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Danny: It's a lie, I'm not a ghost!

Chapter 10

Underneath the stands will be quiet, he mimicked himself. Danny was walking around aimlessly, trying to find a place to transform, but was stopped short each time. Every corner was filled with another body being filed out of the stadium in mass panic.

Danny finally got sick of the wandering and rushed into a bathroom. He didn't even bother locking the stall before he felt the familiar white rings traveling his body. The sense of ecto-energy surged and empowered him. His typical battle cry, "I'm going ghost!" finished off the transformation. With a giant leap he phased through the grimy ceiling into open air.

No longer was Danny Phantom under the stands. Somehow he had managed to walk around to the other side of the lot. Cautiously flying over was hard when he was anxious to help out his friends still in the stands. They had persuaded him to change without them.


Sam's normally pale white arms gripped the arm rests. Her onyx black nails dug into the cheap plastic, most likely leaving small indentations were her nails were.

Oh, no! she thought. Her body began convulsing a little in the seat. "Danny…?" she whispered. Her eyes were on the brink of tears. The last time this happened with Freakshow they had been hunted down like animals. She wished it not to be the same fate as before. The Reality Gauntlet couldn't protect them this time around.

She reached for the seat next to her, where the ghost boy was moments before, but she felt nothing but the cold air. The seat was empty except for a popcan, crushed and empty after a previous chugging contest. To her other side, Tucker looked upon the stage with wide eyes.

"Tucker," Sam said, gently touching his arm. She needed the confirmation of him actually being there. He twitched a little at the touch, but turned to her with disbelieving eyes. "This can't happen again…" she whispered.

Tucker grabbed the pale girl in his arms and moved her away from the stage. He felt bad about leaving Richie and Virgil, but duty called. He needed to pull Sam together and help Danny once more in the endless battles. With one sudden motion Tucker lifted Sam out of her seat and guided her towards the main aisles.

She protested. Loudly. Even though many couldn't hear her through the noise of other people, her protests in Tucker's ear could be heard loud enough to blow an ear drum. She pounded on his chest, trying to capture his attention. "We can't leave Danny!" she screamed, "We have to stay together!"

Tucker knew he had to be the calm one in the situation. He grabbed both of her hands and looked her straight in the eye. It seemed to calm her down, but panic was still visible through her purple eyes. "I convinced him to change. We're meeting up with him in a few minutes."

He let go of her hands long enough to pull an ecto-gun out of his pocket. He shoved it in her hands and wrapped her fingers around it cold metal. She gazed upon it, and finally something snapped in her mind. Placing the gun in her skirt pocket, she looked again in his eyes, this time more determined.

"Let's go!" she yelled. With her boots clamping along the aisle ways, Sam and Tucker ran past the onlookers to the back of the seating. Amid the chaos, the two were able to make their way closer to the stage.

A purple and silver blur, though, distracted them from fighting off the claws. The purple one manipulated a claw out of its socket and into the stadium seats. The other teen wrapped two together.

The purple one, electrifying in nature, met the teens at eyesight. "What're doing here? You need to get out!" he screamed. Before the two could answer, an earthquake rumbled below them. The two were knocked off their feet, but the purple teen was still floating on his little saucer.

Technus sprouted from the egg on stage, cackling with energy. Electronic objects like microphones, boom speakers, and amps floated around him harmlessly with a green aura about them. Sam and Tucker stole a glance at each other, understanding the arising problem. Again looking towards the ghost they both spoke, "Oh no…"

The purple teen seemed confused at the sight of this man. "What? Who is this?" he asked to the teens, but was quickly answered by the ghost himself.

"I am Technus!" he roared. "I am master of all technology! Ruler of everything electrical!" He laughed at his uninterrupted monologue.

Sam began to pull the ecto-gun from her skirt, when a familiar white and black blur could be seen speeding towards the ghost. "Well, maybe you need an intermission to cool off!" shouted Danny Phantom. His hands charged with ecto-energy; his eyes glowed fiercely with an unnatural green glow.

"Silly child!" shouted Technus. "I have been waiting for this moment. For you see, I have gathered all musical electrical elements to, how do the kids say it, RAISE THE ROOF!"

