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Wishing you all a Happy New Year!

Happy New Year


I couldn't believe I had been roped into this. I looked around the room to see all the bodies swaying to the loud beating music and groaned. Alice knew I hated parties and she just had to throw a New Years party in our apartment. And to make things worse I had nobody for my kiss at midnight and it looked like I wasn't going to get one either.

"You enjoying yourself?"

I turned to see Jasper leaning against the wall, a beer in one hand and Alice attached to his hip giggling and smiling.

"Oh totally." I said sarcastically.

"Well if you would just let loose and socialise you would enjoy yourself." Alice reprimanded me pointing her finger at my nose.

I snapped my teeth at her finger just missing the nail as she pulled away. She grabbed my arm and pulled me along the living room and down the corridor. She shoved her way past the bathroom line and walked in locking the door behind her.

"Bella please don't be a spoil sport, please." Alice begged me with puppy dog eyes.

"You know I don't like parties and you still throw one and to make things ten times worse I have no one to share my New Years kiss with." I whined.

"Well if worst comes to worst you can share Jazzy with me." She offered.

"Alice I'm not going to kiss your boyfriend."

"Well Jazzy can share me. Take your pick; me or Jasper?" She smiled brightly at me. "Crisis averted, now lets go party." She pecked me lightly on the lips and pulled back. "Mmmm, is that apple lip gloss?"

I nodded a little shocked at her reaction. She kissed me again and giggled.

"I'll have to borrow that, it tastes nice."

With that she opened the lock and skipped down the corridor leaving me stunned in my place. I couldn't help the heat that I felt below and shook off the feeling of her lips on mine.

"Hey! Gotta take a leak here." Some random guy spoke as he shoved past me.

"Sorry." I mumbled and walked back into the living room to see Alice and Jasper dancing rather provocatively. I went through to the kitchen and made myself a drink, downed it and made another.

By about my fourth drink I could feel a buzz come on and was starting to enjoy myself. I weaved my way through the crowd of people bobbing and swaying to the beat of the music.


I turned to see Alice jumping over to me with a bottle of vodka in hand. I looked at it questioningly raising an eyebrow.

"Let's have a shot or two before the year is over, you up for it?"

"Why not." I shrugged making her squeal.

She handed me two shot glasses and filled them to the brim with the clear liquid before tucking the bottle under her arm and taking one of the glasses in her hand.

"To a fabulous '09!" She toasted as we both knocked back the drinks.

I shuddered as the burning liquid slipped down my throat and warmed me up. After a few more shots someone announced there was 5 minutes to go before midnight. I watched as everyone went to find their partners and felt a little disheartened.

"I told Jazzy and he is more than happy to share." Alice smiled as she pulled me across the room to the corner where Jasper was leaning against the wall. I could feel the alcohol taking affect as I stumbled in my heels and went to fall forward.

"Whoa there." Jasper's arms caught me and held me tightly to his chest. I could feel the familiar heat appear again at out close proximity.

"Thanks." I tried to whisper rather seductively.

"My pleasure." He purred in my ear.

I couldn't stop the stupid girly giggle that escaped my lips. I realised then that this was my best friend's boyfriend and quickly pulled away. I saw the confusion on his face as I turned to look at Alice. She had a mischievous smile on her face and looked between Jasper and I.

Alice handed us a drink and I looked down into mine swirling the liquid. I could feel butterflies begin in my stomach.

"So did you decide who you want to have your kiss with Bella?" I looked up to Alice and shook my head not knowing what to say.

"Well I was thinking to keep things fair why don't we all just have a kiss; me and Jazz, you and Jazz then me and you. How about that?" She asked.

"I like the sound of that." Jasper said rather huskily as he eyed up Alice who smirked. They both turned to me and I just shrugged suddenly feeling really awkward.

"One minute to go!" Someone shouted.

I looked at my drink and knocked it back and grabbed the bottle of vodka from Alice and poured a large amount into the glass before knocking that back too.

"10, 9, 8, 7, 6-"

I looked to Alice and Jasper who were shouting along with everyone else.

"5, 4, 3, 2, 1!"

