Summary: Just a fun poem in the spirit of Dr. Seuss...LOTR centric

Rating: G

Fan Fiction Addiction

by Nieriel Raina

There's this thing I've found, called Fan Fiction.

Truly it's become an obsessive addiction!


I sit at the computer, I read and I write

As the world sinks away, all becomes lost, out of sight


When they see me, my friends always laugh and say,

"What new LOTR story have you read today?"


And I tell them all about the elf and his friends;

How they lived, laughed and conquered before the end.


And they all look at me, a strange smile on their face,

She's crazy, they think. She's got LOTR junk all over the place!


And that is just fine, they can think what they can,

I'm far from the only obsessed LOTR fan!


So I'll keep all my air fresheners, calendars and posters.

Does anyone know where I can get some Legolas coasters?


On and on it goes until late in the night

Until my poor fingers start getting tight.


Then it's off to bed for me to get some rest,

Otherwise, I'll never be able to do my best.


That is what every fan fiction author should do.

Perhaps, you know one just like me, maybe it's you!