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Summary: HP/Twilight Crossover, SLASH. During the final battle with Voldemort Harry is met with a difficult choice that could save his world but in the process send him to another.

Pairings: Edward/Harry, Carlisle/Esme, Emmet/Rosalie and Jasper/Alice.

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Chapter 8

"I sing now, for all of you

With no one to hold on to

For all the broken hearts out there,

Waiting for someone to be near.

Hold on"

Neverstore feat. Lazee – Hold on.


The nervousness and tension was eating away at Harry's abused nerves. Although he was grateful for the much needed support from his family he was still against the whole idea of them going into battle just for him.

He noticed Esme looking at him anxiously along with the rest of her family and he knew that she, too, wasn't that happy with the whole idea either. But, of course, who wasn't?

Edward shifted abnormally on his feet and tightened the arms he had loped around the slim figure of Harry's transformed body. He was on edge as his mind took in all of the other individuals' streaming and flickering thoughts. He tried to tune them out but only managed to dampen them somewhat. However he pictured Jasper having a much harder time dealing with everyone's' raging emotions, if his strained and pinched facial expression was anything to judge from.

Harry took in Jasper's appearance and felt with him. He felt burdened enough by his own emotional turmoil but imagining what Jasper was going through was vague at best. He felt a small wave of calm settle over them in an attempt to slow everyone down from the inner war going on in all of them. Though since pretty much all of them was in the same state as Harry it only served to lighten the tension in the room a few notches. The effect was only minimal but everyone still sent Jasper appreciating looks and glances. They also made an effort to calm themselves down further.

"Thanks everyone." Jasper breathed a relieved sigh.

The rest gave him a short nod in return. Smiling tensely Harry grabbed a hold of Edward and fled the room for the sanctuary of his room after a slight pause. He needed to gather his thoughts before he could be of any help. Jasper was probably already going through various scenarios with the support of Alice. Technically they should have the advantage in this situation with her foresight, but the Volturi was in possession of the knowledge of how subjective Alice's gift in fact was.


"Are you okay?"

"Yeah, at least as okay as I can get in this type situation I guess."

Edward sent Harry a sympathetic look.

Sighing Harry settled into his habitual spot at the large window, glancing out at the scenery. His emerald orbs scanning the surrounding vicinity and spying into the far distance. They strayed involuntarily to a specific direction and his heart clenched, the silence stretching between them.

"One would think…" He leaned the back of his head against the window frame, closing his eyes in apparent fatigue.

Edward turned his bronze eyes to Harry again and waited patiently for him to continue. Minutes later he was just about to give up and turn his attention back to the view watching, when Harry's soft voice brought his focus back to him again.

"One would think, that I've gotten used to these things. It's not like I've never been in danger before this either. But…" He bit his lip. "It's different somehow. You know?"

"What is?"

"You. Jasper. Alice. The others." He scrunched his eyebrows. "I was never this worried for my old friends and family. My heart never stopped beating, figuratively speaking." He laughed softly before his expression turned anxious. "Does that make me a horrible person?"

"What? How could you think like that?"

"Aren't I though? I did sort of abandon them going here after all."

"Of course not! How can you even think like that? You did not abandon them and I know they know that you cared for them immensely. Just looking into your eyes now I can see it, even though you try to act tough it's all there. All there in your eyes." Edward forced Harry's eyes to his, piercing them and taking a solid hold on his shoulder, a pale hand tracing, caressing, the curve of his cheek and chin. "You are the most wonderful thing that has happened to me. You are caring and unselfish. You, Harry James Potter, are the love of my life. Probably always has even before I met you, and always will. A horrible person you are not. Don't you ever dare doubt that." He said with as much conviction he could muster into his voice.


Harry's eyes throbbed, redness creeping into them, as he fisted his hands together in his lap.

"You know, you really are too good for me, but-" He met Edward's eyes with a steady gaze. "Thank you. I needed to hear that." He smiled.

"Happy to be of service." Edward grinned.

Edward leaned over and gave Harry a peck on the cheek and finishing with one on the ruby lips. Their noses brushed together.

"I love you."

Edward smiled against Harry's lips and whispered faintly before engaging in a urgent yet sweet make-out session.

"I know silly. Me too."


"No! Absolutely not!"

"But Harry-"

"No, you will be totally unprotected. There just is no way. I agreed to you coming halfway with me, but it can only be me that meets them face to face. I can't put you into that kind of situation. Can't you see the reasoning in that Jasper?"

Jasper hesitated before answering in a reluctant voice.

"Yes, I do. I realize the odds are not on our side and that our presence might actually prove to be a disadvantage to you. However, at the same time, there is no guarantee that you will be fine on your own. There must be another way to do this Harry!"

"Jasper, you said it yourself, there is no other known method of eluding Jane's gift. Except me."

"We could use another approach, and you forget Alec. What about his gift?"

"You know they won't be happy if I don't personally show up, and I'll work something out concerning Alec. I could always avoid that mist of his if I have to. It's not very fast moving now is it? That will work to my advantage."

"You don't know that for sure. You only witnessed it one time and one time is not enough to establish a certain fact."

