New Lives Galactic Guardians A

Authors: AshK and Emma Iveli

Rating: Fiction Rated T

Episode 56: Return to Konoha!

Episode Written By: Emma Iveli

Episode Edited and Expanded Upon by: AshK

Disclaimer: You all know the drill. We still don't own Rion/Solar Knight, K_Rothacher does. He is used by permission. We also don't own Pokemon, Ranma 1/2 or any of the other Animes involved in this Crossover story.

Opening: The only differences are: It now shows Rion/Prince Hyperion/Solar Knight with the group, the theme has changed to the Pokemon Black and White Theme. It also shows a Airisu and her adviser Haxorus the final evolution of Airisu's Axew. The Silhouette with long waist-length hair is now replaced by Sailor Dione as two more mysterious silhouettes are seen with the Dimension A Senshi one of them looks familiar, the other one not so much. It also now shows Mikoto and an older Kuina with the Dimension B heroes.

Previously on New Lives Galactic Guardians A...

Kasumi Tendo was revealed to be Sailor Dione of Dimension A. The revelation came as a surprise to everyone. Also Kasumi Yawa had to change her name to Kassie to avoid confusion with Kasumi Tendo. So now Kasumi yawa goes by Kassie when Kasumi Tendo is around.

Solar Palace Dimension A...

The group decided to where did they want to go.

"So how about Naruto's village." Said Luffy.

"Oh I haven't been there yet." Said Kasumi.

"All I think we have a choice." Said Ash.

They decided to create a portal to there.

"So where do you want to go to first?" asked Kassie.

"I know." Said Naruto.

"If you say Ramen I'm going to hit you." Said Akane.

Luffy was about to say something.

"No food." Said Akane.

"Oh…" whined Luffy.

"How about a close up of the Hokage Monument." Said Ash.

"Good idea." Said Kasumi.

"Then maybe ramen?" asked Naruto.

"Let it go…" said Kiyo.

Meanwhile in the HQ of the villains…

They were planning who to go after.

"Let's go after civilians this time in the Village Hidden in the Leaves…" said Orochimaru.

"Why?" asked Doctor Tomoe.

"IT will cause problems with the people of the village." Explained Orochimaru, "Practically the Hokages."

"I see." Said Doctor Tomoe.

They thought it would be the best route to take.

Meanwhile at the Hokage monument...

Kasumi was amazed.

"It's amazing." Said Kasumi, "It's just like Mount Rushmore."

"And my dad's one of them." Said Naruto, "And One day I will be up there too!"

Kasumi laughed when he said that.

Meanwhile they didn't know that members of their enemies were scurrying the town for those that would be useful to their cause.

"There's so many people." Said Byruit.

"That's right." Said Musashi.

"This is perfect." Said Sailor Iron Mouse.

"But what I want to know is why this hasn't been updated in a while." Said Musashi.

That was when Emma Iveli popped in.

"You know been busy with other fics, my web show and in the last year becoming a Pegasister!"

AshK then appeared. "I became a Brony though it's too bad I can only watch it on certain days. I have also been busy with my other fics, mainly my newest ones."

They all stared at the both of them.

"Well I better hit the dusty trail…" said Emma leaving.

"I will see you all later more than likely." AshK then left as well after he showed himself.

They shrugged… and decided to go back to their business.

"Let's search some more to find suitable people." Said Beirut.

The others nodded in agreement.

Meanwhile they continued their tour with Kasumi...

"This is a very nice place." Kasumi said.

"It's too bad that this place is in danger all the time." Satoko said. "We really need to visit Dimension B more often."

"I have to agree with you there." Saika said. "We have spent way too much time in Dimension A as of late."

"I know right?" Haruka asked.

"Can we please go eat now." Said Naruto.

"Please." Said Luffy.

"I'm actually hungry too." Said Ash.

"I am so totally hungry as well." Satoko said.

Akane sighed.

"Fine…" she muttered.

"Yay!" all four of them cheered.

They went to Ichiraku ramen to eat some ramen.

"It's been a while Naruto." Said Ayame, "Been busy with missions?"

