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FashionPixie – Alice

^.^ -.-' 0.o - Jasper

TheAwesomestPersonEver – Emmett

PianoPlayer – Edward

Vamps4Ever – Bella

PerfectInEveryWay – Rosalie

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TheAwesomestPersonEver has logged in

TheAwesomestPersonEver: Anybody here?

TheAwesomestPersonEver: Guess not...

TheAwesomestPersonEver: What should I do...?

TheAwesomestPersonEver: *light bulb* Idea alert!!!

TheAwesomestPersonEver: Bwa ha ha... *evil grin*

TheAwesomestPersonEver: Hmm, It won't let me have his same exact username, and I can't guess his password, but this should work...

TheAwesomestPersonEver has logged out

Vamps4Ever has logged in

ThePianoPlayer has logged in

Vamps4Ever: Hi Edward!

ThePianoPlayer: Hello, Bella. I need to talk to you about something.

Vamps4Ever: What is it?

ThePianoPlayer: I'm leaving, Bella. I don't love you anymore.

Vamps4Ever: ...

Vamps4Ever: ...

Vamps4Ever: ...

Vamps4Ever: You... you're saying you don't love me?

ThePianoPlayer: Yep.

Vamps4Ever: But last time you said that, you were lying!

ThePianoPlayer: Not this time!

Vamps4Ever: NOOO!!!

ThePianoPlayer: YEEES!!!

Vamps4Ever: Why, Edward?!?!

ThePianoPlayer: I love Tanya now.

Vamps4Ever: NOOOOO- Hey, wait a minute...

Vamps4Ever: I thought you hated Tanya?

ThePianoPlayer: *Crap* Uhh...

Vamps4Ever: And wasn't your username just PianoPlayer, without a The?

ThePianoPlayer: Uhh...

Vamps4Ever: You're not Edward!

ThePianoPlayer: CRAP!!!! Uhh...

ThePianoPlayer: Oh, yeah, you're right, this is Alice!

Vamps4Ever: EMMETT!!!! I KNOW IT'S YOU!!!

ThePianoPlayer: Please don't tell Edward!!! He'd kill me!

Vamps4Ever: Don't worry, I won't tell him. IF...

ThePianoPlayer: If what?!?!

Vamps4Ever: One, you don't make fun of me for a week.

ThePianoPlayer: OK! Fine! Whatever you say! Just don't tell Edward!

Vamps4Ever: I'm not done yet...

ThePianoPlayer: W-what's the second one?

Vamps4Ever: You let me help you next time! *Evil grin*

- - -

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