Harry couldn't help the exasperated glare he sent Jasper's way, but the other vampire was unrelenting in his arguing. He pulled a hand through his unruly raven fringe, closing his eyes briefly.

"I, too, realize that Jasper. But you're the experienced strategist here and you can't deny that the best strategy is this one. I go in alone, which I'm really not since I got Edward to contact if it gets ugly enough. You will keep your distance so the Volturi won't get the initial temptation to involve you too in this matter. At least not before I'm finished with them." He added darkly.

Jasper made a frustrated motion with his hands and turned to Edward with an accusing glare.

"Why aren't you helping to convince him otherwise and to not go through with this insanity? He's your mate for Christ's sake!"

"That's why."


Edward dislodged himself from the shadows of one of the corners of the room.

"I trust him. I don't like it, I assure you that, nevertheless I trust him to keep himself sufficiently safe or call for help when he needs it."

Edward pierced his eyes with Harry's making it crystal clear that Harry better abide by these rules, or the promise Harry forced out of him earlier on would be void. No exceptions acceptable.


"Don't over think it too much brother!" Emmet said sounding like his usual carefree self. "It won't do you any good."

"Yes, it has obviously done nothing for you." Rosalie appraised her perfectly manicured nails.

"Hey! That's mean Rosie." Emmet whined at her.

Rosalie only rolled her eyes and continued with what she was doing, mainly inspecting her nails.

Harry muffled his snickers discreetly by moving his hand over his mouth in a thoughtful manner. Slight coughing caught his attention to the eldest of the group.

"Now is not the time for that Emmet." Carlisle eyed the bigger vampire. "I hear what you say Harry. Jasper, can you agree with him?"

"With the reasoning and strategy yes though, as I've already said, I don't agree on him going alone. It's just not right!"

"It isn't right for me to protect my family when I have the power to do so? Is that what you're saying?"

"I…that's not…" Jasper faltered.

Harry's expression softened at Jasper's crestfallen look.

"Jasper, I respect where you're coming from, but I trust you to see the outcome from after close consideration of all aspects and factors too and being able to make a judgment unbiased."

"Yes. I understand that." He kept quiet for a small moment before continuing. "Fine then, but I'll hold you responsible to that promise too, alright?"

"Of course."

Giving a short nod of his head in confirmation Harry couldn't help the grin that plastered itself on his features as Emmet chose this moment to pipe up.

"Awesome! Time to plan some vampire ass beating!"

His outburst was greeted with various exasperated shakes of the head and verbal sighs.


The amount of time Alice had provided them with was something that was not overly appreciated. Jasper because he still kept trying at finding another course of action, despite him conceding Harry's point, that would enable them to accompany Harry when he met up with the Volturi. Emmet because, being simply Emmet, he couldn't wait for something exciting to happen although he uncharacteristically went serious and showed that he fully understood the graveness when Harry commented on his behavior at one time. The others let out their nervousness and anxiousness in different levels, and while Rosalie wasn't much for expressing herself verbally on her feelings she did however picture it quite clearly in her body language whether she was aware of that or not, probably the latter.

Edward was acting mostly like usual, for Harry's benefit no doubt, though a bit more possessive if that was even possible at this stage of their relationship. Harry was, as you would expect of someone before an impending and most probably violent encounter, edgy and uptight despite what he tried to put into his outer appearance to try and appease his family.

It was on the third day of Alice's announcement that they noticed Harry's demeanor cracking slightly despite what he tried to tell them to prove them otherwise.

"I hate this!"

Harry's sudden exclamation brought everyone to a halt as they happened to be situated in the living room at this time of the day. They were aiming to keep up some normalcy to ease the tension that had been slowly but surely building up and why not a common family gathering to serve that purpose.

"What is it sweetie?"

Esme being the first to collect herself spoke gently.

"I don't know." Harry frowned.

"It's perfectly understandable to be feeling anxiousness before something of this sort Harry." Carlisle said soothingly.

"I know that. I just don't like walking around and just waiting for the Volturi to make their appearance and actually having the first move at my disposal for once. Strange, I know, but since I've never really had the benefit of that with the enemy before, I was almost always left in the dark until the last second. I was told by my nearest, old friends that my instincts worked better in those conditions anyway and not to ponder too much on it. That it's better than sitting around waiting for the time to come around and I'm beginning to believe them. This waiting is driving me bonkers to put it mildly!"

"It's just pre battle nerves spooking you Harry. Take it like a man!"

Emmet slapped a hand on Harry's back making him stumble and take a step forward to steady himself again. Emmet really was a demanding fellow and the strongest out of the group physically.

"Don't you mean vampire?"

"That too!" Emmet laughed.

Harry rolled his eyes and grinned at the bigger vampire, earning him a playful swat to his head that he expertly dodged. Emmet tried to get at him again but it was in vain as Harry just moved farther away from him. He eventually gave up realizing the ridiculousness in it, or rather his inability to succeed in this feat.

"I'm actually starting to want the Volturi to just get here already so we can get it over with." Harry mumbled to himself and he valiantly ignored the incredulous looks sent his direction.

