sorry if it doesn't sound right it got put together in like 20 minutes but ahh what the heck :)

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I'm entranced by her doesn't she realise,

I stand across from her looking her over,

Soft, creamy blue skin, perfectly flawless,

Long, slender, head-tails wrapped snug in black synth-leather,

Such a flawless face, gold painted lips and rust red eyes,

Such a tall slender body, each step revealing the hidden power within,

I love her long smooth legs, they carry her so swift,

All of it barely hidden by some bikini like thing,

The perfect image, of beauty and hidden danger,

Rosh?...Rosh! she says snapping her fingers in front of my face pulling me out of my daze,

As i follow her from the room, I can't help but stare at her softly swaying hips,

I'm entranced by her...if only I could tell her.