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Suddenly, it stopped. The passion, the kissing, the yaoi: It was over. To be honest, I may have been a little disappointed. Still, I was mostly glad.

Koizumi's arms dropped to his waist, and he took a few steps back. That's right, pal, you were invading my bubble of personal space. So back away. Back away…

"It would appear that Suzumiya-san has become disillusioned with yaoi… So everything is the way it was before… I apologize, Kyon-kun, but I'm afraid I have to break up with you now."

I was about to say the same thing to you. But what could have convinced Haruhi to give up her beloved yaoi? We rushed to the clubroom.

"Amazing!" Haruhi was still seated in front of the computer when we got there. Asahina-san stood on top of a chair trying to reach a high shelf, looking very disturbed. Nagato sat in the corner and continued to read her book. Koizumi-kun and I looked at the computer screen over Haruhi's shoulder.

"I see…" Koizumi seemed very amused.
As for me, I couldn't believe it. It was hideous! It was indecent! It was unholy! It was… a whole lot better than the yaoi, in my opinion. It was yuri.

"Kannazuki no Miko is amazing!" Haruhi exclaimed.

Two girls going at it seemed a lot less revolting to me than two guys. Hell, Himeko and Chikane could use the library anytime they wanted for all I cared. Maybe I could actually join Haruhi on this one. It distracted me so much that I barely noticed when Koizumi put his hand on the small of my back. Barely. So back off, Koizumi… That's right, I felt that… Wait, I thought this yaoi nonsense was behind us!

As I considered pulling up an extra chair, Asahina-san cried out and lost her balance. Koizumi-kun and I were too far away to do anything. Poor Asahina-san could only fall…

Into the arms of Yuki Nagato.




Nagato stared at Asahina-san with an intensity I had never before seen in her. Asahina-san seemed to pick up on this and cowered in her arms.

"Are you… all right?" Four more nice, simple words than Nagato usually uses.

"Yuki-chan!" Haruhi exclaimed. "Yuki-chan, are you… of that persuasion? I can't believe our luck! Yuri in our very own SOS Brigade!"

Here we go again…

Author's Note: Cue the awkward music! Hooray for yuri... I like yuri too, by the way, but I've never had a yuri-coma. Can't say the same for yaoi... Either way, sorry if the ending was a bit of a disappointment. I was going for the lulz here. And I'm thinking about writing a sequel. Maybe? The YuriKick of Haruhi Suzumiya? Let me know if you want me to do it.