"Yes… missions…" said Naruto shifting his eyes.

"Well it's on the house." Said Ayame.

"All right!" cheered Naruto.

As they were all eating the ramen.

"This is very good." Said Kasumi.

"Thank you." Said Teuichi.

"So do you want to check out my house?" asked Naruto.

"Maybe." Said Kasumi.

"Naruto-niichan!" yelled a voice.

Naruto turned to see Opal looking upset.

"Something really bad is going on!" yelled Opal.

"What?" asked Naruto.

"You know… the enemy." Whispered Opal.

Meanwhile the three villains were attacking their victims.

"All right!" said Musashi sending out her ball at the hapless civilian.

"Now!" yelled Beirut revealing another hapless civilians heart crystal.

"All right!" called out Sailor Iron Mouse revealing another's Star Seed which turned black.

"Sailor Not a Ninja!"

"That's its name?" asked Musashi.

"Let's just pretend that we didn't hear it." Said Sailor Iron Mouse with a sweat drop.

"Stop right there!" came a voice.

They turned to see the sailor Senshi waiting for them.

They jumped down, however a large amount of monsters appeared to fight them off.

"All right!" called out Neo Sailor Moon," Ready?"

"Ready!" said everyone else.

"Pallas Icy Wind Shuriken!"

This attack destroyed many monsters.

"Double Rhea Frenzy Ball Blast!"

This attack decoyed many of them monster that were created.

"Ceres Flower Storm Smash!"

The attack tore though many monsters.

"Mars Gum Gum Flaming Gatling!"

"Double Io Magma Wheel Wallop!"

"Vesta Flaming Flare Ball Cannon Wall Strike!"

All of these attacks burned their opponents.

"Mercury Blizzard Freeze!"

The attack froze the monsters.

"Double Ganymede Rock Slide Wave Wallop!"

The attack crushed the frozen monsters.

"Jupiter Double Elemental Punch!"

The punches both electrocuted and cur up the monsters Sailor Jupiter was fighting.

"Venus Golden Spiraling Shuriken!"

The spiraling attack cut up Sailor Venus' opponents.

"Triton Water Spout Smash!"

The attack hit the monsters destroying it.

"Double Titania Thunder Punch Hurricane Smash!"

The attacks hit the monster destroying it.

"Dione Psybeam Blast!"

The attack destroying several monsters.

"Phobos Flare Blitz of Fate!"

The attack hot many monsters destroying them.

"Heart Gem Surprise!"

The attack hit and destroyed a few monsters.

"Juno Supreme Lightning Canon!"

The lightnings attack hit several monsters, and destroyed most of them, a few of them were paralyzed.

"Pallas Icicle Snowwave Wallup!"

The attack froze all of the monsters it hit and destroyed most of them.

"Ceres Flower Chi Roar!"

The attack hit and the destroyed of the monsters it hit.

"Charon Dark Pulse Pummel!"

The attack hit, destroying all of the monsters it hit.

"Juno Volt Tackle Trample!"

The attack hit destroying all of the monsters it hit.

"Eris Frenzy Ball Impact Ignition!"

The attack hit several monsters destroying them.

" Vesta Flaming Drill Torpedo!"

The attack destroyed many monsters.

"Double Terra Giga Impact Ignition!"

The double attack destroyed many of the monsters.

"Deimos Firestorm Blitz of Fate!"

The attack hit destroying the monster.

"Chibi-Solaris Solar Flare of Fate!"

The attack hit destroying many monsters.

"Chibi-Terra Earthquake Elimination!"

The attack hit many of them monsters.

Now there were only a few monsters left.

"Solaris Solar Flare Storm Smash!"

This destroyed many of the remaining monsters instantly.

"Silver Crystal Moonbeam Comet Healing Activation!"

This one healed Sailor Not a Ninja…

"Neo Moon Glowing Star!"

With that all of the monsters were destroyed.

"We'll be back another time." Said Sailor Iron Mouse.

And all of them disappeared.

The Sailor Senshi cheered knowing they won.

They all decided to the go to the Kazama Clan mansion to rest.

At the Kazama Clan Mansion...

All the Senshi De-Transformed.

