New Lives Galactic Guardians A

Authors: AshK and Emma Iveli

Fiction Rated T for Romance and Violence


Tokyo MewMew: Ichigo Momomiya/Mew Ichigo x Masaya Aoyama/Blue Knight, Berry Shirayuki/Mew Berry x Tasuku.

Dimension A (GG): Ranma/Ren x Akane, Satoshi/Sayomi x Kasumi, & Shuu/Saika x Haruka Tamaki, Mamoru x Usagi, and Haruka Tenou x Michiru, Akira x Karomi(Formerly known as Aquaria my OC). Shigeru x Ayame(uncutetomboy's OC formerly known as Flare.) Takeshi x Erika, Chisame(my OC)x Naoko(Also my OC), Imite/Triton x Hiroshi.

Dimension B(New Lives Saga): Naruto/Naruko x Hinata (it's been that way since chapter 6 of New Lives), Kakashi x Trista, Minako x Kyubi (the world's most disturbing crossover pairing), Kiyo/Kiya x Megumi, Sanji x Beth (Emma's OC) x Brock Triangle, Tia x Zatch x Penny Triangle, Ryoga/Ryoko x Akari, Zoro/Zora x Tashegi, Horror x Robin, Eido/Kaede x Doll, Ritchie x Duplica, Ash/Ashley x Misty Later On, and Drew x May Later on(the Pairings of Ash/Ashley x Misty, and Drew x May later on are exclusive to New Lives: Galactic Guardians and New Lives Galactic Guardians A only).

Episode 01(NLGG Episode 121): Return to the World of Chaos

Episode Written By AshK

Disclaimer: We do not own anything but the attacks that we made up as well as the Senshi names we made up. Sailor Moon, Pokemon, Zatch Bell, Naruto, One Piece and Tokyo Mew Mew are property of their respective owners, creators and writers. AshK owns the name Sukey and the Mew Mew Sukey. Emma owns her OC's as well as her Original Attacks. To see the full Disclaimers refer to New Lives Galactic Guardians for full Disclaimers. AshK owns his own OC's and the attacks he made up.

Emma and I are really proud to say that NLGG has reached 600 Reviews! Thank you so much everyone! We appreciate it!


In this universe there are several dimensions. This story cover two for the most part with the occasional third one. The Dimsnsions are A, B, and C.

Pokemon DP Battle Dimension Theme plays, followed by the Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Theme, Tokyo Mew Mew Theme, Latest Naruto Theme, One Piece Theme, Zatch Bell Theme and Ranma 1/2 Season VII Theme.

Several Senshi and MewMews appear along with 9 Shadows. The Senshi and Mew Mews appear on one side of the screen in their civilian forms while on the other side of the screen they appear in their Hero/Heroine forms as New Lives Galactic Guardians A appears on the top of the screen.

It was the next day in the World of Chaos HQ after an eventful outing in the World of Ninja...

"So let me get this straight, Fluorite and Azurite are your protectors and are currently under the control of Beryl?" Kasumi Tendo asked.

"That is correct." Kasumi Yawa said.

"That is weird." Kousagi said.

"So Akana is that the truth about Fluorite and Azurite?" Akane asked.

"That is the truth. We have to heal them to make sure Crystal Tokyo lives again." Akana said.

"That does sound interesting." Ranma said.

"Yeah we have to heal them or the Solar Kingdom will fall in this dimension." Ren said.

"Well let's get down to the Debriefing of the last mission." Satoshi said.

"So Jadeite, let's get this underway." Kasumi Yawa said.

"Okay so as you know, Azurite and Fluorite are now under the Dark Blue Alliance control." Jadeite said.

"So let's get this meeting underway." The Solaris Twins said.

So the meeting got underway as the debriefing continued.

Dark Blue Alliance HQ(Dun Dun Dun Dunnana Dunnana! Lightning Strikes)...

"Let me guess, from time-to-time they play music of some sort when they enter the Villains HQ." Princess Prism says with her Pinky at the side of her mouth.

"That's right it got annoying after a while, so they stopped. They still do that from time-to-time." Sakaki said.

