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Annabeth's POV

Ugh!!! Percy hadn't called me ALL day. I walked home and I didn't get that daily RRRIINNNGGG!!! from him. What was wrong? I sat there waiting for the phone to ring. I grew border by the minute. What was wrong?!?! I mean if you call a girl everyday after school and then don't do it for one day...what will the girl think?

Half an hour later and I was still waiting!!! Oh my gods!!! Well,I did need to start my homework. I got up and was about to go to my room when the phone rang. I flew across the table and said " Hello" before the phone reached my ear.

" Um..hello" a voice said.

" Oh...dad" I said.

" Hey,Annabeth....."

" Um....what do you want?" I asked. I know I was sounding rude but...I was really expecting Percy.

" Oh,well,I just wanted to check up on you" He said.

" Well...I'm fine,check ups done,bye" I snapped.

" Annabeth..."

" Yes"

" Percy hasn't called you today,didn't he"

" No....he hasn't" I whispered embarrassed.

" Well...give him some time"

" Time!!! I've been waiting" I said.

" I'm sure he has a perfectly good reason why"

" He better" I mumbled.

" Well,I have to get back to work...so..bye"

" Bye dad" I said and hung up.

What was that all about? I did give him so time!!! Ugh!!!!! I grabbed my bag and started to do me homework.

OOO Why didn't Percy call Annabeth and dose he have a good reason why? read and REVIEW!!!