Hola amigos! Bienviendos a 2009! I'm so excited to start off the New Year, especially with I have in store for you all. If you're one of my most loyal and loving fans, you all must remember my mini series, HSM2 Deleted Chaylor Scenes. Well, since High School Musical 3: Senior Year has now been out for almost 3 months and I've seen it like 3 times now (I know, I'm sorry. Money's running short now but hey, it's at my dollar theater. How sick is that?!?! AAAHH), I was just thinking: why not do it again? So after almost 30 minutes of washing the dinner dishes, which was a lot, and the wonderful brain and writing work of my boyfriend, I have been able to come up with a great mini-series yet again.

Here it is, a grand new premiere to start off 2009... HSM3: Senior Year Deleted Chaylor Scenes

P.S.- If you haven't seen the movie, I recommend you see the movie, if you can, before reading this. It'll help you understand everything better. INCLUDES SPOILERS!!

Chapter 1:

During "Right Here, Right Now" (Where Troy and Gabriella were in the tree house)

Taylor was just hanging out with her Scholastic pals when she felt a hand come around her hip, pulling her close to a warm body. She smiled to herself as she apologized to her friends as she was being taken away by her certain someone.

"You know if I didn't know you, I would have you arrested for kidnapping," Taylor joked to her captive.

"You wouldn't do that even if I really did kidnap you," Chad smirked, looking down at her, "You love me too much,"

Taylor smiled, knowing it was all too true. They walked through the crowd until they reached the nearby swings, next to the tree house that Troy and Gabriella had occupied up above. Taylor sat on a swing opposite Chad, and they held each other's hands as they swinged on the swings together.

"Now, I think I can personally congratulate you on your back to back championship game without getting interrupted," Taylor said.

"The first time truly in the past hour," Chad smiled as Taylor laughed.

"Yeah, I was kinda worried when you almost hit the guy who fouled you," Taylor stated, looking at him.

"Well, he deserved it," Chad admitted.

"Uh huh," Taylor said, swinging a little higher than Chad, "so are you happy that basketball season's over?"

"Yeah, a little. If it means I get to spend more time with you," Chad replied, kissing Taylor's hand. Taylor stopped swinging and she blushed, looking at Chad.

"I know but I got a..," Taylor said before Chad interrupted.

"Yearbook to edit. I know, I know," Chad repeated, "I should be getting prepped up for the basketball season at U of A,"

"You sound so sure that you're gonna make it there," Taylor said softly.

"Of course. Troy and I are going to kill those players once we're out there," Chad replied, making a fake shot in the air.

Taylor laughed as she slowly swinged on the swing, "Yeah, I can see the headlines now: Bolton and Danforth Change U of A Basketball Season,"

"Haha, funny Taylor. Real funny," Chad joked sarcastically. Taylor smiled as she laughed again. It was still kinda hard for Taylor to get used to Chad calling her by her first name, when all throughout junior year, when they disliked each other, they called each other by last name. It was nice to hear him say her name.

"Well about you? What college are you going to shock with your intellectual skills?" Chad played, nudging Taylor with his swing, "Harvard, Princeton?"

"Actually Yale. They have a great program in political science, which is perfect for me," Taylor informed.

"Wow, that's pretty far, Tay," Chad said.

"Yeah, well that's not the only college I'm looking at right now," Taylor reassured, "I'm just keeping my options open,"

"Of course," Chad said, still holding her hand and rubbing it softly with his thumb.

"But right now, that's not what I'm worried about. I just want to enjoy the rest of our senior year and the time that we have left together," Taylor smiled, leaning towards her boyfriend.

"Now you're talking my language," Chad smirked as they leaned in for a kiss.

Their lips barely touched each other's until they heard footsteps and a familiar voice.

"Chad! Taylor!" the voice said, breaking the two apart. Chad looked up and almost fell out of the swing.

"Oh hi, Mrs. Bolton. You look lovely," Taylor smiled, trying not to laugh at Chad.

"Thank you Taylor. Do you know where Troy is? I can't find him anywhere," Mrs. Bolton asked.

"He's up in the tree house with Gabriella, last I saw him," Chad answered.

"Yea me too," Taylor replied nodding.

"Thank you so much, both of you," Mrs. Bolton stated before walking away. Taylor and Chad gave a small breath of air before turning back to each other again.

"Oh and Chad?" Mrs. Bolton said, coming back towards them. Their heads popped back up again facing her.

"Yes ma'am," Chad asked.

"Your father says you have some special guests to see to," Mrs. Bolton said, raising her eyebrows at both of them.

"Ok, Mrs. B," Chad nodded, waving her off.

Taylor smiled at Chad. "Well then, I guess you got some guests to attend to. After all, it is your basketball championship party. Tons of colleges might want to talk to you,"

"Yeah, maybe it'll expand my horizons a bit. Who knows?" Chad said, getting up from the swing and pulling up Taylor along as well.

"Well, whatever you decide. I'm behind you one hundred percent," Taylor said, pushing back some of his messy hair.

"As to you," Chad smiled, repeating the same motion that Taylor did, "This is going to be a great senior year,"

Taylor nodded as Chad gave a soft kiss on the lips, leaning her softly on the swing set pole. 'Yeah, it's going to be one heck of a year,' Taylor thought.

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