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Summary: HP/Twilight Crossover. During the final battle with Voldemort Harry is met with a difficult choice that could save his world but in the process send him to another.

Pairings: Edward/Harry, Carlisle/Esme, Emmet/Rosalie and Jasper/Alice.

Warnings: There will be a future SLASH relationship in this story but also, obviously, HET relationships too. The story will only takes place in the HP world in the first chapter and then only mentioned later in the rest. The world of the Twilight Saga will be the scene for the rest of the chapters. I'm kind of leaving out major happenings from the 6th and 7th HP books. There is no horcruxes in this story or deaths of characters like in the last book. I'm also slightly altering the Twilight Saga timeline. The story will start, when in the Twilight world, almost nearly at the end of the fourth last book with major changes to the original plot. IMPORTANT: There is NO Isabella Swan in this story, obviously, since Edward is paired up with Harry. I love Bella to death (The fourth book Rocked!) but I can't fit her into the story as I would have like it. Since I'm kind of stealing the whole idea of Edward not being able to read Harry's mind (because of intense occlumency training) from the original plot, and I want Harry to feel special, there's just no way for her to appear in this story! Sorry!

Author's Note: I've just finished reading the last book in the Twilight Saga and I've read all the Harry Potter books(in both Swedish and English). I'm a slash fan so expect some action but I'm also a romantic so don't expect any action right away. Lol. I'm new here on so please be kind to me as I work my way through the site's functions. Reviews, yes please!


Chapter 1

"Running away now, are you Harry?"

The Dark Lord, He-Must-Not-Be-Named, stood tauntingly tall and stiff and arrogantly looking down on a huge boulder of stone. His loyal (or would brainwashed be a better word?) Deatheaters formed a half moon circle behind his back ready to jump to their Master's aid at any given moment. Though at this time they stood their ground afraid of having the Dark Lord's anger directed at any one of them for breaking his orders. It was a known fact, almost counted as common sense, that the boy called Harry Potter was for the Dark Lord and the Dark Lord only to defeat (again murder would be a more fitting word). Ridiculous really how obsessed one could be about a mere boy, but then again not just any boy had a certain prophecy hovering above their head. A prophecy that said that one of them must be killed for the other one to live, and then there was also the problem with the unknown powers this boy was supposed to have that Voldemort did not know of. So considering this maybe it really was not that ridiculous? At least for the parties involved.

Pressing his dirty and ragged clothed back to the stone's cold surface Harry James Potter tried to catch some of his lost breath from the last wayward Cruciatus curse flung at him. The unforgivable curse's remains still burned through the fibers of his body and the pain caused by it was something no one could imagine if you did not have the unfortunate luck to encounter it yourself. It was even more unfortunate that Harry was a veteran when it came to being put through the Cruciatus curse on more than a few occasions. Harry still found himself bewildered that he had not yet lost his mind, a result caused from overuse of the curse, like what had happened to Neville Longbottom's parents. They were still alive but no hope of ever regaining their sanity and destined to live out their lives at St. Mungos wizard hospital. Their eyes ever imprinted with an indescribable emptiness.

"Oh, come now, Harry! Would you dishonor your parent's, heroic, memory by running away like a coward? Are you nothing but a whelp without your mother's protective magic to keep you safe from the monsters under your bed?" Voldemort gave a light chuckle at his own wording and received tentative responses from his followers. He hushed them with a light wave of his hand. "With Dumbledore gone there is nothing that can help you. Now, show yourself and face me like a proper duelist, just like your father did before his death."

Realizing that it was no other way around the problem at hand, Harry gripped his holly wand firmly between his cut (courtesy of a cutting curse from an overexcited Deatheater) and bloody fingers. Trying to still his, now not so, violent shaking to a light tremble he pulled himself onto wobbly legs and locked his knees into a straight line to let his balance settle down. Damn he was a mess. Guess the adrenaline was the only thing keeping him going and moving. He could vaguely sense the unconsciousness tugging at his somewhat still conscious mind although the blackness was ghosting around his vision. Willing the lightless void back to the corner of his mind he used his left arm to rub off some of the blood, from a cut above his left eyebrow, threatening to block half of his eyesight that he clearly needed right now.

