Outside the academy

Mao and CC were walking down the street together. They were holding hands, and Mao all of a sudden tightened his grip around her hand and began to run.

"Where are we going Mao?"

"Don't worry."

He ran all the way to a lake located on the outskirts of town. CC recognized it immediately as the lake that her and Mao spent time at when he was young.

"Why are we here?"

"To swim silly, isn't that why you visit lakes?"

"I geuss."

CC thought it was so strange that Mao still remembered so much from his past with her. Mao took off just his top and leaped off of a rock into the water. He popped up and said it was freezing. CC laughed and she decided to leap in fully clothed. When she came up Mao was no where to be seen.


Just then he popped up right behind her and hugged her. CC laughed, she did something that shocked even Mao. She turned around and kissed him on the lips sharing some of her own memories with his. Mao put his hand on the side of her face and smiled. They swam close together and for once CC actually enjoyed herself. Although she had a mission to fulfill her contract, she was happy to have found someone she is happy with.....but the swim was interrupted by someone they didn't expect.

Who are you?

"Hello there little fishies."

Mao stopped and looked up seeing a muscular man about 10 feet tall. And a puny little teenager sitting on his shoulder.

"Who are you guys?", asked Mao.

"CC fallling in love with a human, how very entertaining, and stupid of you.", replied the younger boy on the man's shoulder.

Mao looked over to CC, "You know these guys."

"Yes Mao the younger one is a contracter just like me, and the big guy must have the power of geass I can sense it."

"Shut up, stupid little girl I will destroy you.", said the big guy as he pulled out a gun to shoot CC. However Mao had all ready read this in his mind and turned around and pulled CC under water.

"Oh the power to read minds eh, that is very interesting.", the contracter gazed into the water as Mao leaped out to try to keep their attention off CC. Mao kicked the larger man in the stomach.

"Don't you dare hurt her."

"You don't know my human's geass yet do you, Mao?"


"He has the ability to imprison any contractor within his eyes."

Mao shouted for CC to look away. CC closed her eyes, "Mao be careful they are strong."

Mao turned back and the man struck down with his fist at amazing speeds. Mao side stepped and saw what his next movement was then went back into the water.

"Running away fishy?"

The man radomly fired blasts into the water. Although the water would weaken the blows they still would not stop them. CC opened her eyes and shouted to Mao. Then the geass was activated and trapped CC within his left eye. Mao was hit multiple times and came out of the water.


The man struck back down onto Mao but missed Mao came in close and hit the contracter off of the man's shoulder.

"Give her back to me now.", the look on Mao's face, extremely serious.

The man grabbed the gun to shoot Mao. Mao ducked and it instead hit the contracter through the symbol on his head. CC was unleashed after that. The teenager fell to the ground, and the giant roared out and now with his geass power gone he ran into the woods.

"Mao you are hurt.", said CC as she put her hand up to his chest and examined the wound,"let's go back to Lelouch's for now."