This fanfiction was inspired by the song Human by The Killers. I suggest you listen to it. It's awesome. However, this is not a songfic. I hope you enjoy the story.

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The Titans danced.

That was the only way Raven could possibly describe what they did. They danced. When the enemy attacked, the Titans dodged, defended, distracted. They trusted each other with their life, was ready to step in and help when and where it was needed. They were ready for what the enemy would to do and was prepared to improvise. Fights were battles filled with give and take.

The Titans danced.

Sometimes they danced so well, they didn't know where they ended and the enemy began. Sometimes the team danced so well, Raven couldn't be sure where she began and her friends ended.

In fact, when Raven thought about it, everything they did was a dance. A neat sidestep to avoid a prank. A casual duck to avoid a sonic beam when Cyborg was repairing his arm. A quick spin to exit the room that she'd just entered to see Robin and Starfire in a close embrace. The quick exchange of verbal blows.

The Titans danced.

But as they grew up more, they had their stumbles. Beastboy especially. He constantly got on Raven's nerves, occasionally reverted to his original immaturity, and—worst of all in Raven's opinion—was still childishly innocent of exactly what it was he did.

"Hey Rae! We're goin' out for pizza. You comin'?" Beastboy's voice filtered through Raven's door, interrupting her thoughts. She blinked up at the ceiling for a moment before replying.

"Yes." Raven hoped he would leave after receiving an answer, but knew better. He would be there when she opened the door, just as he was every other time. She got up and straightened her cloak with a sigh, pulling down the dark green t-shirt that had ridden up her back while she was lying down. All of the Titans had started to wear civilian clothes while at home and while going out for a leisurely time when they weren't expecting trouble. Although, when Raven drily pointed out that they had never expected trouble before but had gotten it, Robin had ordered their civilian clothes special—made out of the same durable material as their uniforms. Raven's cloak was her only exception to the civilian clothes.

The chest containing Malchior rattled as Raven strode past it, and she gave it a kick for good measure. She could feel Beastboy's uncomfortable impatience just outside her door. Probably leaning against it—again, Raven thought, shaking her head. He never learns.

Raven opened her door and pushed Beastboy upright as he started to fall over, removing her hands from his back as soon as he got his balance back. Like a dance… The words echoed in her head.

"You should know better by now," she said blandly.

Beastboy scratched his head sheepishly. "Yeah, I know." Raven just shook her head. She knew that he'd keep doing it no matter what she said.

"Let's go."

Raven was several feet down the hall before the green teen caught up with her. After a few moments of Raven's sedate pace Beastboy started to fidget impatiently. His stomach growled loudly. Raven could feel between her shoulders itch from Beastboy's impatience, could taste it in her mouth.

"Why?" She asked suddenly. Why? She asked again in her mind. There were so many questions, even after all these years.

"Why what?" They were at the elevator now. The carpet made a shushing sound as Beastboy shuffled his feet. Looking at him out of the corner of her eye, Raven could see that his mind was far away, already seeing the pizza being placed before the five of them. His stomach grumbled again just as the elevator dinged, announcing its arrival. They hurriedly stepped into the boxed space before the doors could slide closed.

"Why don't you just leave and wait with the others? Why do you always wait?" Raven studied his face, looking for an answer. Right there were his eyes staring ahead at the elevator door, their brilliant green somewhat obscured by his dark green locks of hair, though now they were more mature, sharper. At times Raven could swear that they could pierce right through her. There was his nose, longer and slightly crooked from multiple broken noses. Right there below barely discernable stubble was his mouth, firm and full wearing a slight frown as he concentrated on being patient. And right there were his ears, their points drooping slightly.

"I dunno. Why don't you just phase through the floor? Why deal with me any longer than you need to?" Beastboy's voice brought her, once again, out of her thoughts. She frowned slightly in thought.

"I don't know," she said. "I suppose it's because you're my friend."

Beastboy nodded. "Then that's my answer too."

There was silence again. The elevator seemed to be going exceptionally slow; Raven felt the itch between her shoulders worsen while the faint flavor in her mouth grew more bitter by the second. Her discomfort grew in ratio to Beastboy's impatience, and soon she was studying him to distract herself.

They'd all grown up, but the change in Beastboy was the most shocking.He'd grown taller in the past few years, hitting a growth spurt that caused him to shoot up about four inches in a month, therefore leaving Raven to be the shortest of the Titans. His shoulders were broader and he was considerably more muscular than his younger self. His face was more angular, almost elflike. His voice, once so high pitched, was now a low tenor. He'd matured and grown wiser, a change that Raven marked as taking place after Terra. And yet, even with all those changes, he still managed to be the same old Beastboy—loyal to a fault, trusting, annoying, and stubborn, he used the same corny jokes, still played the same videogames, still pulled the same pranks.

Raven faced the elevator door as it dinged open and Beastboy practically ran out, inwardly shaking her head. How can someone be so different, and yet still stay so much the same?

"Raven! C'mon!" Beastboy called from next to Cyborg. Cyborg had grown as well, though his mechanical parts prevented exponential growth. The human part of his face had grown more square and lean. He'd also grown more muscular where he was human and his voice was lower. His machine parts had been updated several times and he'd changed the color a few times, but he'd always returned to the blue and silver chrome. Other than that, he was almost exactly the same.

"Yeah, you want us to starve?" Cyborg's baritone boomed. Never, thought Raven, but played along.

"You could certainly stand to lose a few pounds," she smirked.

"Yeah, Cyborg," Starfire joined in, mischief gleaming in her green eyes. "You have been getting harder to carry these days." Starfire's english had improved immensely over the years though she occasionally slipped when she was under stress or was flustered. She was possibly the one who looked the most the same, next to Cyborg and Raven. She had trimmed her cherry hair so that it fell to her waist and had exchanged her former uniform for one less revealing of her hourglass figure now that she was together with Robin. She had perhaps grown three inches, but other than that, Starfire was the same old Starfire.

"Guys, cut it out. We need to go." Robin's voice hadn't changed all that much. Neither had his personality. However, his physique was another matter entirely. He'd shot up almost as much as Beastboy, making the height order of the Titans, from tallest to shortest: Cyborg, Robin, Beastboy, Starfire, and Raven. Robin had gained quite a bit of visible muscle. His uniform had changed to one not quite so colorful. He had, however, refused to let his hair grow out, much to Starfire's disappointment.

The usual race to the T-car ensued. Raven watched for a second and smirked. Darkness enveloped her for a moment and when it cleared, she was sitting shotgun in the high tech vehicle, smirking as her friends stared at her.

"We really need to set some rules for this sort of thing," Beastboy muttered.

Raven shook her head slightly, unseen within her hood. The race didn't really matter after all. It was more tradition than anything else in the end, because Cyborg always drove, and Robin always wanted to sit next to Starfire. That only left Raven and Beastboy to actually compete over the front seat.

The fight for what kind of pizza to get was another Titan tradition. Volleys of words were always thrown about, little digs over preferences, meant to tease and not to hurt. They always ordered a large meat lover's pizza, a medium cheese, and a small bottle of mustard. Always. It was an event they'd preformed many times over the years, practiced until it was second nature to the team.

Like a dance…