"Let's attack Random People in the World of Chaos. Also the crystal Point is St. Hebereke School for girls." Wiseman/Doom Phantom said after taking over Sakaki.

"We will both go." Diamond and Pearl said as they took a shard of Dark Crystal.

"Fluorite and I will go snatch energy." Azurite said.

"That works." Queen Beryl said.

It was decided that Mimete and Eugeal would go. Also Cerulean and Violet would also go. Orochimaru, Karin, and Arlong also accompanied them. As well as Musashi and Kojiro. Pai and Tart also went. The St. Rose Crusaders just stayed in the HQ and watched.

Back with the Heroes...

The Silver Moon Alliance decided to take it easy as much as they could because they knew that the peace wouldn't last very long.

Kasumi Tendo turned on the TV so the SMA could watch and checking the hidden camera in the Dojo noticed that no one was in the dojo so she ascended the Staircase, secured the trap door and headed back into the house to fix some Breakfast.

"Well anything good on TV Akane?" Akana asked.

"I'm looking. It doesn't look like anything is on right now." Akane said.

Satoshi comes rushing in. "Hey everyone, I found a Dojo in this underground base. There is even a den with several computers where we can surf the net! Kasumi come on let's go! Virgo, Orion, Umi, Yomi let me show you." Satoshi said as he grabbed his family. "Hey usa, you and your sisters can come too. The rest of you can come if you wish too." Satoshi said as he his future wife, and future daughters along with the Sailor Quintet of Dimension A headed into the den.

Ren and Akana went to check out the dojo as well. They were followed by the Ninja and Pirate Senshi. Akane and Ranma went to the dojo as well. They thought they should try to get some sparring in.

The emergency alarm went off as they all rushed back into the main room of the World of Chaos Base. They saw that the Dark Blue Alliance was making their move again.

"Well it looks like we have to transform." Satoshi said pulling out his broach.

"Right!" Everyone said pulling out their Pendants, Broaches and Wands.

"Moon Crystal Power!"

"Solar Crystal Power!"

"Cosmos Moon Crystal Power!"

"Solar Crisis!"

"Terra Crystal/Cosmic Power!"

"Phobos Crystal/Cosmic Power!"

"Deimos Crystal/Cosmic Power!"

"Rhea Cosmic Power!"

"Triton Cosmic Power!"

"Ganymede Cosmic Power!"

"Io Cosmic Power!"

"Titania Cosmic Power!"

"Moon Eternal!"

"Pallas Crystal/Cosmic Power!"

"Vesta Crystal/Cosmic Power!"

"Juno Crystal/Cosmic Power!"

"Ceres Crystal/Cosmic Power!"

"Charon Cosmic Power!"

"Europa Cosmic Power!"

"Titan Cosmic Power!"

"Callisto Cosmic Power!"

"Oberon Cosmic Power!"

"Make Up!" All the Senshi said as the switched to their Senshi forms.

"Mew Mew Strawberry!"

"Mew Mew Berry!"

"Mew Mew Sukey!"

"Mew Mew Mint!"

"Mew Mew Lettuce!"

"Mew Mew Pudding!"

"Mew Mew Zakuro!"

"Metamorpho-Sis" The Mew Mews transformed into their Mew Mew forms.

Masaya just transformed into the Blue Knight.

With that the SMA were off to the Battle Ground.

At the Battlefield...

The Dark Blue Alliance was on a rampage. The Dark Crystal was planted in St. Hebereke as it started to build up Dark Energy.

"Go our Crystal Bright!" Cerulean and Violet said.

"Go our Chimera Army!" The Cyniclons said.

"Go our Remuli!" Kojiro and Musashi said.

"Go our Daimon Army!" Eugeal and Mimete said.

"Dark Energy at it's peak! Arise Droid Minotaur!" Prince Diamond and Princess Pearl said.

The rest of the Dark Blue Alliance stood by and watched. They would jump in when they need to.

"Double Solaris Solar Sunspot Smash!"

"Chibi-Solaris Solar Flare of Fate!"

