Title: The Fire in Your Eyes

Author: NeroAnne (combo of Trish/Jeff's middle names.)

Disclaimer: I wish I owned Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy and the rest of the wrestlers in this fic, unfortunately, I don't.

Setting: Back when they Hardy Boyz still had Lita, back when Jeff and Matt were just youngin's and back when people like Triple H and Undertaker ruled.

Summary: Matt Hardy loves his baby brother, Jeff. He loves him more than Jeff will ever realize…but what he doesn't know is that there are other people who love Jeff…people who love him in a very frightening way.


Chapter 13.


Jeff's eyes opened, squinting against the sunlight peeking through the window. He heard the knock on the door again, and he hummed, turning around in Matt's arms. He let out a small giggle when he felt Matt tighten his arms.

"Ease up, Matty, gotta get the door." Jeff whispered, playing with a lock of curly black hair.

"They'll come back later. Sleep." He answered, his eyes not opening.


"Didn't you two have enough sex last night!? Answer us!" Adam yelled.

Jeff flushed and quickly escaped Matt's arms, running towards the bathroom, "Oh, my god! They know!" he squeaked, before closing the bathroom door shut.

Matt pouted, "Jeeeff," he whined. Hearing the shower running and the door knocking get louder, he groaned, dragging himself out of bed. He answered the door and glared.

"Who heard us have sex?" he watched in amusement as Mark pushed a terrified Shawn in front of his view. "Shawn? Why, you pervert."

Shawn blushed angrily, "Hey! All I wanted was some sugar and what do I get? An earful of screaming Hardy's!" he turned red at the thought and turned, hiding his face in a laughing Mark's chest, "Shut up, you."

Matt shook his head, a grin on his face, "What do you guys want?"

Adam shrugged, "We were bored and thought, 'What the hell? Why not go bug the Hardy's' so, here we are."

Matt snorted and looked pointedly at Amy, who was trying to hide her smirk but failing. "Spill, red."

Amy crossed her arms, "Adam wanted to hear you guys have morning sex."

Adam glared at her.

She twitched and stared at the ground, "And so did I."

Matt's left eye twitched, "You guys interrupted us before we could do that!"

Jeff came up behind him, blushing, "W-who heard?"

Shawn blushed just as red, "Sorry, kid…nice set of lungs you've got there…by the way."

Jeff peeked over at them through Matt's shoulder, his wet hair dripping water onto Matt's skin. "What are you all here for?" he asked, green eyes curious.

"Despite what Amy and Adam said, I wanted to invite you guys to Toronto. There's a carnival opening in a couple of days, I thought it'd be fun. We can stay at my house, meanwhile." Trish said, beaming up at Jeff.

Jeff blinked, "Sounds fun, can we go Matty?"

"Yeah, Matty, can we go?" Adam snickered, watching the annoyed look on Matt's face become ever more annoyed.

"Call me that again, and I kill you," he warned the smirking male, before turning to his brother, "I guess, we have a couple of days off. Sure, why not."

"Yay!" Trish and Jeff cheered, before looping arms and walking inside the room together, "Packing!" they both said in unison.

"Matt, which carriers do you want?" Jeff asked.

"The red," Matt answered.



Jeff stared out the window, watching the clouds go by. After a while, he turned to look at his lover, who was fast asleep. He grinned, playfully poking Matt's nose. Matt always fell asleep on air planes.

"Hey, are you Jeff Hardy!?" an excited voice asked.

Blinking, Jeff turned and noticed a small girl staring at him and hi brother adoringly. Her pretty blue eyes glittered excitedly, her face framed by dirty blonde locks. She wore a light blue dress, pulled tight over white stockings.

"Um, yeah. Do you know me?" Jeff smiled. She was cute.

The girl nodded her head up and down, "You wrestle, along with your brother," she looked to Matt again, smiling widely, "He looks cute when he sleeps,"

Jeff smiled, poking Matt's nose again, "I know he does. Where are your parents?"