"Are you serious?" Rosalie huffed and made it obvious to everybody present in the room she thought the emerald eyed vampire was truly insane, or well on his way down there.

Harry just grinned again at her, his eyes twinkling with mirth.

"No, I'm not Sirius, my godfather was."

"What?" She frowned at him, her complexion a display of confusion.

"It's a play on words Rosalie." Edward supplied.

An annoyed look entered her features and she elected to ignore Harry and Edward for that retort and for making fun of her. She had her reputation and outer appearance to think about after all.

"So, what do you figure Aro has to say before he tries to brainwash or off me? I imagine he will have a speech memorized to celebrate this occasion." Harry said conversationally.

"I suppose he would offer you a cup of tea." Jasper drawled playing along with Harry.

"Don't forget the biscuits. You gotta have biscuits with tea." Alice put in.

"Yes, it would be very rude not to." Edward stated in a matter of fact tone.

"I do hope it will be chocolate flavored biscuits. I couldn't possibly stand my biscuits ginger flavored. The mere thought of it makes me cringe." Harry added a theatrical shudder to emphasize his point.

"Not to mention using one of those multi producing manufacturers' tea." Edward spoke.

"Oh, I know exactly what you mean. It just has to be Earl Grey, don't you agree Jasper?"

"Of course, dear."

"He wouldn't dare using anything else on an Englishman. If he does, I'll make sure to cut our little get together short and proceed with obliterating him from the face of the earth for insulting my British pride." Harry still had his conversational voice but his eyes were practically glowing from mirth and amusement.

"Amazing." Carlisle smiled. "I guess there is a first time for everything even for something like, belittling the Volturi. However make belief isn't going to help us, no matter how amusing this little show is." He pointed out to them.

They smiled sheepishly although Alice gave Carlisle a playful wink, very characteristic for her, and clung to Jasper's arm.

"Well, I think it's pretty clear we're done here." Carlisle continued calmly´. "I suggest we all make the utmost to use this time left to prepare ourselves and relax as much as we can."

"Relax? As in take it easy??" Emmet asked.

"Yes, Emmet." Carlisle smiled at him.

He groaned at his father.


"They're on their way here. Five hours and give or take a few minutes."

Alice's voice cut through the air as Harry gave an involuntarily gulp and Edward gave her a grave nod.

She turned to Edward and looked him in the eyes.

"He hasn't spared a single vampire. He's bringing all of his forces and-" She cut herself off for a while before going on. "It's not looking good Edward." She sent a meaningful glance at Harry.

Edward narrowed his eyes at Alice and got a furious expression bordering on fearful. He sent her another nod and wound his arms around himself in determination.

"What is it?" Harry was annoyed at the silent exchange he had been totally left out of.

"Carlisle says to meet downstairs and make sure everyone is clear on what they should each do." She spoke.

"Understood." Edward answered in a clipped tone. Avoiding the demanding stare from Harry he walked out of the room, his steps echoing hollowly along the corridor.


Harry's voice held a dangerous tint in it now but Alice just shook her head.

"It's not in my right to say. I'm sorry Harry."

"Fine!" Harry bit out and stormed past her and followed Edward's trail.

With a pained and worrisome face Alice turned on her heels and followed them, trepidation slowly building up in her gut.


"Everyone clear on their positions?" Jasper's voice rang out.

"It's not like it's any hard to remember." Rosalie drawled but her usual edge was slightly off today, and it was apparent that she was affected by it all despite her haughty expression.

"We will go ahead and wait for Aro and the Volturi to make their appearance." He indicated himself and then Edward and Harry. "You will stay back on a safe distance but not too far. We will wait, Harry shows himself to the Volturi and then we go from there."

"Right!" Emmet said and grinned reassuringly to the rest of his family.

"Let's go."

Harry made for the entrance and he, Edward and Jasper was on their way, rushing across the mansion's property.


They reached the beginning of the forest within no time, their feet flying and barely touching the ground as their bodies wound between the tree trunks.

The lump he had in his throat grew as the tension in his body grew with it. The eerie silence around them was deafening and he could only hear the soft footfalls of his lover and best friend, the wind against his ears and the occasional snapping of a twig.

It troubled him, the lack of movement from the inhabitants of the forest. The nature of animals was that they avoided lethal danger when they sensed it and it didn't forebode well with their situation. Although he hadn't expected anything else it still nagged at him. It added to his growing nervousness and anxiety, but he put a cork on his feelings and pushed them back letting his fighting and survival instincts take its place instead. He needed his brain and mind free from any interfering apprehensions. His logic had to be stain free and able to act without any hindrances.

Jumping over the river he barely made contact with the ground before he was off again and he couldn't help the increase in speed in his pace. He vaguely noted the distance between him and the other two widen before they closed it swiftly again, adjusting to him without a word.

The wind blew his raven black bangs wildly around and against his pale face, his eyes cold devoid of their usual warmth. His hand closed abruptly around a tree branch, pulling it off in his rapidity and he flung it away from him violently, the sounds of it crashing against the other trees in the background echoing in his ears.

