I heard a short lived scream, it belonged to whom I guessed was Sakura. Sasuke...

I quickly got out of my PJ's and into my ninja outfit, it was a black sleeveless shirt, with red trimmings on the edges, that reached 2 inches above my belly button, while the rest was covered with fishnet, which revealed a sun-like symbol, imitating Naruto's, with an ice dragon forming around, it's head was on the back, and its eyes glared from a distance, then a black skirt with silver trimmings that went to mid thigh with-surprise- black socks that reached just above my knees. I slanted the gray-ish sliver belt that held my medical stuff, along with a weapons pouch that went on my right thigh. Sighing, I went to the bathroom and glared at the mirror, bedhead was one thing I couldn't STAND! I grabbed my brush and started combing out the rats that had formed during the freaken 3 hours I had slept. Sasuke, if I change your mind, I'll rip your head off for making me wake up you TEME! I tied my plain chocolate-black hair into a high ponytail with a red silk ribbon he had given me when we were little kids and tried to wipe the scowl off my face. While walking to my door, I felt the sensation of falling, before I finished my thoughts, my already frowning face, just happened to meet Mr. Carpet. Ugh, we've had way to many meetings... I thought as I stood up and tied my slipper-like runner/sandal-shoe-like-thingy's. As I was heading out, I took my engraved Katana and stuck a kunai in my bra( what!? As uncomfortable as it may be, it makes no difference in how I look, also, its for precaution.) I yanked the door open in my shallow fury and... Accidentally hit my face with the door, Oh dear god...arrgh!! I felt a warms liquid run down my nose and quickly got a tissue and dabbed it away, while a sharp pain ran through my forehead. Ok, Brother, you've officially made your way onto my Death List. I quickly flashed stepped to where I assumed the scream came from, and there he was, in all his moonlight lit glory. I quickly closed my eyes as I felt them glaze over, willing the tears to stay in, Damn that Sasuke, making me wake up at this freaken hour and making me cry! Ugh, why the hell am I crying anyway!? I mentally kicked myself as I felt a tear roll down my cheek, leaving a burning trail of what seemed like acid. I opened my mouth to speak but all that came out was an inaudible squeak. Humph...Damn...

"Kumori," I heard him say, I quickly ran up to him and stared at him through the poorly lit space,

"Look, I'm not going to force you to stay, but just...just stay so I can...I..." I stuttered, not because I was nervous, but because I couldn't stand looking at him,

"I don't have time for this, Kumori-"

"JUST SPARE A FEW MINUTES!! FOR YOUR OWN DAMNED SISTER!" I snapped, my sharingan flailing wildly, between red and purple, naturally, my eyes change color depending on my mood, which is not good when trying to hid emotion, purple was apparently my default...Sasuke barely moved, but I saw him flinch, then smirk our famous Uchiha-smirk. At that moment, I hated him even more.

"Fine, sister dear," he emphasized the word dear, making me wince, I turned around and expected him to follow me, when I didn't hear footsteps, I turned around and dug my nails into his forearms, tugging, actually more like dragging him behind me, as I tried to stable my peeved emotions, unlike that rest of the Uchiha clan, I showed how I felt easily. My eyes telling the story, literally. I didn't care whether he was in pain, he was turning into Ita...Ita...I couldn't say it, it hurt too much.

I led him to the lake near our house, when we were kids, I would push him in, but after...Everything changed... We never visited this place anymore, so I decided that it would bring some memories back, or hopefully. I heard him sigh and mutter something,
"Does...this place remind you...of anything?" I asked, staring at the blue water,

"..." he remained silent, and that made my blood boil, "Hn..." I closed my eyes, and tried to suppress the anger that was making its way up my throat, I tightened my grip and felt a warm liquid make its way from my fingers down my wrist, I glared at him through the darkness and loosened my hand.
"..." I didn't know what else to say...damn, I knew I shoulda made cue cards...Though, how'd I read them?...
"How long are we staying here?" the stoic boy asked in annoyance, in response I growled, and pulled him along to the next destination.

I tugged him along to the park where the festivals would be held, and where me, him and...Brother... Would play during the summer. I sighed, I really didn't want to talk, but I needed to make my point,
"Are you really ready to leave all this? Are you willing to already break the bonds of those who love you!?" I practically screamed the last part, thinking of Naruto, our best friend. Who did everything he could to get this one person back. I assumed that my chakra was flaring, but I didn't care,

"I have too. And I'm not turning back-" I let out a shriek of anger, and everything suddenly went red, the next thing I knew, my kunai was fighting against his, my sharingan activated and my nerve system not obeying my will.

"HOW THE HELL CAN YOU FUCKING SAY THAT!? HE WAS MY BROTHER TOO YOU SELFISH BASTARD!" I stopped, as I felt a slicing pain across my abdomen and blood ooze out, I grunted, ignoring it, "DON'T YOU KNOW WHAT FAMILY MEANS!?" I continued to rant,

"Yes, thats why I'm avenging our clan...!" he replied with an edge in his voice,
"NO!...No...You...Don't..." I slowed my words as I felt woozy from the blood loss, "Family...is...is...when... you share... a close bond with...others... not... blood-" just as I said it, said liquid spilled from my mouth, "-cough- relation...d-don't...you know what...we...are to... Naru-cough-to?" I felt like blacking out, "And...Sakura...?" he threw me off him,
"I thought you said you weren't going to force me." he said plainly, I pulled my katana, but the extra wieght made my sway,
"Tell me...Sasuke...What am I to you?" I asked, in my mind, it was a rhetorical question, but he answered anyway,
"Your a girl, who seems to be my sister." he put it simply, not trying to go any further into the actual question,
"You...can't...see yourself can you? You've...t-turned into onisan...Y-you-"
"Don't you dare compare me to that bastard!! You'll never understand!" he snapped and lunged at me with a Kunai aimed at my head,
"WHAT MAKES YOU THINK I DON'T!?!?" I snapped again, holding up my katana, Tenshi no Akuhei, while blocking his attack. Sasuke sighed,
"I have no more time for this," he turned away, "We'll meet again someday, sister..." then he left...leaving me to bleed to death. Ironically, it started raining, washing away the blood that now dripped onto the ground. I sheathed my katana, and tried to patch myself up. I failed miserably, and I was no medic-nin, but I managed to slow the bleeding.
"Sasuke...I swear, if you come back, I'll rip you to shreds with my own hands," I muttered under my breath while I limped my way towards Tsunade's office. I had no idea why I didn't even try to cut his throat open, but I felt more tears streaming down my face, or I assumed thats what it was considering the rain was pouring quite heavily now.

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