You're convinced that your boyfriend is the sweetest bloke in the world. He's kind, he's caring, he's considerate; he gives you flowers and chocolates, he carries your things while he walks you to class; in the mornings, he's always waiting for you at the foot of the girls' staircase. He showers you with endless presents and compliments, and is always there with a willing ear when you need to rant (which is pretty much every day, to tell the truth).

That's why it irks you, what your friends say about him. It's not that they don't like Mark as a person — honestly, he's so nice, you can't see how anyone couldn't — but apparently, the two of you aren't right together. Which is ridiculous. You've never been with anyone better, and not for lack of trying. You've had your fair share of boyfriends, most of them perfectly awful, and you'd honestly been about to just write them off altogether when Mark came along. And ever since then, things have been… things have been good. Mostly.

Well, yeah, maybe he doesn't make you laugh like Ja — like certain other people do. Maybe sometimes you wish he'd be a little more spontaneous and stop planning every single minute of your dates and sneak out after curfew with you like Ja — certain other people do. And maybe once in a while — just a few times, really — when he's being particularly… attentive, you can kind of sort of understand where your mates are coming from when they say that he's too attached to you. Not that you agree with them at all, definitely not. Just that you can see how his actions might be misconstrued as clingy.

They're not, of course. Mark's not clingy. He has his faults, yeah, but so do you. And if it's not exactly cloud nine — well, it's not supposed to be perfect. It's all part of a normal, healthy relationship, accepting each other, flaws and all, and sticking with each other even through brief (very brief) moments of slight unhappiness. The important thing is that he treats you well, and he does. He treats you like a goddess, actually. (That's much more than you could say for Ja — certain other people, if they were your boyfriend instead. They'd tease you, and pull pranks on you, and poke and prod and rile you up just for the fun of fighting and then making up with you. And you and Mark are supposed to be dysfunctional?)

Most importantly, Mark loves you. And you… well, you're not quite there yet, but that'll come in time, you're sure of it. He knows this. And he's still willing to wait, because he's patient and loving and thoughtful. He's good for you. He's the sweetest bloke in the world, and you're happy with him.

(Aren't you?)

A/N: For anyone who has ever settled for something when they know they could have something better.

It's not my best, but it's late at night and I'm experimenting with style again. Title from Death Cab for Cutie. Reviews are always appreciated. :)