Five and a Half Months Later (Draco)

I looked around the large gathering and shook my head at how at home I felt in an environment that, less than a year ago, would have probably been one of the most hostile places I could enter. George and Angelina Weasley were joined in their laughter by everyone else as Ron picked up one of their new exploding present gags and was suddenly covered in what looked to be some type of green slime. While Ron called out several words that, not only showed me where Ginny had gotten her extensive vocabulary from, but also earned him a smart tap across the back of his head and a hard frown from Mrs. Weasley. Ginny had disappeared into the kitchen about ten minutes ago to help the newly married Mrs. Hermione Granger Potter get some additional drinks and desserts set up.

Hermione and Harry had been married in a quiet ceremony less than a month ago at a location called Grimauld Place. I had never heard of it, so imagine my surprise when Ginny and I had shown up for the rehearsal and a whole flat suddenly appeared from nowhere. Red had explained that it was the Potter's godfather Sirius Blacks' family home that he had left to him when he died. She also told me that it was the place where the Order used to meet along with several stories about time that she and her family had spent there during our years at Hogwarts. I must admit -I was quite surprised and a bit humbled that I had been allowed in on the secret; even if it was only used nowadays as a vacation getaway for Harry when he needed time away from the limelight.

Speaking of the limelight, I now know why Potter absolutely abhorred it as a kid. When the news of my capture by the Death Eaters in an attempt to help the Ministry got out, I suddenly found myself to be the focus of more curious looks than glares and the recipient of way too much hospitality instead of way too many cold shoulders. I mean bloody hell, getting recognized was worse now than ever. And on top of that the press seemed to be everywhere I went, and though I had hoped it would, it didn't seem to help at all that I was with one of their own. In fact, if anything, that seemed to make them even more zealous.

Matters only worsened when it became common knowledge that not only was I now an Auror under Harry Potter himself, but then the git had actually invited me to be in his wedding. He claims it was Ginny's idea; however, I knew better. Since my new status in his surrogate family became more permanent our verbal spars were cut down to a minimum, which meant we had to find other ways to participate in our favorite pastime of annoying the hell out of one another. And there was no way he'd pass up such a prime opportunity.

I admit he won that round. The moment I got spotted shopping for formal dress robes with Harry Potter it was all over. Next thing I knew 'Naughty and Nice: The Coming Together of Two Wizarding Powerhouses' was plastered on the front page of the Prophet and my new reputation as the "reformed bad boy" had been cemented. Though there was nothing like the publics' responses to Ginny's article 'How to Marry a Malfoy'.

Speaking of which, I'm quite sure that my parents got a kick out of Step 1 –Get rid of his family. Well, at least I know her parents did.

"Malfoy," Potter glowered coming to a halt in front of the coffee table.

I looked up at him. "Granger."

"Har-har you prat," he glared, use to my ribbing about who 'wears the pants' in his marriage. "What the fuck is this?" he continued, throwing a Muggle paper on the table.

I glanced down at it and then back at him arching a brow. "It's a Muggle post."

He exhaled… very slowly. "I know that you git, what does it say?"

Both brows rose now. "You'd think after all those years in Hogwarts, not to mention your marriage to the grammar nazi you'd know how to read by now Potter… Don't tell me you're all beauty and no brains," I smirked.

He gave a low growl and leaned forward. "You know damn well what I'm talking about. What the hell are you doing?" he hissed. "You were supposed to retire that stupid Guardian Angel crap."

I shrugged. "I did."

"Then what the fuck is this Malfoy," he accused holding up the paper, "'Guardian Angel Spreads Wings Over Family'," he said reciting the headline.

I studied him for a moment. "So you can read…"

"Malfoy," he ground out.

I chuckled. "Fine, so I stopped –but my wand didn't," I shrugged taking a sip of my drink.

"What the hell does that even mean?!"

"It's quite simple really…" I replied sitting forward. "You see there I was, walking down the street minding my own business when it happened. A fire broke out a couple of blocks down. Well I had rushed forward, just like everyone else, to see what the goings on were, when I saw a family huddled at one of the third story windows crying out for help. Then –before I knew it mind you–" I gave him a pointed look, "my wand was up. Now I tried to put it down, but it wouldn't listen. I was like 'Wand, what are you doing mate?' but the cheeky little bastard ignored me and cast a protection spell around the family anyway to keep the flames at bay until the fire brigade could get to them," I shook my head. "What'cha gonna do about it, you know? I mean you raise them right, do what you can, but sometimes you just have to let them make their own mistakes."