Danny rolled his eyes at the cheesy lingo. Sam and Tucker both hit their palm to their forehead from Technus' ignorance. Moans could be heard from the purple and silver teens; they had both heard their fair share of bad villain banter as well.

Blasts of ecto-energy burst from Danny's hands as he caused damage to the hull of Technus' mechanical body. Separate parts of instruments from the band fell into the stands as they were stripped from Technus' body. Sam was the first to break the silence and she looked to Tucker, who likewise was standing there dumbfounded. She pulled the zipper almost off her bag in a rushed adrenaline to find their trusty Fenton Thermos. The metal contraption was nowhere to be felt in her bag.

She pulled on Tucker's sleeve, grabbing his attention to her predicament. "Where's the thermos?" she asked him. He patted down his jacket pockets, not immediately feeling the metal lump in the pocket. As he reached for his cargo pants, Sam caught an object in her peripherals. "Duck!" she yelled, pulling Tucker and herself under the few unscathed chairs.

A glowing green metal ball landed a few rows behind the teens. The rush of wind whistled above their heads, barely missing them. Pieces of chunks flew off the sides, landing randomly among the stands, now void of occupants. It was the explosion that finally brought the other two superheroes back to reality. Not seeing Tucker and Sam hidden under the chairs, the two flew off back into battle.

Tucker, still hovering over Sam in protection, peeked his head over the chair, just in time to view the two superheroes fly off to where Danny and Technus were battling. He checked Sam, "You okay?" he asked. She gave him a modest nod and scurried on her hands and knees through the stands, crawling towards the aisles. He followed likewise, never doubting her determined nature during these ghost battles. Tucker had come to realize after months of battling ghosts with Danny that Sam did what she thought was best, and it was usually in his best interest to follow her example, carefully watching out for her in the process.

They reached the aisle sweaty and a little shaken from the ongoing explosions, but still in good shape. Tucker gave Sam the thermos he had located while crawling. She tossed him her ectogun and together they ran towards the stage, him blasting shards flying through the air that were in the path of the girl. They reached the stage and both paused to watch the scene.

Danny continued to blast away Technus' equipment, but he seemed to have an everlasting supply of metal and technology. Sam noticed Technus begin to float above the stage, but there was no green residue like normal. Instead, a mystical purple aura surrounded the base of Technus' mechanical body. The purple electric boy seemed to struggle to hold up the ghost, but he was soon joined by his friend, aiding in the effort to separate the ghost from his stage.

It was then that Sam realized their intentions: Take the mechanical ghost away from technology and he became just a ghost. "Danny!" she yelled into the air. The ghost boy turned his attention away from Technus. She threw the thermos into the air, near the general direction of Danny. As if on instinct, he caught the thermos, unscrewed the cap, and immediately Technus' ghostly energy was being sucked into the device.

"What are you doing, child?" Technus screamed, "Your plans are futile! I am too powerful now to be taken by your container of soup!" He laughed in the air. Danny's eyes pleaded with Sam to figure a new plan. The boy in the green and silver suit seemed to understand the predicament. He dropped the weight he was holding at Technus' base and flew around to the side, floating near the arms that were once amps and microphones. The purple teen grunted in the added weight that he was handed without warning.

"Maybe you just need to lose a little weight, fiend!" the silver and green teen yelled with a triumphant look in his eyes. Meticulously he flew between the arms, slicing them off and placing them in vicinities away from the control of Technus. Tucker jumped onto the stage to help. He blasted away already-loose pieces from the body and scrambled to get them off the stage.

"Try again, Danny," Sam yelled again, "He's weaker now!" Nodding his head in approval, Danny surged more energy into the Fenton Thermos. The pull seemed magnetic as Technus' energy drained from the band's old instruments and fell back to the stage, as benign as before the ghost attack. With a final, feeble yell, Technus was sucked into the Thermos. Danny rattled the ghost around to prove he had caught the common enemy and glided back down to his friends.

Tucker wiped sweat from his forehead and Sam clamored onstage in time to give Danny a victory hug. "Good job, man" Tucker said with a pat on the back. His hand swiped right through the ghost boy and they both got a good laugh from the antic. As they were about to head home, with the concert being obviously cancelled, the teens realized the other two superheroes were attempting to rest for a minute too after the battle. Except, they were headed in the direction of the teens, with looks of questioning filling their eyes.

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