Putting strength in his legs he sprung forth and they ran further through the woods until Jasper's voice brought them to a halt.

"This is far enough." The tension tingled in the tenor of his voice.

Harry stopped and stood up stiffly from the hunched running form. Edward inched closer to him but not close enough to touch him. He opted for being in Harry's presence than putting any strain on his already high strung nerves.

Jasper took up a position a bit farther away from them and scanned his eyes to the now faint and desolate clearing. The clouds clung tightly together, not letting the tiniest rays of sunshine come through but a dim radiance like a lamp hidden beneath a piece of fabric. Oddly suiting for the mood if Harry could say so himself, and which he did eliciting a pair of grave chuckles from his company.

Hunched behind some green bushes was how they left Jasper to his own observations and look out, their minds going through the plan one last time just to have something to do other than to their nervousness get to them.

A mumble from Edward told them that Carlisle and the others had also gotten into position. However they only barely acknowledged it as Jasper tensed, causing Harry to pull his eyes to where Jasper was narrowing his own at. They didn't need the confirmation they got from Edward the mere fraction of a second later as they could see in the far distance of the other side and the slight movement of green and bushes. Not to mention the cold feeling that settled itself in Harry's stomach when he could see the Volturi tracker, Demetri cleave through the twigs with Felix high on his heels. They didn't venture much farther than 22 yards where they stopped and waited. Not much later Harry could see the Volturi leaders come floating, poised with as arrogance they could muster and as much emotion of being regal in their posture.

From out of the woods came Aro accompanied by both Jane and Alec and another female vampire Harry hadn't seen upon his 'visit' in Volterra. She kept close to Aro, her eyes scanning the surrounding vicinity all the time but oddly enough Harry realized that it was not out of any precaution she did that. It was out of fear, for lack of better words. She didn't have the smallest bit of bloodlust or blood thirst noticeable that he could clearly sense from Jane. Her presence confused him and he narrowed his eyes further in response when he noticed the hand that she kept at Aro's back at all times through the procession.

Caius strode forward flanked by two other vampires, his eyes icy cold but that is where the resemblance of ice stopped and the redness in them glinted ominously. His face a picture of pure evilness if you so willed to describe it. It was quite obvious he was not there for some calm and peaceful talking, that was for sure.

The ever disinterested Marcus kept to himself behind the other two and making it apparent he on the other hand had no intention of engaging in anything except for silent observations from his part.

Demetri sniffed at the air and although they were too far away to hear his exact words they could pretty much guess the context of them from the reaction from Aro. The prominent leader's milky red eyes glinted and he got a pleasure filled expression on his ancient face.

He took a few steps forward, the female vampire mirroring his motions, and opened his arms like in a welcoming gesture.

"Why are you hiding yourselves my friends? Please, show yourselves so we can talk."

The politeness shining in his voice did nothing to ease the tension in their muscles which, considering the situation, wasn't that strange to begin with. It didn't take much intelligence to understand it was only a façade, an act to get what he wanted with his victims not knowing any better than to oblige.

Harry made to move when a hand on his shoulder stopped him. He looked down into Edward's bronze colored eyes and tried to smile reassuringly at the other vampire. Whether he succeeded in that or if it came out like a grimace, didn't show on Edward's features as the vampire only tightened his hold before releasing Harry unbearably slowly.

Straightening up Harry came by Jasper, receiving a reassuring touch on his arm too, and stepped through the bushes and out into the clearing.

The effect was instant and he almost hurled mentally at the look he was getting from Aro. It was gut wrenching to say the least and the raw want and disgusting lust coming off the Volturi leader was hard not to notice if you looked straight into his eyes. Or was the object of said before mentioned facts.

It was not with a small amount of relief from Harry's side when Aro disguised them behind his polite façade again. The vampire began to take a few steps closer to Harry in an attempt to close the long distance between them when Harry spoke up.

"Not one step closer you filthy bloodsucker." He spat out the last words.

Aro's only reaction to that was a slight narrowing of his milky red eyes and lowering of his arms.

"Now Harry, we do not have to resort to foul language when we are the same after all."

"Oh, I'm sorry, I meant 'you filthy human bloodsucker'. My mistake."

His disgust was obvious and he ignored the outraged cries from some of the Volturi guard. The vampires made to move forward but a hand wave form Aro stopped them in their tracks.

"Harry, I'm sure we can work on our past errors and come to terms and reason. Why not invite your family to join us?"

Aro's eyes flickered past him to where Harry knew Jasper and Edward was huddled and hidden under the green shrouds. He growled menacingly at the Volturi leader and took a step to the left so that he was perfectly in between them and Aro.

"This is between you and me."

"Very well." The vampire sounded a bit put out by this but didn't push any further.

"And tell your minions to stay off from my family or face the consequences."

Harry glared at Demetri who had slowly been inching closer to where Edward and Jasper was. The vampire grinned at him and gave a small bow before he backed back to his original position. He noticed Caius getting an irritated expression and Harry gave the vampire a cold smile. Caius bared his teeth at him but stayed put, for now.

