A/N: Hello there! So, I haven't written a fanfiction in at least a year, so forgive me if I'm rusty. I'm also completely new to the world of Twilight fanfiction (although I've read dozens, I haven't written any), so that also calls for some forgiveness. I don't know when I first got this idea, but I always wondered how the vampires felt, especially Alice, about how they can't reproduce. Alice always seemed like a motherly type to me…I always wondered if it bothered her. Anywayz, this was the result. I hope you enjoy! This was written with no beta, so if there is any constructive criticism, feel free to let me hear it.


Alice looked on as her husband played with the tiny Renesmee. It was quite a sight; something that not even the pixie-like visionary could've foreseen. Jasper's eyes lit up as he bounced the small child on his knee, singing a rough, yet loving version of 'Oh, My Darlin'. It was enough, if it were possible, to make Alice cry. She smiled a melancholy smile before vanishing into the kitchen.

She picked up a bottle of Windex and a sheet of paper towel before scrubbing furiously at the glass sheet that protected the wooden table. She had thought about this topic before on many occasions but this was all too much. It was visible now, taunting her like a cut of steak in front of a hungry mutt. She only stopped scrubbing at the table when she heard a crack beneath her fingertips; she had applied so much pressure that the glass had shattered underneath the weight of her trembling hand. She cursed silently before throwing the dusty paper towel at the table and hiding her face in her hands.

The singing in the other room stopped and Alice felt the muscles in her back tense up as she heard the sound of footsteps drawing nearer. She didn't have time to hide the destroyed table; she was too distracted by her own thoughts to even really care.

A large, familiar hand swept across her shoulder blades. Alice looked up to see Jasper watching her, concerned.

"I'm fine," she whispered, not quite meeting his eyes.

"No, you're not," He argued, placing a hand under her chin and lifting her face so that she could only stare at him. "Talk to me."

Alice hesitated before staring into the room where Renesmee played. She sat on the carpeted floor, singing joyfully and pretending to feed a stuffed horse a plastic carrot. Alice lifted one hand, motioning toward the happy child.

"No matter how hard we try and no matter what I do, I can never give you that." Her lip quivered, something rare for the jovial, optimistic wife Jasper had always loved. He furrowed his brow in both confusion and trepidation. Placing a hand on each cheek, he stared deep into Alice's eyes and spoke.

"You have already given me more than I could've ever asked for. How could you ever think that what we have is not enough?"

Alice fought the hands surrounding her face and looked back at the blissful child. "I just wish I could give you more than enough. After all you've been through, I think you deserve that."

Jasper smiled, watching his wife carefully. "I have you. That'll always be more than enough."

Smiling that same bittersweet and melancholy smile, Alice fell into her husband's chest, wrapping her tiny arms around his waist. This is where she has always felt safe, protected. She heard Jasper let out a comfortable sigh and was immediately surrounded by the serenity that Jasper was feeling.

"Uncle Jasper? Aunt Alice?" Their thoughts were interrupted by the sweet, innocent voice of their niece. "Can we play hide and seek?"

Alice hid her smiling face in Jasper's sweater.

"See that?" Her husband whispered. "We have Renesmee too."

Alice looked up happily. "Yes, we do." Standing on her tiptoes, she placed a small kiss on her husband's cheek before leading him to the room where the tiny Renesmee hid behind a chocolate brown sofa, unable to stifle her laughter.