I know that there are a lot of these, but they're funny, and easy to write!

I need help thinking of some usernames! If you have an idea, please tell me in a review or send me a message! Even if it's for a character I already have, if I like it enough I might change it. I especially need ideas for Rosalie, Jacob, Carlisle, and Esme.

- - -

FashionPixie – Alice

^.^ -.-' 0.o - Jasper

TheAwesomestPersonEver – Emmett

StupidAnnoyingMindReader – Edward

DangerMagnet – Bella

- - -

FashionPixie has logged in

TheAwesomestPersonEver has logged in

TheAwesomestPersonEver: Hey Alice!

FashionPixie: Hi Emmett!

TheAwesomestPersonEver: Hey, how did you know its me? =(

FashionPixie: Who else would name themselves that?

TheAwesomestPersonEver: Oh, yeah! 'Cuz no one else is as awesome as me!

FashionPixie: Not what I meant.

TheAwesomestPersonEver: OOO, GUESS WHAT?!?!

FashionPixie: WHAT?!?!

TheAwesomestPersonEver: I forgot. And it was really funny, too!

FashionPixie: Aww, that's too bad. =(

^.^ -.-' 0.o has logged in

FashionPixie: Hi Jasper!

^.^ -.-' 0.o: Hello Alice!

FashionPixie: Guess what!

^.^ -.-' 0.o: What?

FashionPixie: I made everyone else IM accounts too! And I'm making them use them!

^.^ -.-' 0.o: How are you making them use them?

FashionPixie: ... ... ...

FashionPixie: I have my ways *shifty eyes*

^.^ -.-' 0.o: I changed my mind, I don't want to know.

FashionPixie: Oh! Bella and Edward are going to come on soon!

StupidAnnoyingMindReader has logged in

DangerMagnet has logged in

FashionPixie: Hi Edward! Hi Bella!

DangerMagnet: Hey, Alice. Hi Edward!

StupidAnnoyingMindReader: Hi Alice. Hello Bella!

FashionPixie: What?! I'm not important enough for an exclamation mark?! D= I feel unloved!

DangerMagnet: It's OK Alice, I still love you. I just love Edward more.

TheAwesomestPersonEver: LOL!!! Alice and Bella, sitting in a tree!

DangerMagnet: Ew! Not that kind of love!

DangerMagnet: Hey Edward, do you know what your username is?

StupidAnnoyingMindReader: No, why? It just says "me" on my screen...

StupidAnnoyingMindReader: !!!!! Alice, you-

StupidAnnoyingMindReader has logged out

^.^ -.-' 0.o: Speaking of usernames, have you seen yours, Bella?

DangerMagnet: No... UGH Alice, I'm gonna kill you, or, better yet, not go shopping with you for a week!

FashionPixie: NOOO!!! Don't do this to me!!! PLEASE!!!! I'm sorry! Emmett made me do it!

TheAwesomestPersonEver: Hey, no I didn't-

FashionPixie: Shut up and take the bla- I mean, admit to it, or I'll dress you up for a week!

TheAwesomestPersonEver: o.o I DID IT, I DID IT!!!!

DangerMagnet has logged out

Piano_Player has logged in

Vamps4Ever has logged in

Piano_Player: Much better!

TheAwesomestPersonEver: Love the name, Bella! xP

Vamps4Ever: Yay! I love it too!

TheAwesomestPersonEver: g2g!

TheAwesomestPersonEver has logged out

Vamps4Ever: What's he doing?

Piano_Player: You don't want to know... *Tries to block out Emmett and Rosalie's thoughts*

^.^ -.-' 0.o: I can feel their emotions from across the house! Alice, wanna-

FashionPixie: Right behind you!

FashionPixie has logged out

^.^ -.-' 0.o has logged out

Vamps4Ever: Oh, Charlie's asleep!

Piano_Player: I'll be right over! I need to get away from everyone's minds... *shudders*

Piano_Player has logged out

Vamps4Ever has logged out

- - -

Sorry, it's not very funny. This was just me trying to get a sort of introduction chapter. The next one will be better, I promise. I'm going to wait 'till I have a funny idea.

I need username suggestions! And reviews! They make me happy! =) Whoever reviews gets virtual cookies, and the satisfaction of making me happy and therefore making me update sooner. And the person that reviews first gets the next chapter dedicated to them!