"Harry, we would very much like you to join us. Your presence would be most welcomed. Just imagine the possibilities a relationship like this could bring both parties. Of course, we would not involve your family if you so wishes and they could come visit anytime they want to."

"Spare me the rose bud colored and childish dreams Aro. Both I and you know that I would never; even if hell freezes over, join your pathetic little kindergarten." Harry huffed at him making a scene of sighing exasperatedly.

He was pleased to note that his words were getting at the still fake polite vampire and more amused at the thickness said vampire displayed. Was the vampire having problems understanding simple English or was he just stubborn? Either way, he thought, it was getting annoying and not to mention ridiculous.

Aro finally dropped the act and showed for the first time hostility since they had started speaking with each other.

"Come with us and we will let your family leave unharmed."

"As if I would believe the word from a vampire of the Volturi. It's not like I was transformed yesterday." Harry snorted and patted himself on the back for the change of words in the last sentence. The twitch in Aro's features was reward enough.

"The answer is no if you didn't get that." He added and cackled inwardly when he got another twitch from the vampire. He noted to himself that the best way to irritate and tick off a vampire is to insult their intelligence. It could prove very useful in the future.

The background growling had been going on for a while and Harry just tuned them out focusing on keeping his eyes open for any sudden moves and attempts at attacking. They were still vampires and as such they deserved the respect of possible threat.

Aro stood silently observing the emerald eyed vampire and seemed to be judging his options. The reason Harry had yet to be attacked was most probably due to that Aro wanted him alive and in his possession, but also because he was wary of Harry's abilities. He hadn't looked into Harry's past history not to get a fundamental understanding of the much serious threat the young vampire posed to himself. Brute strength and force was not going to get the vampire to budge and didn't seem to driven into rashness by the pressure put on him and his family. Although looks could be deceiving and he might not have pushed the correct button yet. Time was running thin however, strange thinking for a vampire who technically had all the time in the worlds, and he needed to get this over with before the Cullen family decided to act on their own. From the information he had received from Demetri the vampire could pick up on two other vampire's hidden just on the other side of the field and five others about four miles away from here. Not that long a distance for a vampire, but considering they were also vampire it was ample distance to give them enough of time of they decided on a sudden ambush. The problem with that though was the fact of Harry's abilities that were capable of protecting himself against their offense.

"I never imagined you capable of simple thinking Aro." Harry drawled at the Volturi leader and successfully drawing the vampire back from his reflections. "Don't you think it's rude to leave your guest for daydreaming?" He raised an eyebrow at the vampire.

Aro frowned at him.

Harry grinned. Despite what he was portraying he was still very nervous and his eyes kept leaving Aro to look over to the other Volturi vampires. Jane was being her lovely hateful self with that nasty expression of hers and baring her teeth and sneering at him, a growl passing her lips at even intervals. Her brother was as always a blank sheet much like the Volturi leader Marcus, who was still standing in the back although he kept glancing at Harry every now and then. A drastic improvement you could say from his usual almost apathetic condition.

A move from his right made him growl at the vampire that had dared to move closer to him and his family. Felix stepped back but all the way back earning him a deeper growl from Harry.

Caius sneered at him and with one look at Aro growled at Harry in return. Demetri grinned sinisterly at him while Felix launched at him and they both were on him in no time.

It didn't surprise anyone when they bounced of an invisible shield and being airborne a while before landing on their feet again.

Harry hunched into a crouching position and rushed forward at Aro, however he was stopped when several vampires stepped into his path. They too were flung away by his shield although the force of them all at once against it caused him to be almost equally pushed back by the near recoil like force.

Harry almost laughed at their stupidity when he senses the hammering on his mental shields. Haven't they learned anything from their past mistakes? Seriously the other was dumber than the other.

"It's not going to work." He said with a teasing smile grazing his features. "Why not be a good vampire and go home?"

Caius bared his fangs at him with a feral frown.

The vampires kept coming but the result was, of course, the same. Keeping his distance, having backed up to avoid Harry's forward rush and the bouncing off vampires, Aro motioned with his hand.

The vampires retreated back to their original backing up positions and Harry took a few steps in the other direction letting his eyes follow and pinpoint the location of every vampire.

The breeze of the wind sent his hair in waves and his shirt flapping. His fingers stretched and twitched, his body growing even stiffer from the extra tension and his thoughts going wild inside his head. He could hear the uneasiness in the involuntarily movements from both Edward and Jasper behind him but they still kept their promise. Harry had yet to be in any serious danger and he had warded everyone off so far, although the real test had yet to come.

Like knowing what Harry's thoughts were Alec unwound himself from the area behind his master and came up beside his twin sister. The other vampires closed themselves around the smaller vampire as the mist erupted from ahead of Alec, coming ever so closer.

Raising his hand Harry waved with his hand in a sweeping gesture causing one of the vampires in front of Alec to be shoved out of the way. He grew irritated when he noticed he couldn't pinpoint Alec with his magic and no matter how many times he made the guarding vampires go flying they always came back almost just as fast.

Narrowing his eyes he ignored Caius and Aro and focused fully on getting his path clear to hit Alec. He sent a stun at one vampire who started to slump to the ground but was caught by another and held like a shield in front of the other.

