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A pink cloud circle formed over Juuban Park and a child fell through. Through sheer luck, the small figure fell onto a tall, dark-haired man that had just been bowled over by a petite blonde schoolgirl. Letting out a soft 'oomph,' he stared incredulously at the newcomer. The screeching blonde came to a verbal halt and stared as well, not really realizing that the little girl bore an uncanny resemblance to herself.

"Um, hello?" the man, one Chiba Mamoru, offered. "Can I help you?"

"Help, nothing!" the blonde yelped. "She just fell out of the sky!"

"I wasn't going to mention that, Odango Atama!"

"It's USAGI! NOT Odango Atama! Is that so hard to understand, you idiot?"

"STOP!" the pink-haired little girl interrupted. Throwing a black cat-shaped toy in the air, it turned into a gun that dropped into her hand. Aiming at the blonde, she threatened, "Give me the Ginzuishou or else, blondie!"

Usagi and Mamoru froze. "Ginzuishou?" the schoolgirl repeated. "What's that?"

"You know perfectly well what it is," the child argued. "Both of you do. Give it to me, now!"

"I think you have the wrong person, kiddo," the older student attempted to say.

She abruptly shifted on his chest and focused her weapon on his face. "I do not! Now make that dumb girl give it to me before someone gets hurt!"

Simultaneously, both wished that they had had their normal collision in front of Motoki's arcade instead. He would be a welcome distraction.

With the child otherwise occupied (threatening), the blonde began to edge away. "I'm… late for school! Got to go, Mamoru-baka!" she yelled before taking off at Usagi-speed.

"Odango Atama!" Mamoru yelled, waving his fist. "You'll pay for this!"

"Probably!" she called back. "But for now, you can deal with the kid!"


"Ami-channn!" the panicked teen yelped when they met for break later that morning. "Is it normal for little kids to fall from the sky?"

Startled, the blue-haired genius glanced up from her math textbook. "From the sky? Usagi-chan, did you hit your head when you collided with Mamoru-san this morning?"

"I did not! I came to you for help, Ami-chan," the blonde whimpered, "and you suspect brain damage? How could you?" A patented Usagi-wail rent the air.

Clapping her hands over her ears, Makoto interrupted. "Calm down! What happened?"

Slowly tamping down on the tears, Usagi explained the morning's unusual encounter. "And Mamoru-baka said he'd get me back for leaving the little brat with him," she finished.

"We should inform Luna that someone beside the Dark Kingdom and Tuxedo Kamen-sama is looking for the Ginzuishou," Ami decided. "This child seems strangely aggressive for her age."

Usagi nodded sharply as she returned to her seat for the next class.


As his nemesis explained the situation to her cohorts, the upperclassman continued his attempts to shake off his pink-haired shadow from the park.

"Tell me where to find the Ginzuishou!" she ordered again. "Or that Odango Atama, since you aren't helping."

Mamoru sighed deeply as he watched his best friend refill his coffee cup for the tenth time that day. The blond man was watching the exchange warily from behind the counter.

He darkly considered just going back to his apartment and locking the door, but he really, REALLY wanted to dump the kid back on the blonde that aggravated him every day. Studying the clock, he noted that unless she had detention, she would be there in about ten more minutes.

"Look, little girl," he began. "I don't know what you're talking about or what's going on… let alone who you are. What's your name?"

"My name's Tsukino Usagi," she informed him matter-of-factly.

The dark-haired man froze then gaped in open disbelief. "That can't be right. That's Odango Atama's name."

"Yeah, I know," the child replied nonchalantly. "I got my name from my mama."

When a violently swirling purple vortex appeared behind him, Motoki had just left the empty front room in search of straws for the milkshake crowd headed their way. The superhero of Tokyo leapt to his feet, hand automatically going to his right breast pocket for his henshin rose.

The little girl that claimed to have the same name as his nemesis shrieked and dove behind him. He decided she knew more about what was going on than he did.

"Small Lady!" a stern voice called. "Get out from behind Mamoru-san right now!"

Tentatively, the pink-haired girl quit her hiding place. "Hello, Puu."

The vortex closed as a tall green-haired woman in a Senshi's uniform appeared. "Small Lady…"

"I'm sorry, Puu! I didn't mean to come back so far!" the child cried. "I really didn't!"

"Um… Mamoru-baka?" a new voice added in. "What's going on?"

Moving his gaze to the entryway, Mamoru noticed his blonde rival had showed up earlier than expected. "Odango Atama…"

"Don't call me that, you jerk!" the blonde shrieked at an impossible number of decibels. "It's USAGI! Is it really so hard to get through your thick…"

Her tirade faded away as both opponents noticed that the mysterious Senshi bent over laughing, nearly losing her grip on the staff in her right hand. They both stared at her in confusion even as the arcade manager returned.

"Hey… Mamoru-kun? What's going on in here?" the blond man asked.

The Guardian of Time straightened, still chuckling. Glancing at the object of her search, she said, "Did I ever tell you stories about how oddly your parents behaved in this time, Small Lady? It's very amusing."

Motoki moved to close the arcade for the encounter, but the three girls that accompanied Usagi everywhere came in first. "Usagi," Rei began, "what- wait, another Sailor Senshi?"

"It's nice to see everyone is friends already," Pluto commented. "Now, Small Lady, you need to say good-bye to your parents so we can get you back where you belong."

"Parents?" the three friends yelled in shock, while Usagi began to sway on her feet and Mamoru watched her cautiously.

"Yes, parents. In the future, Tsukino Usagi and Chiba Mamoru have a daughter. Their love is one of the greatest the world has ever known," the unknown Senshi explained.

That was just too much for the overstressed blonde. With no more than a whimper, Usagi fainted. Mamoru jumped forward, catching her just before her head would have hit the floor.

"Usagi-chan!" the girls shouted, running to their best friend and leader's side. "Are you all right?"

Makoto shook the unconscious blonde, silently noticing the protective fashion her archenemy was cradling her in. "Usagi-chan! Wake up!"

Her eyelids fluttered open slowly. "Mako-chan? I just had a strange dream, where some little girl showed up and said Mamoru-baka and I were her parents."

"Umm…" Ami began. "Usagi-chan, it wasn't a dream. When the Sailor Senshi told you, you passed out. Luckily, Mamoru-san caught you."

"No!" the girl shrieked, jerking away. "No, I'm still dreaming! This can't actually be happening. We don't even like each other!"

Mamoru hesitated, almost replying to his enemy's offhand comment, to reveal that he'd always liked her, before changing his mind and facing the mysterious Senshi and the child she had followed. "You want us to believe that Odango and I have a daughter?" he asked incredulously.

"Believe it or not, it's the truth," Pluto shrugged. "You'll understand soon enough."

With that, both the woman and the child disappeared, leaving the Senshi and their masked hero standing there in shock.


True to Pluto's word, things began to happen quickly. Sailor Venus joined with the Senshi, and there was a confrontation at Starlight Tower. The rest, as they say, is history- until history changed.


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