Title: The Fire in Your Eyes

Author: NeroAnne (combo of Trish/Jeff's middle names.)

Disclaimer: I wish I owned Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy and the rest of the wrestlers in this fic, unfortunately, I don't.

Setting: Back when they Hardy Boyz still had Lita, back when Jeff and Matt were just youngin's and back when people like Triple H and Undertaker ruled.

Summary: Matt Hardy loves his baby brother, Jeff. He loves him more than Jeff will ever realize…but what he doesn't know is that there are other people who love Jeff…people who love him in a very frightening way.


"Owe," Jeff whimpered, his eyes closed tightly.

Lita giggled, watching as the trainer continued to skim his fingers lightly over the younger Hardy's ankle.

Jeff pouted, "I'm glad you're amused. I think I broke my ankle!"

"Nope. Not broken, just a tad sprained," the trainer told him, "Just make sure to ice it when you get home, the swelling should go down in a couple of days."

Matt Hardy, his brown eyes narrowed, politely thanked the trainer and began leading him to the door before he turned to glare at his younger brother.

Jeff shivered and looked away from his brothers eyes. It pained him to see Matt so angry…so and at him.

Lita watched with careful eyes before deciding to take her leave, "Well…I have to go…Trish…she uh- she wants to hang out tonight, love you both! By boys!" and she dashed out of the room, running to her girlfriends locker room.

Jeff bit his lip. Stupid Lita. Mean, old, bat Lita! Leaving him here with his very upset older brother. He couldn't blame her though…The WWE's Lita may be going out with Matt Hardy…but the real world Amy Dumas had been with the lovely blonde, Trish Stratus for a couple of months now. He understood that Amy wanted to be with Trish…and he also understood that Amy knew better than to try and pacify Matt.

Jeff's vigilant green eyes watched as Matt paced around the room. Swallowing nervously, Jeff parted his lips, "Matty…I-"

"Shut up."

Jeff bit his lip, his entire body beginning to quiver.

Matt narrowed his eyes and walked towards Jeff. His hands reached out for him.

Jeff recoiled, bringing his knees up to his chest. He refused to look up. If he did, he would have seen the hurt look on Matt's face.

"Jeff…" he heard his brother's soothing voice before he was pulled onto Matt's lap, his smaller body fitting his older brother's perfectly. Nuzzling into Matt's chest, Jeff began to whimper.

"I…I'm s-sorry Matty…" he whispered, his eyes clouding with tears. He felt Matt's arms tighten around him.

"Shh…calm down, baby brother…calm down," Matt murmured, running his hand gently through his brother's soft, red/purple locks. Matt kissed Jeff's temple, holding onto him tightly. "I'm sorry, Jeff…it just…it hurts me when you do all these reckless stunts…it hurts me inside and it tears me apart when you get hurt…"

Jeff sniffled, "It's only a sprained ankle, Matty…"

"Today, it's only a sprained ankle…next week it could be a broken neck…" Matt rubbed Jeff's back. "I love you too much to lose you, Jeffy…I love you so much…that…that it scares me sometimes," he admitted.

Jeff blinked slowly, his watery eyes looking up at his brother.

Matt stared right back. Stared into those innocent, beautiful green eyes…

"I…we lost mom…I don't want to have to lose you…not you, Jeff…I wouldn't be able to live…without you here with me." Matt whispered.

Jeff licked his lips, "Matty…" The younger Hardy held onto his brother, holding him tightly. Leaning closer, Jeff pressed his lips close to his brother's ear, "I'll never leave you, Matty….I wouldn't want to…I love you too much…I'll be careful from now on, I promise."

Matt smiled, his dark brown eyes glowing. Looking down at Jeff, he couldn't help himself; his face began to lean closer to his younger brothers.

Jeff blinked in surprise before closing his eyes, leaning up to Matt.

Matt barely brushed his lips against Jeff's before he pulled back, shaking his head.

Jeff tilted his head, "Matty?"

Matt's eyes were shut tight, but he opened them a second later and gave Jeff a warm smile. "Let's go…we have to ice that ankle…"

Jeff nodded and bean to get up. He let out a gasp of pain and his injured ankle touched the ground. His knees bean to buckle and the next thing he knew, he was falling.

Matt stood up quickly, stopping Jeff's fall. Chuckling, he lifted his brother up effortlessly, cradling him as if he were a baby.

"Hey!" Jeff pouted, "I can walk!"

"No, Jeffro, you can't." Matt snickered and looked down, Jeff was still pouting. "I'll buy you some candy, how's that?" He watched in amusement as Jeff's green eyes widened and began to sparkle.

"Skittles?!" he asked, his sweet southern drawl hitting an adorable pitch.

Matt chuckled and walked out the door, "Yes, Jeff. Skittles."