Well look I'm back! Not that I've been gone all that long really XD

It'll be great to have something going again, it's been weird since I finished Obsession! I'm a little nervous about this one though cause it's a totally new start, a totally new idea (one that, far as I'm aware has been no where near touched before J) and a totally new Lovett and Todd to the ones I've been writing for the last ten months!

This is an idea I've had for a long long time, I actually got it from something I did with PA, well this is like the /if/ version, the opposite to what happened there…hmm I make no sense never mind lol doesn't matter anyway you'll see it if you remember PA :)

Sorry this first chapter is short and all narrative which I'm not too fond of - but it's very important and sets everything up and this one really won't work any other way J

So here we go, I'm nervous about this too lol…


It is not unusual for a person to say they would do anything for the one they love.

It is, however, not often meant as totally and literally as it was when Nellie Lovett said it. It is also not as common for a person to say (and mean) they would do anything to get the one they love…but Nellie Lovett said this too - she made a promise to herself when the man she realised she'd been in love with for over twenty years walked through her shop door one bleak day. Yes, realised; love she had foolishly mistaken for being for the cheerful Benjamin Barker, she quickly found was actually all along for the darker man who returned to her - for Sweeney Todd.

She began immediately it seemed - almost subconsciously - on this little mission to make him her own - as he was clearly meant to be. The words spilled simply, easily from her lips - the lie that is - or not quite, so cleverly did she phrase it. And Lucy was gone, simple as that, wiped from the scene, leaving nothing standing in Mrs. Lovett's way.

Nothing that is, except for the man himself.

Oh he was a stubborn one. Could she make it more plain how she wanted him? How completely she was his? Mrs. Lovett didn't think there was possibly a grander and more obvious way to show somebody how hopelessly in love with them you were than by actually grinding down and baking people into meat pies and serving them to all of London - just so that somebody could have his murders covered up.

Well. The money was nice too.

He knew. She was positive of it. He'd have to be totally blind or totally stupid not to realise that the baker would give him everything she had in a second - and Sweeney Todd was neither. So what was the problem? Still Lucy? Still his silly revenge not letting him care for anything else?

Well she was tired of it. All she did for him…she'd be damned if it was all for bloody nothing. She would have Sweeney Todd. He would grow to love her as she loved him, they would get married, they would go to live in a little house by the sea, they would have children -

It was on thinking these frantically frustrated and determined thoughts one night as she hacked away at meat, exhausted and sweat pouring form her - that she froze.

And it was from these very thoughts - one thought in particular - that her genius, brilliant, perfect plan was born.

Nellie Lovett had endured thirteen long years of marriage to the Albert the butcher and not one child to show for it. Albert had called her stupid and useless - but she knew she wasn't - he was the useless one. There had been a child - just not his. And he'd never known it; it had been gone before she'd become too big to hide.

She'd miscarried. She'd fallen down the bake house stairs one evening, all the way. It wasn't like she'd done it on purpose but she wasn't going to pretend she'd shed any tears when a small clear substance came out of her along with a heavy bleed the next day.

Of course she'd been relieved - as much as she wanted a child, more than almost anything - she didn't want one enough to wind up on the streets or in bedlam for it - for she knew that was what would have become of her. There was no way she'd have been able to pretend to her husband it was his, she hadn't lain with him in over a year - and there was no way he would have kept her in his house once he found out there was another man's baby in her belly.

She wasn't stupid enough to make the same mistake again. After all the other men she'd been sure to take those special herbs the next day to prevent what could start growing inside her from doing so.

Well no, there hadn't been that many, not really. It wasn't like she was whore or anything. She just…had needs. Needs that her husband couldn't attend to sufficiently, so it was hardly her fault she had to seek alternatives to her marriage bed now was it? And, if said alternatives wanted to give her money afterwards, in gratitude for her helping them out at the same time - well, who was she to argue with that?

Anyway that was all in the past now. She was interested in no other man but her Mr. Todd now, and her Mr. Todd she would have.

It was all so simple: she'd get Sweeney into her bed, he'd accidentally (on his part) get her with child - thinking it wasn't possible - then she would tell him and he'd have no choice but to marry her. After all - as much as he probably didn't give much of a care about her wellbeing, he wouldn't want her slung in bedlam for having his child out of wedlock - why, what would he do with his victims then? Where would he run his unorthodox tonsorial parlour? How would he get to his precious judge without her there to happily cover all his crimes?

It wasn't bad - the tiny little second of guilt she felt for planning to trick him like this was gone as easily as she'd expelled the guilt for leading him to believe his wife was dead. She wasn't doing anything terrible - it wasn't like he had anyone else now - his stupid wife was gone (or as good as) and he needed somebody as much as he woudn't admit it. In time he would be happy, he'd be glad he had somebody to look after him, to love him - and in time he would just have to love her back.

Yes it was all so simple, all so perfect a plan.

But first, of course, she had to actually get him into her bed…

Okay please help me out here cause I'm incredibly unsure how this ideas gonna go down, especially as I'm writing Lovett a lot different to how I have before…she's not so innocent in this one as you can see (not that she was ever anywhere near but - you know what I mean lmao) and…yes well XD I just really really need opinions, thoughts, like or dislike - just feedback basically lol!

Oh and yes I'm planning on this being quite long, I don't know how long but…well a big story anyway hehe and I do have much written and planned so if you like there shall be more very soon! XD

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