The young girl pressed her lips against his, instantly silencing him. She wanted to enjoy the feeling before she left. A surge of electricity jolted her body, and she allowed herself to melt into his arms. Kumori tangled her hands in his hair, but he remained motionless, she pulled away,

"Kiba...Please...Its my last night here..."

"I don't let you go, just yet..."


"We could always just..."

"Ew! You perv! We're thirteen!"

"...How about when you come back?"



"No, Kiba..."

"I thought you said you loved me."

"I want to keep my chasity."

"Till when?"

"...What if this is just a crush?"

"And what if its...not?"

"We'll see...But for now..."

"...Fine. But you'll regret it."

"Kibi...Your my best friend...Please understand that I need you."

"-sigh- Yeah.."

"I love you...But I need to figure out if I'm IN love with you..."

"Whats the difference?"

"I don't want...this to just be a childish crush..."

"You don't want a lot of things, so what do you want?"

"I want...Us...To be ok."

"We are ok."

"...Kiba, if I were gone, would you go for Ino?"

"How long are you gonna hold that against me?"

"...Kibi...I'm serious."

"No. She's a bitch."

"I am too."

"Yes...You are, but your my bitch."

"...That sounds really wrong."


"Goodnight Kiba."


"I love you..."

"...Love you..." the young couple fell asleep, peacefully. For the whole night, Kumori didn't have any nightmares, or dreams. She was in a state where she was half asleep, because, she could still feel herself in the arms of her lover(Bad choice of words?).

"Kiba...Wake up." Kumori shook Kiba,


"Kiba...Inuzuka. Wake up..."

"Are there waffles?"


"I want syrup on my waffles mom."

"What the hell-?"



"Not to much powdered sugar mommy."

"-sigh-WAKE UUUPPP!!!" she screamed,

"What!? Who!? Where!?"

"Waffles?" she questioned, assuming he'd know what she meant,

"Mm! I'd love some." he didn't.

"Well, hurry up." she punched his back and left, hiding her grief with a fake smile,

"Now, Kumori, is there anything else you need?" Hana asked,

"No. I think I'm good. Thanks though..."

"I'll miss you." Hana said, tears springing from her eyes,

"I'll miss all of you..." she embraced her old sibling like friend,

"...How'd Kiba take it?"

"...He wants waffles. Drowned in syrup."

"Oh...Its the waffles..."


"He does that when he's depressed." she instantly felt worse,


"KUMORI!!! READY TO GO!?!?!?" Naruto screamed,

"H-hai, Naruto, you don't need to scream. I'm right here."

"Ok. Ready?"

"...-sigh- yeah, but...Just wait." she forced herself to turn around, but bumped into the very person she wanted to talk to, "Kiba."

"The waffles were good."


"Be safe...alright?"

"I'll miss you..."

"...-sigh- Bye Kumori."

"...I love you too." she raised an eyebrow,

"I love you. Be safe...Bring him back."

"...Don't forget me."

"...How could I?"

"...Yeah," she flashed a smile at him, "...Take care of Tsume and Hana, kay?"

"Uh, huh. Take care of yourself." he smirked, Kumori gave him another hug, about to cry, she pulled away and turned around, to join Naruto, but Kiba wouldn't let go of her wrist, instead, he pulled her back, into a kiss, deep in passion and sorrow. Kumori tasted the sour taste of the tears, which were reluctantly falling, making her eyes red. The little girl was being torn, between the love for her brother cousin, and the love for her best friend, with her eyes were a dark gray, and blank. She didn't pull away, she didn't want too. She wanted to stay with him. Kumori couldn't breath, the pressure of the choices she was making was crushing her, her heart beat quickened by about 3 beats and she felt woozy.

Kiba opened his eye, and saw the absolute tragic expression she had on, even with her eyes closed. He shouldn't be making this so hard for her...But what about him? Did his feelings not matter? Kiba sighed, mentally, of course it mattered...Thats why Kumori was suffering, she thought about his feelings alone. Not even giving a second thought about herself, and how she could get killed.

"Ahem..." Naruto cleared his throat, loudly, Kiba motioned him to get lost, Naruto glared at him.
"Common...We gotta go." he stated, Kiba rolled his eyes, but pulled away,

"I love you."

"I...I love you too..."

"Be safe, Naruto, take care of her, if theres even one scratch on her, you're dead."

"Goodbye Kiba. I'll...I'll see you soon." Kiba wiped her remaining tears with his thumb, and tried his best to smile,

"Yeah...Soon. I'll promise you that."

"-sniff- Ok. Time to go...Bye...Kibi-kun."

"Bye Kumo."

I love you...

I love you...Kumori...