all right! chapter 1 of my new story started over christmas break. i got the story idea from...(cant remember. if you know. please tell me. i would like to give them credit where credit is due)...and got my own plot organized. so here's to cartoons no longer on the air, but will always be beloved favorites.

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Freida: Look! It's Static and Gear!
Daisy: And, as usual, Virgil and Richie are nowhere in sight.

A teen clad in metal painted silver and green glided through the air in summersaults that would make a gymnast jealous. He seemed out of control, yet orderly at the same time. This kid was an organized mess. He yelled as he spun above building roofs.

"You can't be serious!" he yelled to another teen in the sky.

This one, decked out in black and purple suits merely smiled at his companion's joy. Static, as he was called to the citizens of the town of Dakota, maneuvered his board away from Gear, the green one spinning wildly.

"Man, calm down, Gear," Static told him with a huge grin on his face. He was very entertaining to watch. The normally clumsy and awkward kid seemed to burst of excitement. "You're going to hit something. And I'm not going to warn you because I'll be laughing too hard," he informed Gear.

The jet-like shoes lowered their forces and Gear was able to stabilize his flight pattern. He now flew next to Static, but it appeared as if he were to break out in continuous flips again.

Gear couldn't hold it in any longer; another scream erupted and he spun through the air once more. Static gleamed his smile to his best friend's joy; it glowed off his chocolate skin. He continued to fly forward, almost to their set destination. He did not turn around to see if Gear was behind him. Gear was able to take care of himself ever since the realization of his own gifts courtesy of Alva Corps.

The purple teen landed on the sidewalk next to an old rundown gas station. He checked to see if anyone was watching; this was their secret hangout. Gear could still be heard circling the skies. Static let him be and walked through the door with a slight creak. It needed oil.

With the shades closed, Static could relax now. He took off his parka and placed it over a chair. Now his arms were free to cool off. All he needed now was a nice pop from the cooler. As he was reaching in, Gear flew through the door and landed promptly on the chair not occupied by Static's jacket.

Gear took off his mask revealing a blonde, skinny high school teen known as Richie Foley. He shook out his hair a little, still smiling.

"I still can't believe your Pop managed to get Dumpty Humpty tickets!" Richie exclaimed. Looking over at Static still in the freezer he added, "Get me one too, will you?"

Static walked over with two fresh pops in his hands. He set one down in front of Richie. The other he opened with his electrical powers. This was petty compared to the feats he could do, but it was nice not to get his fingers pinched on the tab.

"Yeah," Static replied to Richie's comment. "I'm even more surprised Pop is letting us travel all the way to Amity Park." He took a sip; refreshing as always.

"You know what else is in Amity Park?" Richie asked Static, leaning forward on the table. One eyebrow shot up. Static noticed this and put the pop back on the table. "I had Backpack run a scan on the town and its local news." A circular computer with legs detached itself from Richie's back and balanced itself on the table. A holograph of a flying white-haired, black spandex suit kid appeared above Backpack. "Danny Phantom," Richie told Static.

"Rich, you can't be serious!" Static exclaimed. "The Danny Phantom. The Ghost Kid that flies around fighting ghosts?" Static had heard rumors, but they couldn't be true. I mean ghosts…really?

"That's what they say," Richie said to Static. He leaned back in his chair now and crossed his arms, daring Static to try and defy Backpack. Gear and Backpack were telepathically linked; everything Backpack found out, Gear knew. "Backpack, hologram seven, please."

Immediately the ghost kid was off the hologram and was replaced by glowing green octopuses with large red eyes that seemed to haunt you. "It's said that Amity Park is forever haunted by ghosts. Most citizens can account to seeing multiple. Some even swear the town was being seiged by them at one time. Purely unrealistic though, of course, right Static?" Richie knew exactly which of Static's buttons to push to bring out his curiosity.

"They can't be real," Static said to himself, trying to convince him of it in the meantime. "They had to have come from somewhere. Things like that don't just appear." He studied the hologram with great intensity.

Now we're getting somewhere, thought Richie. Backpack sent him link after link of valuable information on the ghost attacks, sightings, and experts that lived in the area of the town. He decided to keep this away from Static. Let's see where Static takes this info.

"Someone must have made them," Static concluded. He turned to Richie who seemed to be zoning out. "Are there any labs in the town?"

It took a second, but Richie replied with, "One. Axion Labs, but they focus on security, both ghostly for the town and human for other labs. They're owned by Vlad Masters-the billionaire." Static soaked in all this information.

"Would you be able to dissect a ghost to figure out where it came from?" Static asked Richie.

"I guess I could, but containing it would be another thing," Richie replied, thinking of the knowledge he could get from just fighting with one.

"Then we have some work to look into before we make the concert, don't we, Rich?" Static asked Richie. He got up from the table and began to put on his parka again. "It's almost dinner time. I'm going to get going." The metal disc Richie made for him slid out from his pocket and hovered in the air next to Static.

"Talk to you later!" he yelled back to Richie who was putting back on his Gear mask. He headed for his opened window. The smells of dinner were overwhelming. After taking off his Static gear, the teen known as Virgil Hawkins flew down the stairs to meet his sister and dad for dinner.

Smells like Sharon's meatloaf, Virgil said.

He sat down at the table where his father was reading the paper. "Were you out with Richie?" his dad asked, putting down the paper.

"Yeah," Virgil replied pouring himself a glass of milk. "Pops, did you ever hear of a kid named Danny Phantom?"

"I believe so-on the news a few times," Mr. Hawkins said. "He saves the town of Amity Park every once in a while. Why do you ask, son?"

"Richie and I were looking up the concert info. It's in a few days so we wanted to get ready and psyched for it. And when Richie yahooed Amity Park, the site of the concert, Danny Phantom came up. I was just wondering about him," Virgil said to his dad.

"I've heard the whole town is crazy," Sharon, Virgil's sister, piped in. "I mean ghosts can't be real." She placed the meatloaf on the table and began to cut into it.

"That's what I thought too…" Virgil muttered.

"What was that, son?" Mr. Hawkins asked Virgil.

"Nothing, Pops," he replied taking a slice of meatloaf for himself.

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