Author's Note: Hooray! Yaoi! So, yeah... Junjou Romantica, in case you don't know, is a really amazing yaoi anime. It's great... Unless you don't like yaoi, if you don't like yaoi, then I guess Junjou Romantica kinda sucks. Now, on to the yaoi!

Disclaimer: I don't own The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya or Junjou Romantica.

Things were quiet for the SOS Brigade for a few months during summer. Much too quiet for the likes of Haruhi Suzumiya. In retrospect, I suppose I should have anticipated something… Anyway, getting back to my point.

It was a hot, dull summer, the kind of summer where you don't even think about cooling off at the beach; you just stay home, eat ice cream, and cram yourself into a refrigerator if you can fit. Unfortunately, school tended to interfere with that plan…

After school, I went to the clubroom. I'm really not sure why, mind you. The day was already miserable enough without Haruhi's crazy schemes to deal with, and given the heat, even tea brewed by the lovely Asahina-san sounded somewhat repulsive. Regardless, I went, if only to find out who the real masochists in our little group were.

Only Koizumi-kun was absent. Asahina-san glided about the room in her maid costume, Nagato sat in the corner, reading her book, and Haruhi stared intensely at the computer screen.

"Kyon!" She beckoned me. "Kyon! You have to see this! It's amazing!"

What is it?

"Come and see!" Haruhi was beginning to get impatient. "Mikuru-chan! Yuki-chan! You two come too!"

I guess she piqued all our curiosities, since all three of us wandered over to the computer.

Nagato merely glanced at the screen, nodded, and returned to her book.

"O-oh-oh my…" Asahina-san turned bright red and quickly glanced away from the screen.

I couldn't believe what was on that screen. It was hideous! It was indecent! It was unholy! It was… yaoi.

"Junjou Romantica is totally amazing!" Haruhi screamed.

No! Junjou Romantica is not totally amazing! Because gay man porn is bad! This is why the global IQ is decreasing at such an alarming rate! Because of smut like that! Now turn that off immediately! …No, no! Don't keep watching! Don't you have other ways to keep yourself entertained? Ways that don't involve two men violating the sanctity of a university library with their…

"Oh, come on, Hiro-san! Quit fighting Nowaki! You know you like it!" Suzumiya was apparently past the point of listening to reason.

"Hello, everyone." Koizumi managed to choose this exact moment to enter the clubroom. "I hope I haven't missed anything important."

"Come look at this!" Suzumiya was calling Koizumi-kun to his doom.

"I see…" was all that he could say as Hiro-san and Nowaki threw the library into chaos right before our very eyes.

His usual grin vanished for a moment, but soon reappeared, wider than ever. "I see… Well, this is very interesting, but I must be going now. Kyon-kun? Care to come with me?"

"Anything to get away from this place…" I muttered. Many apologies to Asahina-san and even Nagato, but I couldn't stand to be in the same room as that for another second.

"He looked at your picture every day while he was in America!" Haruhi cooed at the computer screen. "How adorable! How romantic! Hiro-san, you lucky bastard!"

Thus, I left Haruhi mentally and emotionally occupied by what I was sure was just her latest craze.