The disgusting grin on Caius face was nerve wracking and Harry sent of another stun only to be intercepted by the already stunned vampire's body.

He growled and made the stunned vampire go sideways and aimed a new stunner against the next vampire. It hit the target and then made this vampire go the other way too. To his great annoyance both the stunned vampires' bodies were intercepted and caught by two others of who threw themselves in front of their protective charge and in his path again. Why couldn't they just realize that this it was futile and he would eventually have the entire guard stunned and out of action? Ah, he realized he began to hate them even more if that was possible just for their plain stupidity, though he had to applaud them for their perseverance.

He flung the stunned body of the first vampire he had stunned, adding much more force needed behind the action, and was delighted to see the body go way into the woods and too far away for any of the vampires to risk retrieving it.

Flinging the other motionless vampire and stunning another in the process he failed to notice the mist that had slowly crawled forward and was almost upon him.

Hearing the rush of wind of something coming up from behind him Harry swiveled on his feet, ready to get rid of any errant vampire had possibly missed , only to stop in his tracks and momentarily stunned to see Edward running at top speed at him. He scrunched his eyebrows together in the short second it took for Edward to close the distance between them.

A pair of hands grabbed hold of his torso and the sensation of being forcefully pulled forward clouded his mind. He saw Edward's face come into close view and then out of as fast. His body was forced out of its previous position and replaced by Edward. Struggling from the shock Harry froze on the spot where his feet landed and he stared at back of the bronze haired vampire.

The time came to a stop as Harry kept staring Edward and then ice cold horror grasped his heart.

The mist that weaved through the vegetation had been just about to touch Harry's feet when they had been ripped away. Creeping forward it had made contact with another pair of feet that it immediate grasped and started enveloping in its silvery fog.

In one blink of an eye Edward had been rushing forward, pulled his lover away from the danger he had been warned of from Alice and then lost himself to the darkness at encompassed him like a cocoon, his eyes becoming lifeless from the lack of activity and at being mindlessly lost in himself. Burning heat ran through the darkness and mixed with it.

Shocked to the core Harry saw Edward slump to a boneless heap with the sickly silvery mist devouring his lover. The heart wrenching screaming that came next sent Harry into convulsions and he screamed his agony when he realized what was happening.


He couldn't grasp any thoughts they were whirling around and shouting at him and telling him different things that didn't make any sense at all.

'This isn't happening, what's going on, it can't be, it just, I don't know-'

Unbeknownst to Harry he dropped to his knees and clutched at the sides of his head as his eyes took in the writhing body of Edward.

Seeing his brother rush past him had had Jasper stunned and then terrified when he witnessed what happened next and how Harry seemed to break down from the inflicting shock of seeing his lover tortured in front of him. This had gone terribly wrong.

Panic set in and Jasper tried to reevaluate the situation to see how he should act but finding none that even fitted the factors presented he gave a cry mixed growl and launched himself into the fray.

Not daring to come any near the mist Jasper grabbed Harry and made to move away to escape the still advancing mist. He found himself unable of doing so as Harry dug himself to spot somehow transfixed by what he was seeing. He tugged again but still Harry wouldn't budge.

Another pair of hands grasped at Harry and Jasper saw Emmet taking a hold of the other arm and together they managed to half pull and half drag the wild and thrashing emerald eyed vampire back to where the rest of their family were.

Carlisle bent down hastily and took a firm hold of Harry's head.

"He's in a shock." He said.

"We know that Carlisle!! We have to do something, Edward-!" Jasper yelled at his father but he was unable to continue.

"Calm down Jasper. We need to stay focused. Time is of the essence now."

Carlisle looked his son in the eye.

"I-I know!" Jasper rambled out.

His eyes went to Edward and he started in that direction but was stopped by both Alice and Rosalie before he could take a single step. He growled and screamed when wasn't allowed to run to his brother.

"Rein in your emotions Jasper! Block out as much as you can, you are being strongly affected by Harry. You have to calm down!"

Carlisle's voice rang out harshly and Jasper recoiled at it.

Below them on the ground Harry had stopped screaming and instead whimpered softly. His thrashing stilled and they could see his eyes flickering under the closed eyelids.

Emmet slowly let go of the hold he had had on raven haired vampire and looked enquiringly at the others.

"I can barely feel his emotions now." Jasper's voice made them all stare at the honey blonde vampire in stunned silence.


Alice looped her arms around Jasper in support.

"I don't know. They just suddenly stopped broadcasting themselves so strongly. It's-" His eyes widened. "Peaceful."

"What??" Rosalie exclaimed.

Jasper only shook his head in response to her outburst.

"We need to do something. Fast." Alice piped in her voice cracking. Her eyes were focused on the writhing body of Edward.

"No…" Esme put her hands to her mouth in terror.

"I'll-" Emmet began but Alice cut him off.

"Won't work."

"Alice, look closely, is there anything we can do save Edward?" Carlisle asked her imploringly.

Alice closed her eyes, going through the various futures. Her family trying to help her by thinking of as many things they could think of in the process. The images stopped abruptly when they came upon one certain future and she opened her eyes.