Potter stared at me for a long moment before rubbing the bridge of his nose and sighing. "You can't actually expect me to tell the Minister that once he finds out about this can you?"

"Why not, it's the truth," I held up two fingers, "scouts honor."

His brows furrowed. "You were a boy scout?"

I pulled a face. "Good God man, no! What are you mad?! As if my father would ever."

He gave a frustrated growl. "Then why the hell did you go 'scouts honor'?"

I shrugged. "Seemed like a good idea at the time."


"Harry you're supposed to call him Draco, not Malfoy," Hermione reprimanded as she and Ginny joined our small side conversation.

"Yeah Harry, that was not very well done of you mate. Calling one another by last names breads animosity and bad vibes," I shook my head and gave him a disappointed look.

"Exactly," Hermione nodded, "see Draco gets it."

Ginny snorted. "Yeah right, I bet he was worse."

"Thank you," sighed Harry sharing a look with the red headed woman.

I grinned. "Me? –Never."

"Whatever Blondie," Ginny said as she sat down next to me and put my arm around her. "Tell that to someone who doesn't know you better than anyone."

I chuckled and gave her shoulder a light squeeze. "Alright Red, you seen your brother?"

She rolled her eyes. "Which one?"

"Boy Weasley," I shrugged.

"Draco," Hermione frowned.

"Told you," smirked Harry.

"Stop calling him that," sighed Ginny.

"What? He likes it," I frowned.

"No he doesn't," Gin replied.

"You sure? I could have sworn…"

"Yes. I'm sure."

"No, no that can't be right," I shook my head. "I thought that he…oh, oh no, wait. I like it… that's who I was thinking of."

"Do you ever think of anyone else?" inquired Harry while nuzzling his wife's neck.

"Not you, you perv," I shuddered.

Ginny and Hermione laughed while Harry smirked. "Har-har, you're a regular laugh riot Malfoy. You should go into standup."

I smirked back. "I considered it; you should hear my line of Harry Potter jokes."

"I doubt they'd go over well, people actually like me. –However if you want to use your father as a punch line then I'm sure you'll be a huge hit," he retorted with a smug look.

"Hey –hey, no fair." I looked at Ginny. "He can't do that, his parents are totally off limits or you guys get all pissed off at me. If I can't talk about his mum and dad then he can't talk about mine."

Hermione and Ginny shared a look and rolled their eyes.

"He has a point Harry," Hermione sighed.

"Bullshite," chimed Ginny, "his parents are open game as far as I'm concerned. Go ahead Harry, talk about the wanks," she gave him a cheerful grin and I rolled my eyes.

The other man smiled back. "I will, since we both know whose word is final in your relationship. Thanks for giving me the okay Gin."

I scoffed, and then frowned. "Wow… Hermione, that sucks."

The brunette looked at me. "What?"

"I just, I don't know. I know how important it was to Harry to make you happy before you married… but now it seems that you two –dare I say it. Are no longer in the throws of newlywed bliss –I mean if he'd disregard your wishes for Ginny's then that can be the… nah, what am I saying. If you asked Harry not to do something for you then he'd respect that. You guys have a real love."

"We do," nodded Hermione, "but I'm not going to let you manipulate me Draco."

I shrugged. "Who's trying to manipulate you? I was just pointing out the fact that Ginny asked me not to talk ill of Harry's parents and I respected her wishes. However, if you're not willing to offer the same type of courtesy to me then I guess that's just the way of things. After all, I am a Malfoy and no matter what you guys say at times I suppose I can't really expect to receive the same respect as everyone else does," I sighed.

Hermione frowned and looked at Harry.

"Aww, come on Hermione! He's completely working you over," the dark haired man groaned.

"I know, but it doesn't change that he has a point. We expect him not to speak ill of our families, but you guys are constantly talking bad about his. It's just not fair Harry; you can't talk like that about his parents anymore –yeah?"

When Potter sighed and shot me a glower I discreetly made a whipping motion with my hand.