Deciding not to keep Voldemort waiting more than what was absolutely necessary, he could do without an impatient and irritated Dark Lord, he warily stepped out of his refuge letting his eyes fly over the row of Deatheaters finally resting them on his prophesized nemesis, arch enemy, rival or whatever you would like to call their, uh, relationship.

"How is the dark side for you Riddle? Got enough spare time and people to curse? Driving them into insanity and robbing their free will from them? Killing them!" That last statement came out in rushed shout leaving Harry's eyes blazing with undulated rage. He was past worrying about his own safety, focusing fully on bringing Voldemort his all too late and postponed death. Screw predetermined prophesies and powers that the Dark Lord knows not, he would throw himself at Voldemort with his bare hands if it would come down to that.

"Harry, is that what you think of me? Do you not see the necessity of my actions to bring back the glory to the wizarding world? To cleanse it from this filth that courses through it, the ones undeserving of the gift of magic and polluting the very essence of our magic. It is, a necessity, dear Harry." Voldemort wore that self-righteous smile, he seemed to have been born with, with such ease it made Harry's stomach cringe uncomfortably even in his fit of rage.

"What does that make you then?" He stared straight into the cold, red glowing eyes. "If I'm not mistaken your father was a non-magical person, a mere muggle."

The Dark Lord narrowed his blistering eyes and raised his twin wand in a swift movement of the arm positioning himself into a relaxed, traditional fighting stance. His wand arm was raised slightly coming up to the level of his crazed eyes while his other swung forward to point his palm in Harry's direction. His pale skin glistened sickly in the light from the torches spread around the graveyard where Harry had met Voldemort in his fourth year during the Triwizard Tournament. The choice of the location confused Harry but he could somewhat guess that Voldemort maybe wanted to finish what he had started here the last time they met face to face.

Just a few minutes ago they had been in the middle of the, assumed, final battle between the light and the dark in the Hogwarts grounds. The Deatheaters had managed to break the wards protecting the castle which was thought to be nearly impossible, the key here being nearly impossible, not impossible leaving a minor chance of success that the enemy had found. Nothing is impossible after all. Improbable, yes, but not impossible.

Distracted by three Deatheaters in the middle of dueling Harry had failed to notice the small animagus rat, Peter Pettigrew, as the wizard weaved through trampling feet belonging to Aurors, students, teachers and friends to launch his furry body and grasping the hem of Harry's trousers. The next thing Harry knew, a familiar pull on his belly button sent him whirling upwards in circles to fall down again and landing on his abused behind in the graveyard where Cedric Diggory had met his maker two years earlier. Fast-forwarding past the annual torture the Dark Lord saw fit we are now back to where we last left off.

Harry mustered up a manic grin that to his delight caused some of the gathered inner circle Deatheaters to take a hesitant step back. Okay, so the prophesy had some benefits mentioning some unknown powers of his excluding that 'one must die for the other to live' crap. At least it made his enemy wary of his actions and gave him a minor advantage, however minor that advantage turned out to be Harry had yet to see. Hopefully he could at least play on the sudden surprise act he was currently planning.

Voldemort's abrupt cry of "Crucio!" whipped Harry back into action and he answered to this threat out of pure instincts with a fervent shout of "Expelliarmus!". They do say that habits die hard. It was with a feeling of déjà vú that Harry witnessed his and Voldemort's magical beams connect in the space between them two. He was unable to stop the small spark of anticipation when he remembered what had taken place the last time this happened and that he might see his parents again even if it would be in astral form. Like what happened before a dimly white, see through, shield rose to encapsulate them shaping it like a dome. The anxious Deatheaters called to their master in desperation, obviously they also remembered what had happened the last time this phenomena had occurred. The-Boy-Who-Lived had managed to escape the clutches of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named eluding his presumed destiny decided by Voldemort yet again with unexpected extra help.