Wild, his body was going wild and let it do so. He let his mind hide itself in the farthest corner of itself. No, he didn't want to see. Didn't want to know what happened to Edward. He couldn't.

Why had he done that? Hadn't he promised not to intervene? What in the world did he think could possible make it any good if he jumped in like that?


He let his senses dig themselves further into the crevices. It was safer there. Much safer. The pain and despair couldn't get him there. He was protected there from the dangers outside.


Yes, it was peaceful here. He could stay here and never live through the horrors of life ever again. He deserved it didn't he? Hadn't he done enough and experienced enough to make up for some kind of reward? A place to keep his soul from being harmed and tortured, from being judged and shunned by people he didn't even know. Peacefulness, didn't he deserve that? He did. He must have.

He could just forget everything.


'Would you really like that?'

Yes, he did didn't he? He didn't want be hurt time and time over again, to be used by others and suffer at their expense.

'And those willing to suffer for you then?'

There wasn't anyone that did that for him. It hadn't ever been anyone. There hasn't been one… has there?

'Oh, but it has and there are. Don't you remember him?'

Remember? Remember who?

'The one who loves you, little one.'

He stilled.

Yes, he did remember. Didn't he? The image was blurry but there was someone there, right? Someone important. Very important.

'You have to hold on for that special someone. You must not forget. He is in need of your help.'

Help? Someone needed his help? They didn't want to use him for what he could do?

'Deep in your heart, hasn't there always been them that did not do that? That held you dear and loved you for you are. Both in that and this world.'

This world. Yes, he came from another world. He came here and then he met…


'Yes, little one.'

His special someone, it was Edward wasn't it?


Edward. He smiled at the name, his body filling with warmth just at the thought of this Edward. He began clawing at the walls that had been closing around him. The walls that had started to close him off from the outer world. Trapping him from those he cared about and those he loved. He couldn't let those hearts be broken. He had to return to them.

He had to return to them 'NOW'.


Harry snapped his eyes open and stared into several pairs of wide topaz colored eyes. He blinked and pulled himself into a sitting position.

He dimly noticed the shocked looks he was receiving but his eyes were focused on the Volturi way in front of him and the figure twisting on the ground at their feet. He growled and his emerald eyes saw red.

Jumping to his feet he ignored the protests from his family that was quieted down by a hyperactive Alice. Hands that had been reaching for him stopped in their tracks and returned to their rightful place beside their owner and they let him go.

Anger kept rising inside of him and he bared his teeth at the offending individuals threateningly. Hunching slightly he put force in his leg and sprung from the ground into a neck breaking sprint. The wind wisped against his features and he closed the distance under a second from start to beginning. He aimed for the figure, Edward, first and took a firm hold on the pain ridden vampire.

The darkness that closed around him scared him at first but a soothing voice in his head kept him from loosing himself in the abyss. It guided him to the entrance and exit of the lightless void.

His magic pulled at his limbs to be let free from their restraints and the sensation of utter freedom overwhelmed him for a short while before he got his bearings together again. Still keeping his hands firmly attached to the form clutched in his hands, he darted for the spot where he knew they would find their destination away from this desolate place filled with nothingness.

Harry drew a deep unnecessary breath of air as his eyes were flooded with light. His arms clutched at Edward's body and he pulled him up with him. The utterly stunned looks from the Volturi had him grinning like a lunatic, causing several vampires to back up. He turned on his heels and bolted with Edward securely in his arms back to where the rest of his family was.

Stopping and putting Edward into the arms of an astounded Carlisle he sent him a softer smile.

"How?" The vampire trailed of unable to finish the question for lack of words.

"Honestly? I don't know. Though I think I got a visit from an old friend." Harry smiled secretively.

"Indeed." Carlisle said with a shake of the head.

"I told you!" Alice voice chirped happily at them.

"Did you, now?" Harry teased her getting a playful swat to the arm for his efforts. Directing his attention back to Carlisle his voice turned serious. "You need to take Edward away from here. He's badly injured mentally. I could tell when I touched him while inside of that…thing."

"I understand."

"Are you okay Jasper?"

The honey blonde vampire snapped his head back up from its slumped spot.

"Ah, yes, I'm better now." He smiled lightly at Harry

"Good. Now for some promised vampire ass bashing." Harry rubbed his hands together gleefully while grinning a mile long. "It's time to show them what they get for pissing off a vampire and wizard."

The others despite his sunny disposition seemed unwilling to let him go.

"Ah, don't worry! I know his secret now. I won't be trapped in that thing of his."

"Secret?" Carlisle asked interested.

"Just mind games really, let's just say that when it comes to mind discipline I'm a notch higher on the ability scale, nothing more than finding the light switch."

"Still, be careful."

"I will. You're free to watch the show if you want to." He winked at the younger members of the family.

"I will sure do! This has got to be good." Emmet roared with an amused expression on his face.

"Be right back." Harry mock saluted and turned his attention back to the panicking Volturi.

He took his time when he walked back over the clearing, taking much enjoyment in the uncharacteristic frenzied movement of the Volturi vampires. This must be the first time that happened. Or was it the second? Guess he had a strange way of affecting vampires in general.