"You prat-"

"Harry," Hermione frowned.

"Hermione, it's not Harry's fault, Draco-"

Ginny was cut off as I covered her mouth with my own. It was amazing really, we had been together for almost a year and I still never got enough of the taste of her –the feel of her. As I ran my fingers through her hair and slipped my tongue into her mouth she sighed and melted against me.

"That is just disgusting," gripped Harry.

"It's romantic," countered Hermione.

Personally, I didn't care what they thought it was. The only person's opinion that mattered to me was currently clinging to my shoulders and putty in my hands. After a few more seconds, and only in favor of self-preservation, I pulled away from Ginny's soft willing mouth and gave a small smile at her bemused expression.

"You are so beautiful," I said. She blinked up at me and smiled back. "Especially," I lightly kissed her lips then rubbed the bottom one with my thumb, "when you're quiet."

Ginny instantly snapped out of her stupor as the fire that I had grown to love leapt into her eyes intensifying when Harry and Hermione tried, unsuccessfully, to hide their laughter.

"You overgrown-"

"Alright everyone, time to open gifts!!!" Mr. Weasley called from the middle of the room, saving me from what was sure to be a very unpleasant and probably a tiny bit embarrassing list of verbal insults. I silently thanked the older man and gave Ginny an apologetic and somewhat sincere shrug. Hey, it wasn't my fault.


Twenty minutes later I stared in dismay at the item in my hands, trying my best to keep the grimace from becoming apparent on my features.

"Well dear, how do you like it?" Mrs. Weasley asked from her spot in a chair halfway across the room.

"It's… very special…"

She smiled. "Yes well when Ginny told me that you had always admired the sweaters that I made for the boys I knew that it would be the perfect gift. I even made it silver and green for you; I know that you do love your house colors."

I shot my fiancé and dirty look and she dipped her head, stifling her laughter. "She told you about that did she…"

Mrs. Weasley nodded and frowned a bit. "She didn't tell me exactly what you said, but she said it was along those lines."

Hermione, Ron, and Harry exchanged looks and continued to watching the conversation between Mrs. Weasley and me; as well as the interaction between me and Ginny very closely; obviously noticing that something important was missing.

I arched a brow and smiled. "Oh she didn't did she? Would you like to hear exactly what I said?"

Ginny's head shot up and she gave me a sharp look, I shot her a smirk in return.

Mrs. Weasley was quiet for a moment, looking between the two of us before nodding. "Sure, I would love to."

I offered her a slow smile. "I said that they were-" I was cut off when Ginny's hand slapped over my mouth.

"Ginevra Molly Weasley, what are you doing?!" her mum demanded.

Ginny blushed and looked at her mum then at me. "I was just… uh, stopping Draco from finishing that. –I, uh, know how emotional you can get at times mum and well… Right now I think everyone should be happy," she slowly removed her hand from my mouth and patted me none too gently on the cheek -twice. "Don't you Love?"

I gave her my most innocent look. "Of course Red, I just thought you might want your mum to know what I had said."

"No, that's okay Blondie, we'll save that for another time," she smiled sweetly back.

"It wasn't a compliment was it," her mum observed sharply.

We both looked at her surprised.

"I…uh, well, it's not exactly that mum," Ginny stuttered flushing lightly.

"Of course it was," I cut in smoothly. "I'm just not the best at compliments so they don't always come out right. But if I recall correctly I told Ginny that where it didn't look like you had put a lot of money into the sweaters it did seem that you had put in a lot of time and love. I also said that I would have been lucky to have one as a child," I shrugged and gave a subtle smile. "or something along those lines. "

"Really?" inquired Mrs. Weasley softly.

Ginny gave me a brief surprised look before schooling her features into a smile for her mum and nodding.

"Of course Mrs. Weasley. I mean sure, my parents had and have a lot of money, but the most my mother ever did was buy me an outfit. She never took the time out to do something so personal, so loving –your children are very lucky –all of them."

Mrs. Weasley stared at me for a long minute then her bottom lip quivered a bit, next thing I knew she was full out in tears. My eyes widened and I gave Ginny a worried look.

"Did I do something wrong?" I asked wondering if now would be a good time to grab my wand.

Ginny giggled and shook her head. "No Love, you did something right. You were perfect."