The Dark Lord lost his smile clearly showing that his memory, despite his insanity, had not left him. He frowned nastily at Harry that turned into a grimace that of which exact emotion Harry could not pinpoint. A scream erupted next from the Dark Wizard's throat alerting Harry that the grimace had been one of pain. Was this really supposed to happen? Still holding his wand tightly in his hand Harry started fidgeting when he felt small points of pricks all over his skull almost like testing his mental defense. He immediately raised his occlumency shields to their maximum level assuming Voldemort was trying to invade his mind to make him drop his wand cutting off the connection. Straining himself for more vicious probing he was not mildly surprised when the anticipated probing turned out to me more like a soft piece of cloth molding itself to his skull. It was in no way ill meaning rather it sent a feeling of well being starting from the outer layering of his skull venturing from there into his brain and traveling through his veins to the rest of his body. He couldn't help a contented sigh to escape his lips as he closed his eyes now fully welcoming the alien touch. Against his better judgment he dropped his mental shield and the feeling enveloped him like in silky waves all around his being. The simple thought of 'this is right' entered his mind and he was utterly astonished as a light laugh floated to the surface in his mind like it had been a thought of his own. Had it not been for the obvious difference in tone and the thickness of the voice he could have sworn the voice was his own. Harry inclined his head to the side as he carefully voiced his question in his head. Oh come on, what would you have done?

'Uh, is there someone here…? Or has my mind finally decided to go on strike, 'cause I really wouldn't blame it if it did, I mean, any other head would have exploded by now with all the craziness I put it through and that is going on-' He was interrupted by that same light laugh again and he realized that he been rambling.


'That is perfectly alright, young one.'

Harry shivered as the voice swept through his mind soothingly. How did it do that?

'We find it much easier to enter a mind this way.'


'We. I. You. We are you as much as I am we.'

'Uh, is it okay I refer to, whatever this is, as you then? I haven't really address anythi-anyone in my mind before…'

'Most certainly, young one.'

'Right.' Harry scrunched his eyebrows together. The weirdness of this whole situation was starting to get to him regardless of the good sensation he was receiving from this alien person or creature. One usually didn't exactly hear strange, however nice they sounded, voices in their head if they weren't going insane and that thought did nothing for his growing uneasiness. Unless this really was a trick…

'We assure you, little one, we mean no harm to you or your close ones. We purely came and entered this mind of yours because you called to us.'

'I called you to me?'

'Yes, young one.'

'Exactly how did I do that?'

'Even we are unsure as to the specific details of this event. It is something that we have always done. Tell me, little one, what is it that bothers you?'

'Except that I'm hearing voices in my head when I'm sure I'm not supposed to do that if I'm completely sane?' The voice chuckled lightly. 'Well, I was-I am' He corrected himself. 'In the middle of a duel with the Dark Lord, Voldemort, which I have to win. The whole wizarding world depends on me whether I defeat him or not. '

'Such immense responsibility for a young one. Why is this?' The voice totally bypassed the fact that wizards was something that people usually referred to in connection to bedtime stories but maybe this was not so strange to them? Seriously, Harry didn't know anything about these, beings or being, that had come into his mind so suddenly. They had said that they meant no harm and he believed them, strange enough. But Harry was a trusting guy in nature so he decided to humor this alien being and tell it all about the things bothering him. He was not a Gryffindor for nothing.

'Some prophecy was made before my birth that said something along the line of me; supposedly, being the destined one to have powers that the Dark Lord, Voldemort, knows not and that one of us would have to die for the other one to live. About it I think more or less.'

'Immense responsibility indeed.' The soft voice mused with a hint of wonder. 'And how do you feel about this young one? Will you fulfill this prophesy?'

'Of course. I may not like it but I have friends, family that I need to protect. If not I then who will stand up to Voldemort? I owe it to my friends that made me feel welcome in this unknown world to defend it for them.' It was all true, even though he had never said it directly to Ron and Hermione, he considered them a close part of his family. Ron's brothers were as much his brothers if he would have a say in things, Sirius had in the short time he'd known him become almost like a father to him and Remus, as well, was very much a parental figure to him. Who would not want to protect the world that held one's family?

