Hello this is actually a story I was writing to help with my writer's block for A Band Called Crimson. My Crimson story is my number one priority right now so this story probably won't have daily updates like Crimson does.


Current Day

My friends have called me stupid. My family has even called me idiotic. Heck even I'll admit I'm crazy. I'm crazy for my best friend, Isabella Swan.

I mean who would blame me. She's amazing. Unfortunately every other breathing male in Forks thinks so also. At least I get best friend status.

I've been there for her her entire life.

I was there when she was five and she broke her arm.

I sat with her in the rain for four hours when her parents were fighting.

I took the blame when she got caught with answers to a test.

I put on a smile when she "dumped" me as her date to the prom because she got a better offer. That was about the point my friends and parents started calling me stupid.

Of course to me it was all worth it. Bella means everything to me.

Unfortunately to her I'm just Edward. Forever coming in second place.

Longer chapter's of course will be coming. I decided it might be a nice change to have Edward like Bella and not have the feelings returned instead of it always being Bella liking Edward.