"Oh wow, I didn't know you live in a place like this Naruto." Said Kazumi.

"It's just my clan mansion." Said Naruto.

"Naruto didn't always live here." Said Ash.

"It's a long complicated story." Said Naruto.

"I see." Said Kasumi.

"So is there anywhere else you want to go?" asked Akane.

"I don't know…" said Kasumi.

"Well you know we could go to the Pokemon World and look around." Ash suggested. "Maybe you could teach Brock how to cook better than he is doing right now."

"I think that's a good idea." Misty suggested.

"Then maybe we could visit the World of Chaos." Dawn said.

"I do not think that's a good idea." May said.

"Because, how will we tell the difference between your Kasumi Tendo from A, and our Kasumi Tendo from this dimension?" Drew asked.

"That is a valid point." Casey said.

"So I guess the Pokemon World is our next stop?" Satoko asked.

"Sounds like a plan to me." Kassie said.

"We better rest up here for the night first." Sasuke suggested. "We may be needed with you."

Everyone nodded and took out their respective Futons.

"We do not have a futon for you Kasumi, but you can use the couch." Opal suggested. "It folds out into a bed and is very comfortable."

"Thank you very much Opal," Kasumi stated. "I will take you up on that offer."

With that Opal pulled out the Couch bed after moving the coffee table. The coffee table had to be out of the way in order to pull out the bed.

Somehow a shadow was trailing the Senshi of both dimensions. It was a girl with waist-length brown hair, blue eyes, wearing a sleeveless white top with a black vest over it, along with a pink and white Pokeball hat with her ponytail strung through the back of it. She was also wearing Denim Jean shorts, that were ripped just enough to expose the side pockets. She also wore black just above ankle-length socks with black high-tops with pink laces as well as well as black soles. She also had on black wristbands with a pink line closer to the wrist joint. Across her chest was a pink shoulder bag that started from her right shoulder and rested on her left hip. Somehow she had found the portal function on the communicator that her friends have given her when she was targeted last. She also knew that there were Senshi from another dimension that worked with the Senshi from her dimension.

Airisu felt something behind her.

"Um guys, does anyone feel like we were followed here?" Airisu asked.

"Come to think of it I do have a feeling that we were followed. It seems that someone else saw us transform and saw our battle." Satoko said. "She seems familiar somehow though. We were definitely followed here, but she is not a threat. I think she may end up helping us sooner or later."

"Really?" Kasumi asked. "That sounds good."

"I agree." Kassie said with a nod. "We do need to find out who followed us though."

Everyone nodded in agreement as they settled down for the night.

And so they won yet another battle… but they knew they would fight again soon… also who is the girl that seems to have tracked them here? Keep an eye out for the next update.

The End of Season II of New Lives Galactic Guardians. Stay Tuned for Season III of New Lives Galactic Guardians: New Lives Galactic Guardians S Coming Soon.

Next Time: It's time to return to Dimension B once again. This time, The world of Pokemon is under attack. will the Senshi come out on top in the end? Also the former Dark Kingdom Generals have a present for the Silver Moon Alliance. What is it? To find out Stay Tuned.

New Lives Galactic Guardians S: Episode 01(NLGG Episode 177): Return to the Pokemon World! Coming soon to a fanfiction site near you!

*When both Dimension A and Dimension B's Akane's are present, Dimension A's Akane goes by the name of Akana and the Dimension B's Akane goes by Akane.

The Senshi and Allies Featured in the next Installment will be:

Dimension A: Satoshi/Satoko/Solaris, Kassie/Terra(2), Ranma/Ren/Phobos, Akane/Akana/Deimos, Nabiki/Sailor Charon, Kasumi/Dione(4) Solaris Court(7), Crystal Tokyo Senshi(7), (20)

Dimension B: Ash/Ashley/Neo Sailor Moon, Misty/Terra, Kousagi/Cosmos Moon(3), May/ Io, Drew/Rhea, Casey/Ganymede, Dawn/Titania(4) Asteroid Senshi(4)(11), Dimension B Inners(4)(15)

Dimension D: None

Total SMA Members: 35