'Yes, who would not.' Warmth spread into Harry and he smiled to himself unconsciously. 'You have showed us something valuable, little one. A truly enormous task you have been given, however you have been bestowed equal potential. We will help you unfold this potential but on one condition.'

'On one condition? Uh, and just what might that be?' Harry wasn't exactly sure he liked where this, mind, conversation was going. He had been through this many times before and that one condition always ended up being something he was greatly displeased with. Why should this occasion be any different? Granted that the conditions were usually set in all well meaning, Harry admitted to being, a bit, adventurous but that was simply him. Nothing he could help really and mysteries and danger seemed to be drawn to him in some weird 'matter of fact' way.

'We are sure you noticed that things did not go as they did the last time you fought with this, Voldemort?'

'Yes, eh, he seemed to be in some sort of pain before you guys bumped in. You don't happen to know why?'

'We do not know much of how we are called, although we do know that those who do call us can only be those of a pure mind for us to be capable of entering said mind. Those who do not possess purity in their self will only experience agony as they cannot handle our presence.'


That was good, right? It proved to Harry that he hadn't been slipping away from his path or was inclined to the dark magic that had seemed to cleave their way into his sub consciousness ever since the discovery of the connection between him and the Dark Lord. The relief washed over him like a spring breeze and only served to strengthen his self-confidence further knowing that his doubts as to his own motivations for defeating Voldemort had not been for his own personal gain.

'Never doubt yourself, young one. I assure you we can only see light in you, though keep in mind that where there is light there is shadows. Do not fear them, as they will surely pull you down into the abyss if you do. Make sure you face them without delay and you will fear nothing.'

Harry nodded and then replied an affirmative when he wasn't sure that this being could see if he nodded or not. He was getting accustomed to having this being in his head.

'On to the matter at hand then, yes, we require one condition from you little one for us to give you our help. We are inter-dimensional beings and we see to not only your world but also others like this one and some other not quite like it. It is what we have always done for as long as we can remember and what makes us we. You and I. I will ask one thing of you, only ask, since we do not claim anything from another free being. The choice is yours. Our preposition is as follows. We will help you in defeating this entity you are bound to in order for you to fulfill this prophesy and be free of it. We will send it into a dimension we see appropriate where it can do no harm. Unfortunately, we cannot make this happen without an exchange for our services as we are bound by our own laws imprinted to the very core of our existence. We can only send one to another dimension if another one from that same realm gives us their permission to send them to another where we believe they can help and make a difference. Do you understand what we are proposing to you, little one?'

To say Harry was surprised would be putting it mildly. To say that he was shocked would be an understatement and to say that he was past comprehension would be an insult. He did, all too well, understand the implications these or this being was presenting to him. It was just so enormous that he didn't know where to begin. Here he had a fool proof way of finally defeating the Dark Lord without risking the lives and safety of his loved ones. It was almost too good to be true and it kind of was, too good to be true. It came with a hefty price. They would somehow dispose of Voldemort and the dark wizard would never bother his family or this world ever again but he would also not ever be part of this world ever again. The fact that Harry and the dark wizard would be going to different dimensions was a small joy but-

'Wait. A different dimension? If Voldemort is sent to a different dimension wouldn't he still be alive? If not some miracle happened and he got killed the instant he got there. The prophesy said specifically that one of us needed to die for the other one to live. So how is that possible?'

'Calm down, young one. Again I assure you. Everything will be perfectly alright. Although we are peaceful beings, and never have we taken the life of another, we promise you the prophesy will be valid and completely fulfilled. The meaning of a being sent to another dimension from its original is the equivalent of death of that being, as it is no longer part of it. Unfortunately this applies to you too little one.'

