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Author's Note: For the Guess who challenge.

Only A Dream

He was walking in the sun. How he loved the sun and how it felt on his face. It not only warmed his face, but it kept the darkness at bay. He walked near the pond and watched as the gentle breeze gently lap the water and he saw the sun reflecting off the surface of the water. He also watched as some fish broke the surface, so they could breath and quickly go back under the surface. He walked more near the woods and wondered if he should go in. He wanted to, but he was just a little scared to do so. It was dark and he didn't like the dark. He spent so much time in the darkness and he hated it. He wasn't that close to the woods, but was a little bit scared of the darkness inside. He wondered if he should go back to the pond. Maybe he could fish, but he didn't know how to. Nobody had taught him how to and he didn't have a fishing pole.

He suddenly felt someone watching him and he looked around. What he saw scared him. The person was still far away, but he felt he knew who it was. The person had something in his hand, but still was too far away to know what the person was carrying. He looked back at the woods and knew what he had to do. He took off at a run and looked back. The person had also started running. He headed towards the deeper part of the woods hopefully losing the other person. He quickly hid by one of the bushes trying to quiet his breathing. He watched from his hiding place as the other person came into the woods and then watch as the person passed his hiding spot. He then watched the same person pass it again and then disappear. He will have to wait here until it was night and then come back out of the forest.

He opened his eyes and looked around. It was a dream he thought to himself. Only a dream. He didn't know what day it was, or what time it was because of course he was in the darkness again.

The End