Aro stared him straight in the eye, being ever the prideful one. Really, he was surprised the vampire hadn't fled the battle field yet. But how was he to know how arrogant leader vampire minds worked. Not like he wanted to find out really. He'll leave that for someone else to find out.

This had to come to an end though. He had to make sure they didn't get the urge of attempting this little feat again. Would a slight power display be in order to show them how out of their league he really were?

"When are you going to learn Aro?" Harry smacked his tongue and wagged his finger at the vampire. "You don't play with fire, now do you?"

"Harry, we can talk about this. I'm sure we would be able to understand each other if we-"

"The only thing you need to understand is that you should all leave me and my family alone. Or face the consequences." He let the threat be evident in his tone. "I recommend leaving us alone. It's better for your health."

He let his eyes go over the surrounding vampires.

"Take your coven back to Italy and stay there. And a piece of advice, keep your nose out of other's business."

He grinned at Jane and Alec. They took a step backwards before they turned their eyes to their master.

Aro narrowed his milky red eyes. After a while he gave both Caius and Marcus a nod each before he slowly started to back away, wary of turning his back on Harry. The others followed suit and Harry kept watching them as they made their way back the way they came.

Harry didn't start to relax before he couldn't notice any lasting movement from any of the vampires. The placing of a hand on his shoulder alerted him to the others' presence.

"Hopefully they'll listen to reason and not bother us again. But you'll never know."

"Yeah." Jasper said. He grinned deviously, raised his hand and ruffled Harry's wild raven black hair.


Harry reached for him but Jasper jumped out of his way and laughing all the while ran and skipped out of Harry's reaching attempts at grasping at him.

Trailing after them Alice, Emmet and Rosalie displayed their various personal grin and smiles as they made their way back to their home.


"Will he be okay?"

Esme's voice carried over the room after Harry had come rushing in through the front door after Jasper. Her eyes travelled over the unconscious body of her son Edward and she had a pale hand on his forehead in a motherly fashion.

"He will be." Harry's said. He was determined to.

Slipping across the room he came down on his knees beside the leather couch where Carlisle had put down Edward. Carlisle had turned to his other children to ask of what happened after they left and was informed of the earlier proceedings. He smiled amusedly at hearing the end although it turned grave when he focused his attention back the trio at the couch. It was obvious the family was extremely worried about Edward.

"I take it vampires don't usually go out cold let alone go unconscious?"

"Yes." Carlisle frowned. "You said he had been mentally injured?"

"Yeah, though I think it's nothing I can't fix. It seems he's just been locked into himself, unable to get out on his own."

"He's trapped in his own consciousness?" Jasper asked.

"Exactly." Harry replied.

He braced himself and then took one hand to Edward's head. Letting his shields slip a bit he delved into the consciousness beneath his hand.

He traced along the lines of the memories he found inside and smiling at those he recognized and blushing mentally at another special one.

Going further he began to struggle a bit when he came upon a piece of dark mist that was keeping itself around a certain piece of Edward's mind.

Putting his strength and force behind it he used his will to push it away from the single piece. It was instinctual how he knew what to do and how to act when the mist reluctantly let go of it and was about to flee deeper into crevices of Edward's mind. His magic reached forward and wrapped itself around the silvery mist and banished it from existence.

Casting an eye around to make sure he had gotten every left residue from the trauma, Harry began retracing his steps back to where he had entered.

Opening his eyes he was stunned when golden eyes blinked sleepily at him. Rubbing at his eyes with one hand Edward stopped in his movements.

"Why am I sleepy?" He stared at the surrounding vampires. "Vampire's don't get sleepy. They don't sleep."

"It was bound to happen sometime." Harry regaining his senses from the trip into Edward's mind, grinned down at him.

"Harry." Edward turned his eyes to the emerald colored ones looking down on him. "You're okay. I'm so glad."

"It's you I'm worried about stupid." Harry laughed. "Why in the name of God did you do that stupid stunt for? Didn't we have an agreement?"

"I didn't break my promise."



The silence stretched.

"Care to evaluate why that is?"

"You were on danger."

"Ah. And how did you figure that. I took take care of Alec just fine."

"The second time, yes, but the not the first time."

Harry frowned at him.

"What first time?"

"The one I saw. Where Edward didn't jump in and pull you away from it." Alice piped up.

"Oh." Harry frowned harder. "Really?"


He grimaced.

"The point is that it didn't happen and you didn't get hurt." Edward said to him.

"You mean I didn't die?" Harry said.

Edward flinched at the words though he still replied.


"Thank you."

Edward smiled tenderly at Harry and reached out a hand to him. Taking the hand in his Harry let himself be pulled up against Edward's chest. Strong soft arms wound themselves around his torso and back, locking him on place.

"Thank you, everyone." He mumbled against the crook of Edward's neck.

Clinging to the safe body beneath his Harry let his face split into a heartwarming and goofy smile and silently thanking the faceless entities that had brought him to this world.

Thanking the beings that had brought him here to his family, and the love of his life.