"Double Terra Giga Impact Ignition!"

"Chibi-Terra Earthquake Elimination!"

"Double Pink Sugar Hearts Attack!"

"Moonbeam Comet Blast!"

"Double Pink Ladies Freezing Kiss!"

"Double Amazoness Jungle Arrow!"

"Double Solaris Aiku Blade Slash!"

"Double Terra Nunti Spear Blast!"

"Double Phobos Katana Blaster!"

"Double Deimos Mallet Mash!"

"Rhea Frenzy Ball Blast!"

"Triton Water Spout Smash!"

"Ganymede Rock Slide Wave Wallup!"

"Io Magma Wheel Wallup!"

"Titania Thunder Punch Hurricane Smash!"

"Charon Shadow Striker!"

"Europa Hidden Weapons Slicing Wind!"

"Titan Steel Supreme Kick!"

"Callisto 8 Trigrams Freezing Palms!"

"Oberon Strike Out Storm!"

"Pallas Icicle Snowwave Wallup!"

"Pallas Icy Wind Shuriken!"

"Vesta Flaming Flare Ball Cannon Wall Strike!"

"Vesta Flaming Drill Torpedo!"

"Juno Volt Tackle Trample!"

"Juno Supreme Lightning Cannon!"

"Ceres Flower Storm Smash!"

"Ceres Flower Chi Roar!"

"Mercury Ice Wave!"

"Mars Gum Gum Flaming Gattling!"

"Jupiter Double Elemental Punch!"

"Venus Golden Spiraling Shuriken!"

"Uranus Space Sword Cutter!"

"Neptune Deep Aqua Shining Wave!"

"Pluto Garnet Rod Wave!"

"Saturn Silence Glaive Shockwave!"

"Ribbon Strawberry Surprise!"

"Ribbon Loveberry Check!"

"Ribbon Sukey Shot!"

"Ribbon Mint Echo!"

"Ribbon Lettuce Rush!"

"Ribbon Pudding Ring Inferno!"

"Ribbon Zakuro Spear!"

Only a few monsters were left.

"Time to finish the Monsters off!" Solaris A said.

"Please Pegasus protect everyone's Dreams. Twinkle Yell!"

Pegasus appeared and gave Sailor Solaris(A) the power to attack!

"Solaris Shooting Star Cosmic Meditation!"

"Neo Moon Glowing Star!"

"Solaris Burning Star!"

"Cosmos Moon Glowing Star!"

"Ribbon Doubleberry Check!"

"Shining Ribbon Aqua Drops!"

With that all the monsters were destroyed and the Pure Heart Crystals and Dream Mirrors were returned. The Chimera Animas returned to normal as the Parasite things were swallowed up by Masha and and Ucha.

World of Chaos Base of Operations...

"Well it looks like we won another battle." Jadeite said appearing.

"We need to get Fluorite and Azurite back as soon as we can." Nephrite said.

"So we need to think of a way to get them back." Zoicite said.

"The best way is to use all of the Crystals to heal them. However, it will be a while before we can get all of the Crystals together to heal them." Kunzite said.

So with that another battle was won. What is in store for the SMA? Only Time Will tell. Stay Tuned to find out.

Where one adventure ends, another one begins. What is in store for our heroes? Stay Tuned to find out.


Next Time: The SMA remains in the World of Chaos where a Mysterous new hero called Black Weasel appears... Hmmm... with a name like Black Wesel I wonder who it is. Will the Senshi trust him or will reveal a dark secret that will change one the senshi's lives? Fine out next time!

Next Time on New Lives Galactic Guardians A: Episode 02(NLGG Episode 122): Enter: The Black Weasel! Coming Soon to a Fanfiction Site near you! Stay Tuned!

The Senshi and Allies Featured in the next Installment will be:

Dimension A Senshi and Allies: Solaris Quartet(4), Sailor Quintet of Dimension A(5), Tokyo Mew Mew(8)(17).

Dimension B Senshi and Allies: All the Dimension B Senshi(28).

Total Senshi and Allies: 45

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