A Shot in the Dark


All it took was one shot, really.

Yassen had him in the site, his hand steady even in his precarious position. One second ticked by, then another. At any moment the man driving along the hillside would notice the menacing helicopter hovering above.

The Russian cocked the gun, taking another unneeded moment to steady his aim. Cool wind off the rolling countryside ruffled his light hair and filled his ears with the steady beat of helicopter wings. The man was still unaware, brown eyes fixed on the road, sweeping ahead for ambushes. In profile, the man was a perfect replica of his brother - a straight jaw line, an unremarkable haircut that screamed 'don't notice me,' and a lined face hardened by years of killing.

Yassen's hand convulsed, pulling the trigger within a mere hair of firing. Just one bullet…

His mind stretched the seconds, presenting a warm hand on his back and a smile far, far too kind for an assassin in the employ of Scorpia… A behavior far, far too kind to give to a young man so starved for purpose that he'd chosen the path of killing. In the dark of the night the older assassin had listened to the grievous tales of a street rat from Moscow and smiled even as the young man became a cold shell of a being.

John had always been far, far too kind.

The man in the car stiffened as his eyes met the Russian assassin's. Yassen's expression did not change; his hand did not hesitate.

One specifically-designed bullet broke through protective glass and buried itself in the man's shoulder. The car squealed, swerving off the road and drowning out the man's cry. Yassen shot at it again and again, riddling the door with bullets. With a tremendous crash the car careened off the road. He signaled up to the pilot.

Mission accomplished.

Only then did the assassin allow himself to smirk.

Yassen Gregorovich would face the overwhelming wrath of Scorpia when they discovered that the man identical to their former employee had died of neither his hand nor the vehicle's collision.

Ian Rider was wearing a seatbelt, after all.


A/N: My big foray into the AR world. More to come eventually. :D