The voice sounded sad now. Just as sad as Harry was beginning to feel. Dead? He would be dead to his world, never see his family and his friends ever again. The impact of it all struck him so suddenly that he was sure that he was sobbing now. Was that tears he felt faintly streaming down his cheeks? The emotion pushed its way to the front and would have overwhelmed him had it not been for the soothing touches of cloth molding itself more firmly but gently around his form.

'Do not cry, little one. It is all going to be alright. Trust your heart and you will find what you are searching for.'

He willed the tears away and tried to focus on the comforting touches. Eventually he had significantly calmed down.

'It saddens me to rush you, young one, but we are in need of an answer within the immediate future. We feel the connection between us and you are growing weaker and soon we will be unable to carry out what we have promised you. Tell us your answer.'

He was torn. Harry was utterly torn between the idea of finally letting his family be safe and the fact that, if he made that choice, he would also never see them again. When hit with something like this so suddenly one couldn't really blame Harry for the slight hesitation before he came to the right conclusion. Oh, screw hero complex! It was the right thing to do. End of story.

'Alright. Do what you have to do.' His voice never wavered and he was proud of himself that he was able to pull himself together during such short notice.

'Very well. So let it be.'

Harry failed to detect the tint of affection as the voice tuned out and he opened his eyes to take in the scene of the connected twin wands, Voldemort, himself and the Deatheaters. He wasn't sure how long he had been wrapped up with his mind conversation and wasn't given any time to ponder more about this as he was abruptly startled to see a vortex like wormhole appearing behind the still screaming Dark Lord. The sight was so strange as it made no sound what so ever and it seemed like that the Deatheaters was incapable of seeing it too. Only he could watch as the vortex grew larger and larger by the second and in next to no time it stood as tall as Voldemort himself. It looked to have the same color and texture as the dome like shield created from the connection of the two wands.

Meanwhile the Deatheaters were in an uproar. They could not understand why their master was screaming and howling in agony as The-Boy-Who-Lived just stood there seemingly unhurt. Was it perhaps his doing but how? Was it the connection between the wands? They suspected that something had gone terribly wrong when the two spells had met and linked the two wands to each other. Several Deatheaters had tried to breech the shield but failed miserably. Nothing seemed to make it budge and they could only watch as their master tore at his wand arm with his other as in trying to break it away from Potter's but in vain. It would not, simply would not relent. It was just as much of a surprise then when all of a sudden the Dark Lord's screams snapped shut, like the strings on a violin snapping, and he began to softly fall backwards the wand easily slipping through his fingers. The Dark Lord was falling but instead of hitting the ground his body gradually vanished as if falling through an invisible wall. He was there and the next moment he was gone. Shock settled all over the faces of the Deatheaters. What had just happened? They turned still shocked faces on Harry as he as well looked oddly surprised but not in the least shocked.

Harry, on the other hand, had his own hands full with his own swirling thoughts. He was stunned. Voldemort was gone. Voldemort was gone from this world to never return again. He couldn't grasp it even though he knew it was going to happen as he had made his choice. He felt intense happiness as the thought finally settled and he couldn't help the huge smile that spread over his visage. He stood there smiling like an idiot until he noticed that Voldemort's wand was still hovering where the Dark Lord's fingers had left it, keeping the connection active.

Whispers in his head informed him of what was going to take place next and what he should do. He stepped around to look behind himself and wasn't really that surprised to see an equally large vortex of the same material as the one that Voldemort had fallen through. His smile caught a hint of sadness now as he realized that this was the moment, the last time he stood on the ground of his own world, his own dimension he added as an afterthought. He still had troubles grasping all of this.

Without looking back he let go of his wand, it was needed to stay in this world to keep the connection up as it was linked to his connection to the inter-dimensional beings. He would have to leave it here, he didn't want to, but the beings had assured him that he wouldn't need it. Said that it had been merely a blockade and not the key to his true potential, whatever that meant. He shrugged to himself, took a deep breath and took one step forward in to vortex. He felt himself fall as his leg didn't found any ground to stand on before he was hit in the back with a mighty push of wind like energy sending him flying forward. He desperately closed his eyes and braced himself for impact.

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