I've read a lot of similarly written Twilight fan fiction lately and I'm not really a big fan. But I've decided to try my hand at writing this sort of thing. Keep in mind that this isn't my usual writing style and that I thank God daily that it isn't. This is supposed to a random chapter from the non-existent Jacob/Bella fic "Not Buried Deep Enough."

"Many waters cannot quench love, neither can the floods drown it." ________________________________________________________________________________

"How can you miss those bloodsuckers?" Jacob demanded angrily, eyes flashing. "They're cold, selfish... they're killers, Bella. How can you..." He was starting to shake as he clenched his fists.

"Jake, they aren't monsters. What someone does, makes them a monster." Jacob growled, the low rumbling emanating somewhere from deep inside.

"You'd probably run back to him if you could. You'd run right back into the bloodsucker's arms. It wouldn't matter if he abandoned you. It wouldn't matter how many times he left you. You'd go crawling back to that bastard on your hands and knees.

"Wouldn't you, Bella?"

Jake was furious, his eyes flashing like embers. He seemed to be suppressing a great rage. As though if he left go, it would come crashing down like water from a dam. It would drown her. Smother her. Slowly, Bella took a step back.

"Edward's not the monster, Jake. You are."

Jacob was about turn at any moment. This was the last straw. The final step. The hair on his arms was standing on end. He pushed Bella against the cool, brick wall. It was a chilly day, wind racing around them and threw them. Bella felt Jacob's hand warming her arms and even as she listened to his animal-like growl, she felt love for him flood her. But she had to suppress it. Her rage like Jacob's could swallow whole. It swallowed her love for Jacob. She looked down, avoiding his deep brown eyes.

"Look at me," Jacob said firmly. Bella did look. Her gaze was smoldery and intense, but a quiet fear was still etched on her delicate features.

"When will you learn what's good for you, Bella?" Jacob asked, tilting her chin up with calloused fingers before pressing his body against hers.

"Can't you see we were meant for each other," he continued letting his large hand a slide down her curves. Bella moaned. Jacob's form felt so warm and lithe against her. He was boyish, passionate, temperamental... everything Edward wasn't. Her body was reacting to his with a chemical intensity she had never felt before. Perfection...

She pushed Jacob away...

The rage would drown her love.

Drown it whole.