The girl pointed up a head a few rows of seats, "Up there. I was coming back from the bathroom when I noticed you. I don't mean to bother," she started, her voice sounding very mature and polite, "But can I have your autographs?"

Jeff grinned, "Yeah, of course." Grinning, he tickled Matt's side, causing the older male to wake up, shooting his brother a confused look, "What's going on?"

Hearing a girlish giggle from next to him, Matt turned and locked eyes with a grinning blue-eyed little girl, "Hey there, what's you name?"

The girl smiled widely, "I'm Connie. I'm a big fan of you guys, I'm sorry to have waken you, but can I have your autographs?"

Matt looked to Jeff, who was staring at the girl with soft eyes, "Absolutely," Matt answered. He took the pen and paper offered to him, jotting down his name. He handed it to Jeff, who signed also. As he was giving it back, he noticed that she had Adam's, Amy's, Trish's, Shawn's, Jay's and Mark's names on there also.

"Thanks! Now I have all my favorite wrestlers!" she waved at the brothers, before quickly walking up the aisle to her parents.

Jeff watched her go, smiling. He rested his head on Matt's shoulder, "Cute."

Matt nodded, "Very cute," he agreed.

"Hey, Hardy's!"

Matt rolled his eyes and unbuckled his seatbelt, sitting up in his chair and looking towards Adam, "Yeah?"

"Welcome, to the coolest place on earth!" Adam declared proudly, his arms stretched wide.

Matt and Jeff both chuckled and got up, ready to step off the plane.


"Would you hurry up? You're lagging behind," Shawn complained, tugging on Mark's hand.

Said male frowned, "I hate carnivals…they're always staring at me as if I belong in an exhibit or something…"

Adam laughed, "Its cause of how big you are."

Jay tugged on Adam's wrist, "Oooh! Look!"

He was pointing at a purple tent, with a sign on the front: "Madame Clarissa; she who tells all".

"How cheesy," Amy commented, but followed everyone in anyways. They all huddled into the small tent, staring at the woman inside.

She had long, black hair. Her eyes were pale and cat-like. Her lips were painted a deep purple and she wore a long purple gown. "Welcome," she began in a throaty voice, "To Madame Clarissa, sit down so I may see your future."

No one moved. Jeff rolled his eyes, "You guys suck," he murmured, before sitting down. He watched as the crystal ball began to glow with fascination.

"Ah," she said, smiling seductively, "I see a loved one…who will keep his love forever more…good looking, strong…passionate."

Matt smirked.

"But what's this?" she rubbed the ball, "I see a dark force…with blonde hair…"

Jeff stood, easing away from the woman. His eyes had become fearful.

The woman immediately understood and decided to change the topic, "But then…there is this also! A little boy, perhaps?" she moved closer, smiling, "Ah, yes. A baby boy."

When the lady was done, they all walked out, feeling a bit odd.

Matt noticed Jeff was being quiet. Too quiet.

For the rest of the day, the friends rode nearly every ride, ate every type of food and promptly threw up together.

After a couple of minutes of driving, they found themselves in Trish's home. Adam and Jay were sharing a room upstairs, Mark and Shawn as well, and Matt and Jeff would be in a room downstairs, while Trish and Amy slept in the master bedroom.

Matt rested on his side on the bed, watching his brother with curious eyes, "Jeff, baby?"

Jeff looked over at Matt, smiling slightly, "Hm?"

"You're not still thinking about what that lady said, right?"

Jeff sighed, walking over to Matt, he sat down, curling against him, "I am," he admitted.

"What for?" Matt murmured, "Hunter is gone…"

Jeff smiled, "That's not it." He turned, facing his brother, "Matt…I want a baby."

Matt stared at him.

And stared some more. Then, he fell off the bed.

"Oh, Matt! Are you okay!?"

He had fainted.



DO I smell a sequel!???!!! Oh yes!

With a baby!!!!! XD!

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