My bewildered gaze fixed on her mum again. "Doesn't look like it," I replied. "Uh… Mrs. Weasley? Are you alright?"

She gave a jerky nod and sniffled. "Y-yes dear," she motioned for me to come here and I slowly stood, stepping over the coffee table I made my way over to her. "And you don't need to call me Mrs. Weasley, Draco, from now on you call me mum!" she cried when I was closer before pulling me into a bone crushing hug.

"Molly, Molly dear you're suffocating the poor boy!" Mr. Weasley interjected a moment later and most likely noticing that I was turning blue.

Wincing and rubbing my arms upon release from her death grip I shot the older man an appreciative look. "Thanks Mr. Weasley."

"Now none of that," the older man smiled. "you'll be marrying our Ginny soon. You might as well call me dad too."

I opened and closed my mouth –Weasley's for parents? This should be… interesting

"I… uh, thanks," I said aloud slowly backing a way towards my seat.

"That's it Malfoy, I'm totally going to be your agent. Because there is no way you're not going into acting," Potter chuckled softly as I passed.

I pulled a face. "Not if I'm going to get results like these you're not," I muttered still backing away slowly from the older woman. Her bloody grip was worse than Pratt's and I was not leaving myself unguarded.

"Whatever Draco, you know you liked it," teased Hermione.

I shot her an annoyed look and she laughed.

"One day you're going to have to tell us what you really said," she added with a smirk.

"You don't want to know." I chuckled before hopping over the table and retreating to the safety of my fiancé's arms.


"So everyone is getting together tomorrow morning at eight for presents and Christmas morning breakfast," Ginny called from the restroom.

"Um-hum," I muttered distractedly as I rifled through the files that I had brought home from work. We were currently in the process of hunting down Hugo and a few other members of the Underground Resurrection. After the capture of the other blokes' months ago and my capture of Stevens a few weeks ago we found out that, though he was high on the totem pole, Hugo was not the leader of The Resurrection. And after a lot more pressing interrogations we were finally able to find out most of the names of those we were missing or who were not there, including that of the true leader.

"Are you even listening to me?" Ginny called a moment later.

"Um-hum," I replied frowning over a document that listed hotels and properties to rent in a certain area.

"Really? What did I say?" she pressed.

I sighed. "You said that everyone will be there early and we need to be back to the Burrow for eight."

"Oh… well, as long as you were listening," she muttered; I suppressed a smile and went back to work.

Harry was focusing on the main leader, a bloke named Henson from what we understood, but Hugo was mine. I lightly touched the scar on my brow and frowned. I owed that bastard for what he did to me and I wasn't giving up until I had him. Thanks to a lot of digging and a bit of intelligence work we found out that he had made several transactions in Switzerland earlier this week and the week before under the alias of Benton.

"I really think you should wear your sweater tomorrow!"

I groaned. "No I shouldn't!"

"But my mum would really love it," she persisted.

"And I would really hate it. Sorry Love, but I'm going to go with what I want instead."

"Why would you hate it? It's a great sweater. She even did Slytherin colors for you."

I snorted and flipped to the back of the ledger. "I would hate it because I hate the sweater and I don't give a damn what the color is, it's still utterly atrocious."

"You told my mum you liked it," Ginny commented sourly.

"And? You can't possibly think that I meant it –I hated those stupid looking sweaters on your brothers and on Potter and I'll damn sure hate it on me. I am not wearing it so give it up."

"What if you liked the sweater?"

"As if I would ever," I murmured.

"I think you would," Ginny replied overhearing my comment. "Don't you?"

"No," I answered frowning at the receipt before me. 'A one hundred galleon bottle of wine? Where was this prat getting his money from? There had to be a source…'



When she huffed I sighed and rolled my eyes before turning to look at her like she wanted. My brows rose as I took in the sight of my fiancé standing there in nothing but that stupid 'D' sweater her mum had made and a pair of silver stilettos.

"What do you think? Like the sweater now?" she teased with a sexy smile.

"No," I replied tilting my head. "but I love your legs."

Ginny rolled her eyes and walked over to me. Coming up behind me she slid her hands down my torso and gave me a light hug. She then grabbed the stack of papers from in front of me.

"No work on the bed," she reprimanded, nipping my ear.

I shuddered. "If you say so."

