pretty confusing ^^U. Maybe I write a story based on this fic… that's it if I have enough reviews, of course.

Also… I'm not an English writer, not talker. My home language is Spanish, I translate this fic from Spanish. ^^u Hope my Grammar and Spelling are not that bad…. But please, not flames. Advices are well accepted, though.

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