Don't own :( Oh, by the way, Luke's middle name is Judas. Just like Xavier's last name is Iscariot. They are all references to the 13th apostale of Jesus in the bible. I'm not religous but the story's pretty cool. He betrayed Jesus and then commited suicide on the fields of blood. The Greek name for that is Akeldama, which is going to be Aurora's swords name. I hope no relious Christians are offeneded, I just used the names...

Chapter 2- Dreams

Just that second Xavier and Sadie came in bearing gifts and root beer. Thalia bent down and whispered in her daughter's ear 'I'll tell you later.' Aurora blinked but then Xavier caught her gaze and gave her a small half smile. Her heart leaped to her throat and she smoothed down her hair absently, returning the grin. The rest of the evening passed peacefully, with cake, presents and partying. When she leaned out the apartment window to wave goodbye to Xavier and his mother. She smiled to herself and began to walk into the kitchen when she heard raised voices from the living room. She stopped to listen, curious.

"... just like him it scares me sometimes Annabeth." her mother was saying. She heard the other woman hesitate.

"I think that's normal. She's not malevolent is she?"

"Not purposely. But when she was ten Nico showed her that movie with the torture scenes and she barely flinched. Those made mefeel quesey." the concern in her voice was evident, "I worry that she has the same tendecy to hide feelings. Luke was the type who could boil his own grandmother alive if it advanced him in life. I hope Aurora isn't like that." her mother must have shivered here, Aurora judged by the pause. They were talking about her. Her and the father she hadn't known she had. What kind of man was he?

"Thalia, you've raised her fine. She'll never meet him. Luke is dead, and he was a good man in the end." Annabeth assured her mother.

"What?" Thalia asked sharply. Annabeth sighed, and if Aurora was any judge of character, closed her eyes as she did often under stress.

"Percy told me not to tell you. He didn't want you to be hurt. You know we defeated Kronos by reuniting Gaia and Ouranos to stand against him? When Mount Tam collapsed we needed someone to hold up the sky while we escaped. Luke did that, he held up the sky before they were reunited. He sacrificed himself because he gave up hope. Maybe he was thinking of you." There was silence for a few seconds.

"Perhaps I shouldn't worry so much then. Luke Castellan might have cared." Thalia said quietly. Aurora sucked in her breath. So he was dead. There was no chance of meeting him now. But what did they mean by Gaia and Ouranos? And holding up the sky? Had she heard wrong? But Luke... Castellan. Did that make her Aurora Castellan? Aurora Pandora Peterson Castellan? She knocked on the living room door and called out:

"Mom? It's nine- thirty, I'm going to sleep!"

"Alright Rora, sweet dreams!" her mother called. Just the opposite awaited her.


The room was small and bare, a girl sat in the corner, struggling against something. Chains. Her pale face was streaked with dirt and tears, her short black hair matted with blood. The silvery jacket was in shreds, her wrists chaffed red from the shackles. For what seemed like hours she sat there waiting for something to happen. When finally the door opened her head shot up, instantly alert. There was an inaudible command and a man came in alone. Aurora watched fascinated as he approached the hostile girl, whom she had realized was her mother at about sixteen. The man took her longer to recognize, but there was no denying the similarities. He was Luke Castellan, her father. She studied him, his profile and hers were almost the same, except hers were obviously more feminine. The hair tone was similar, if not exact. She felt torn, not sure whether to love or hate him. Her parents looked at each other for a few seconds before he rushed forward. He undid the chains that held her to the walls and took her hands in his. He looked down at the bloody raw skin where the handcuffs had been.

"I told them not to hurt you." he said quietly. She put a hand on either side of his face and forced him to look at her.

"Please don't." she said simply.

"I'm not acting on orders Thalia. You know that." he insisted. She shook her head.

"Luke, I can't. Just leave. I'm not worth it, he'll kill you." she pushed him away.

"You are worth it Thalia. I've run out of uses for him, my time is short anyway." Luke said, "And you know I love you."

"That's just it, I love you too. But I can't Artemis won't allow it." she said, removing her hands from his reluctantly. Now he shook his head,

"To Hades with Artemis." he said, leaning closer to her. As their lips met Thalia stopped trying to resist. She sighed as his arms wrapped around her and the kiss deepened. Aurora blushed, no longer wanting to see anymore.

And who the hell was Artemis?


The scene changed, this time in a forest. Her mother knelt on the ground before a young auburn haired girl.

"Thalia Peterson, you are hereby discharged from the hunters for deliberately breaking your oath of chastity." the 12- year- old said, sounding regretful.

"I don't deny it, Lady Artemis" Thalia said. The girl nodded. This was Artemis?

"But I do wish to offer you something to make it less dangerous. I will give you the five years you missed previously, so you will be returned to you yur natural age. And I wish to bless the child you carry. Whatever gift you find fit, I will attempt it little sister." Artemis said. There were a bunch of things in that sentence, but she knew the child her mother was going to have. Thalia smiled gratefully.

"You are too generous Lady. And I thank you."

"What do you wish upon your daughter?" the girl asked. Thalia looked puzzled.

"My daughter? It's a girl?" her mother asked. Artemis nodded. Again Thalia smiled.

"I wish monsters would avoid her then, if that's possible." Artemis nodded.

"Granted, her scent will be indistinguishable from mortals. A wise choice."

Aurora was confused, mortals? Monsters?


When she woke up she dressed quickly and prepared to run down the hall to her mother's room when she ran into Percy.

"Oof, where are you going so fast?" he asked laughing. She looked up at him, wonderng how Percy tied into the dream, if at all.

"Who's Gaia? Or Ouranos? Or Artemis? And what was wrong with my father? Why was he bad?" her questions began pouring out, and those were just a few. Percy looked stunned.

"How did you know about that?" he asked and she blushed.

"I uh, well, I had a dream..." she said, embarrassed.

"I need to talk to Chiron." he said.

"Who's Chiron?"

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