She walked over to the bookshelf in the corner just behind the door her hips swaying lightly with each step and her long legs moving gracefully. I watched intently as she set the files down on a shelf before walking over to the dresser where she muttered something about a hairpin and bent over very slowly to pick it up. I released a low groan as the back of the sweater rode up just high enough to let me know that she probably wasn't wearing anything under it, but not high enough to confirm it. Quickly standing from the bed I made my way over to her, reaching her in three large strides. But before I could grab her and snog her senseless Ginny put her hand up and leaned back against the dresser.

"Ah-ah-ahh, none of that," she teased with a smile.

"What do you mean 'none of that'?" I frowned. "Look how you're dressed. How can it mean anything other than that?"

She shrugged and gave me an overly innocent look. "Fine so maybe it means a bit of that, however that is not happening until you agree to wear this," she tugged at the hem of the horrid green sweater, "tomorrow."

I scoffed. "You bloody tease."

"I'm not teasing," she shrugged, "you can totally have me, if you do what I ask."

"I can have you if I do what you ask?" I repeated giving a crooked smirk. "No Love, you have me mixed up with someone else. You see I can have you," I advanced on her till there was no space between us. Her head tilted back and her mouth parted slightly as I ran my finger along her bottom lip, "I can have you anytime I want to have you. You. Are. Mine."

She exhaled at those words and shuddered lightly, "I-no, you don't ow-own," she cut off when I nuzzled her neck and kissed her ear. "You don't own me Blondie," she breathed after a minute.

I pulled back and quirked a brow. "Don't I, Red?"

An indignant look descended upon her face and she gave my shoulders a hard shove, I chuckled and grabbed her waist, throwing her onto the dresser.

"Hey! I am not a ruddy sack of potatoes! Move you git!" she yelled.

"Gladly," I smirked before moving up and knocking the stuff behind her off of the dresser. Then grabbing her thighs I yanked her forward so that I was right in the center of her legs.

"I said no Draco," Ginny sneered.

I rolled my eyes. "You say no," my hand trailed up her leg and between her thighs and my eyes fluttered closed for a minute as I encountered her warmth. "But your body says yes," I finished with a knowing smirk as I held up two very wet fingers.

"Oh you git! I don't care what my body says, my mouth says no!" she spat punching my shoulders.

I laughed. "Does it now?"

Her eyes widened. "Draco don't you dar-"

She cut off with a gasp as my mouth covered hers. Her lips were hard and stiff against mine, but only for a second before they melted like the rest of her. Her fingers tightly gripped my shoulders, her nails biting into my flesh and surely drawing blood as one of her feet slid along the backside of my leg. My hands went back to her thighs, squeezing and kneading them as I worked my way up to her soft behind. Putting both hands at the base of her back I pulled her closer to me, grinding my hardness against her. Ginny moaned in my mouth and her legs came up to wrap me in their warmth. As her mouth left mine and went to work on my throat I groaned and when her teeth nipped at my shoulder I hissed, my hand flying out and slamming against the mirror as she gripped my back and rocked against me. I clawed at my own reflection when her teeth grazed my nipples and when her tongue worked its way along the scar that I had received the night of my capture I couldn't take it anymore.

Pulling my hand away from the mirror I went to work on my, now very wet thanks to Ginny, trousers. As I unzipped them my fiancé pulled back and looked up at me.


I groaned, "You have got to be fucking kidding me."

She shook her head stubbornly. "I told you, not until you agree to wear the sweater. My mum would like-"

"I don't give a good got-damn about what your mother would like! I don't even want to talk about her, especially now!" I exclaimed stepping back.

My body protested the loss of heat and I strained heavily against my black slacks but it was what needed to be done. I wasn't going to just let her control me and I wasn't wearing that ghastly sweater. Running a hand through my hair I took another step back and glared down at my fiancé. It was then that my legs almost gave out on me. She was still sitting as I had left her, hot, flushed, and breathing heavily. With the sweater hiked up to her waist, her glorious legs spread open and her soft warmth staring me right in the face, hot, wet, and ready for me. Giving a low growl I was on her once more. When she hopped down from her seat in an attempt to stop me I grabbed her hands and turned her around, bending her over the dark dresser. Not taking a moment or a pause I freed myself and plunged into her.



