Aurora Pandora Peterson has never met her father. All she knows is that he's dead. Or at least, that's what she thinks. On her 15th birthday she finds out the truth about life. About how "Uncle Percy" saved the world, how "Uncle Grover" is really half goat, "Uncle Nico" can raise the dead, "Aunt Annabeth" ran across the country with her mother and "Mom" is the daughter of the Greek god from all the legends. How she herself is a "quarter-blood." But still all she has no clue about her father except his initials... LJC.

Lukalia, Percabeth and OCxOC... maybe some other ships. Some adult themes maybe? Death, violence, drinking, all that good stuff... note the sarcasm. Anyway, I think this'll have a happy ending, unless it become obvious a happy ending would ruin it. I hope you like it!

Chapter 1- Birthday

Aurora fixed her hair once more. She had gone through about 27 different styles trying to decide which would go best with the light green shirt, short black skirt, striped tights and combat boots. She looked in the mirror, finally decided. The side-part hid as much of her creepy blue eyes as possible without damaging her hand-eye coordination. The sandy blond hair fell down her back, straight save for a few crimped areas where she had left in the braids last night. God, since when am I so concerned about the way I look? she thought. But deep down she knew it was because Xavier Iscariot would be there. He was adorable, she couldn't deny that. He was the son of her mother's friend Sadie, she had kind of had a crush on him for a very long time. And he was coming home from summer camp just for her birthday. That fact stirred something in her that she didn't think a self proclaimed Miss Independent would. After she was satisfied she looked good, but didn't ruin her image she turned off "Kryptonite" by 3 Doors Down and flung open the door. She lived in a small apartment in NYC with her mom, though there often people coming in and out, her mothers relatives (mostly her cousins Nico and Percy) and old camp friends. Some people might think the fact that her 34 year old mother still kept in touch with her people from her camp but Aurora thought it was cool. It was like a family thing, but she didn't understand why her mom wouldn't send her. Then she might be able to spend more time with Xavier. Either way as she walked into the living room she was greeted by a bunch of people, Nico di Angelo, Percy and Annabeth Jackson, Grover Underwood but no one else, like Sadie, Silena and Xavier or her mom. Weird.

"Hey Ror." Percy said, stepping forward and enveloping her in a hug. He released her and she noticed the seirous looks on the adults faces. Percy's green eyes looked preoccupied and he was attemping to flatten his hair with one hand, a sure sign he was nervous. Annabeth's eyes told her nothing, but she was biting her lips, which was bad, usually she was calm. Nico looked at her with a look that said 'brace yourself' which was also bad, as she liked Nico the best of all her mom's family and seemed like a guy who could read a magazine while the world exploded. Grover was chewing on what looked like a fork, which topped it all off.

"Hey. So, what's going on?" she asked, "Where is everyone?" Percy glanced back at his wife and she gave him an encouraging nod. He turned back to look her in the eyes.

"They're coming. But Aurora, we need to know who your father is. It's very important, can you tell me?" he looked so grim right then that she recoiled a bit. She knew next to nothing about her father, but she assumed they knew. Apparently she was wrong. They were all staring at her expectantly, the almost eager. Very odd. She stammered a little when she spoke.

"I- i don't know his name. Or what he looked like or anything, except that he was blond." she gestured to her hair, "And mom told me one thing, along time ago. His initials were LJ...C I think." she said confidently. They took a while to react but when they did... Percy's mouth dropped open, Annabeth gasped, Nico fell off his chair and Grover... bleated like a goat and the fork fell to the floor.

"No. LJC? Are you sure?" Nico said, grabbing the chair leg to help himself up. She nodded, pretty positive, but wondering over the strange reaction.

"It can't be! Thalia can be reckless, but she wouldn't... not with him." Percy said disbelievingly. Then her mother opened the door with two tagret bags and her pocketbook on her shoulder. When she saw all of them there her eyes narrowed.

"I wouldn't do what with who?" she asked calmly. That was how it stared out, Thalia was always patient before she was about to rip your head off. Nico called it the calm before the storm and then they would laugh as if it was some really funny joke (get it? Zeus is the god of thunder and lighting? Oh never mind...) Percy whirled towards her while the other drew in deep breaths.

"Luke. You and him...? Aurora is...? Really?" he stuttered. Nico slapped himself on the forehead and muttered 'shut up before she hurts us' under his breath. Her mother closed her eyes, trying to not start screaming, usually she did anyway. But Aurora didn't think about that. She thought about the name, Luke. It was a good name, she decided. And it fit with Thalia perfectly. Thalia and Luke. But that left her with even more questions then she normally had about the (until seconds ago) nameless man that had half of her DNA.

"Yes, Aurora is Luke's daughter. When I won't tell you something Percy Jackson, there's usually a reason." her mother was still deadly calm, but the slightest thing could unbalance the scales and tip her into a fury.

"The weird thing is..." Grover began, looking at Aurora as if he had never seen her before, "I can see the resemblance." the others in the room all looked toward the teenager with renewed interest. They studied her long nose, the build of her jaw, eyebrows and her hair color.

"She does look like him!" Annabeth said in awe. Aurora backed away a little, intimidated by the stares.

"But when?" Percy asked, flabbergasted, "And why?"

Then her mother did something Aurora had never seen her do. She began to cry, the eye make-up smudging horribly. "Just before the whole scandal. I shouldn't have, but I loved him... It was stupid, but I couldn't bring myself to accept things the way they were supposed to be. I never told him. He'd just hurt her or make her a Kronos brat... and I couldn't have that. Oh gods, I really was stupid wasn't I? and i haven't seen him in 15 years, is he dead? He is isn't he? Did you kill him Percy? I wish I could have... but I wouldn't have had the courage..." she broke off with a sob. An awkward silence (save her mother's sobs) followed, no one there was used to Thalia crying. Aurora's mind finally was able to string two words together to from a coherent thought. A few moments later she was able to say it, albeit in a weak voice.

"Who's Luke?"

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