I watched as Alice and Jasper kissed and unashamedly watched. Alice then pulled away and Jasper turned to me. Before I could think of what I was doing I moved forward and met his lips. I closed my eyes and marvelled in his lips moving against mine trying not to moan with pleasure.

"My turn." I felt Alice tug on my arm pulling me away from Jasper just when I was starting to enjoy myself.

Surprisingly I enjoyed the feel of her lips moving against mine. I could feel myself getting wet as her hand travelled down my back and grabbed my ass giving it a squeeze. I found myself moaning into her mouth and opening as her tongue touched mine. I pulled back to see Alice's cheeks flushed and a playful smile on her lips.

"Why don't we take this somewhere else?" Alice offered and I nodded not even realising what I was doing. It was then I noticed that Alice's hand were either side of my face. I turned to see Jasper looking at me, I looked down his arm to see his had resting on my behind, his other on Alice's.

"Let's go." He said before walking forward leaving Alice and I to trail behind him.

I silently let Alice lead me into her room where Jasper was already waiting for us at the door. We walked through the door as he closed it, locking it before coming over to us.

"You know, I've always thought you would never be up for something like this Bella. Alice always said you would try it though."

I looked to Alice who shrugged and giggled before smashing her lips back to mine. I let her take the lead as she pushed me backwards onto the bed causing her to fall on top if me. She giggled as she kissed along my jaw to my ear and back to my mouth. The bed dipped as Jasper climbed onto the bed.

"Sit up for me Bella." I complied with Jasper's request and felt his arms wrap around my waist puling me back against his chest.

His hands travelled down my stomach and cupped me through the fabric of my pants. I couldn't help but moan and buck my hips up at his touch arching my back.

"Do you like that Bella?" He asked as he placed soft kisses on my straining neck. "Do you want me?"

"Yes." I moaned curling my arm around his neck to bring his lips to mine.

His fingers stroked me through the material as I whimpered and wriggled wanting more from him. I don't know what came over me as I grabbed his hand and brought it to rest on my breast. I kept my hand on top of his making him squeeze the flesh causing him to groan into my mouth.

"Let me help out." Alice chirped in as Jasper removed his hand and Alice made quick work of unbuttoning my pants. She didn't need to ask me to lift my hips up as she pulled down my pants and underwear swiftly leaving me naked from the waist down.

I pulled away from Jasper as he pulled off my top and saw Alice sitting in front of us on her knees already sitting completely naked. I felt a mixture of confusion and attraction at the sight of her. She grinned wickedly at me before hesitantly crawling forward, stopping when she was between my spread legs.

"Just relax." She smiled before ducking her head down and blowing out a cool breath on my heated core causing me to shudder.

Jasper undid the clasp on my bra as I lifted my arms to let him take it off and throw it on the floor. I gasped as a felt Alice's mouth place a gentle kiss on my folds and run her tongue down me.

"Jesus." I hissed and leant back onto Jasper's chest realising that he too was completely naked. I let out a moan as Jasper took my nipple into his fingers, teasingly pinching it as Alice's tongue worked on me. I grabbed onto Jasper's thighs as Alice drew my clit into her mouth pulling at it. I felt Jasper's erection against my back and brought my hand around to take hold of it.

"Bella." Jasper groaned as I slowly ran my hand down his shaft and back up as best as I could manage.

I could feel the pressure building inside of me and knew I was close. I grabbed a hold of Alice's hair and pushed her further into me as I quickened my speed around Jasper's erection.

"Oh fuck." Jasper groaned as he bit at my neck and pinched my nipples hard.

"I'm close . . . So close." I panted out as I bucked in rhythm with Alice. I couldn't stop the mewls and whimpers that left me as I felt the pressure build and build. I raised my hips up off the bed and pushed Alice into me as I came hard and loud. I twitched and sighed as I felt my release and became drained as my walls contracted.

I leant back against Jasper as he groaned loudly and I felt his erection twitch in my hand as his hot cum shot out onto my back.

"Fuck me." I muttered as Alice crawled up and lay on my stomach, all of us drained.

"What about me?" Alice asked quietly as she crawled up my body so she was flush against me. "I need some release too." She whined as she took my hand and led it down to her dripping core and moaned.

"I guess we try for round two." I smiled weakly and slipped and finger inside of Alice as she bucked into me and moaned.

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