I let out a loud lusty moan when he entered me, my head snapping back of its own accord in order to release my cry. I still could not get enough of him, the feel of him. I had tried to fight it, to stand up for my mum's sweater, but damn it who cares? I mean really. I moaned, my hand going over my shoulder and gripping at the back of his neck as he kissed and licked the nape of my neck and my ear. My body moved automatically when he put his hands at the hem and ripped the sweater from off of me, tossing it carelessly onto the floor. I didn't care. All I cared about was the fact that he was in me, driving me to ecstasy with each pump of his toned hips.

I cried out once more when he slammed into me harder and jutted out my hips. When his hands grasp them to hold me steady I allowed my head to fall down and rest of the top of the dresser, my own hands going forward to brace myself against the mirror and my lungs panting with the need for air while the words faster and harder spilled from my lips. Who was I kidding? There was no way that I could ever tell Draco no, especially when it came to sex. I was just as addicted, if not more than him, and with him being an Auror now and having to go on missions we don't get to enjoy one another as often as we use to. However, it was worth it, the argument. I loved it when he was rough and he knew it because he did too. Sometimes we would start rows just to have an angry shag, each walking away a bit bruised at the end (though he was usually the only one bleeding).

"Red," he moaned my name and kissed my neck, "how long as it been since you've had the chance to watch?"

"Mmm?" I asked through the haze of pleasure trying to process what he meant.

He grunted when I moved one hand behind me to his bum to pull him closer. "Did you want to watch?" he panted after a moment.

"Watch what?" I frowned looking at him.

He smirked before kissing me, next thing I knew his hand was around my throat, holding, but not squeezing. My eyes flittered closed when he began moving faster but snapped open when he turned my head. It was then that I saw what he was talking about. Draco was watching me intently through our reflection in the mirror. His smoky gray eyes fixed on my own brown ones and his large graceful hand sliding from my throat to cup and massage my breast. At the sight I became more worked up than I could have imagined and pushed back with my hips, moving against him, riding him from my position in front of him.

Draco gasped and his head fell to the crook of my neck, while his hand worked its way down to the apex of my thighs. As my eyes began to lull from the pleasure, they suddenly focused on the reflection in the mirror. Quietly taking in the mixture of blonde and red hair on a slightly paler shoulder, A subtle smile played on my lips as I realized that my fantasy had long since came true. However, the smile flew from my lips as my bottom one became locked between my teeth when Draco began to slam me harder. My hand shot up and slapped palms with my reflection as my body bowed beneath him. I moaned, groaned and called his name while the mirror banged heavily against the wall. As his hands came back up to cup my breasts and his tongue licked and sucked my neck I felt my peak fast approaching.

"Come for me Red," he breathed huskily in my ear causing my whole body to tremble. "Please love; I want us to die together…"

I cried out his name one last time, easily given into his whispered request. As my body quaked and trembled beneath him, I felt him stiffen and cry out. Words of passion and love slipped from between his lips and his legs buckled, a swift hand to the top of the dresser being the only thing that kept him from crashing to the floor. We lay together for a moment bent over the dresser catching our breath. After a while I gasped as he scooped me up and took me over to the bed. Setting me down gently on the already turned down sheets, he climbed in next to me and pulled the covers over us both.

I nestled into his warmth giving a contented sigh as I realized that I would get to spend the rest of my life like this. He was going to be my husband. Draco had proposed on Guy Fawks night in the middle of a huge party and amid a flurry of fireworks. I glanced down at the large stone of my finger and gave a happy smile.

"You still looking at that thing?" Draco commented, taking my hand and holding my ring finger up to the light for a moment before kissing all of my fingers.

"Um-hum, I'm going to keep looking at it too," I replied shooting him a smug grin.

He chuckled. "I love you Ginny."

I grinned. "I love you too Draco."

I gave him a slow deep kiss before turning back around and looking at my ring for a moment longer. After a few minutes my lids got too heavy to hold and my eyes drifted shut. Just as sleep was about to claim me Draco spoke again.


"Yeah Blondie," I smiled sleepily my eyes still closed.

He was quiet for a moment, lightly nuzzling my ear before smirking against my neck "I'm still not wearing that stupid sweater tomorrow."

I laughed. God how I love that man.


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