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Some people wondered why most of Gohan's childhood was spent on studying, while Goten ran around freely from day to day. Some wondered if their mother had high hopes and dreams for Gohan, while Goten was just there. Wasn't he important too? Was Gohan more special?

The only one that never gave any thought to it, was Goten himself. It never really bothered him, assuming he even noticed. It was only recently those thoughts began to creep up on him. He would always choose an afternoon of bug hunting with Trunks to sitting at a desk in a stuffy room with his nose in a thick, heavy book, but couldn't help but wonder himself why things were different for him.

The thoughts went away for a while, then returned again during lunch one day when Gohan left the table with his text books, telling Chichi, who was scrubbing the dirty dishes, that he was going back to study.

Goten lowered his eyes to the table and gave a mental 'hmm', then swallowed a mouthful of rice before bringing it up.

"How come you want brother to be a scholar but not me? Don't you want me to be something good like him?"

Chichi paused from her chore and tried to answer. Nothing came out. Stumped, she also wondered why it was like that—she was just now beginning to notice it herself.

The boy's eager eyes stared at her, waiting patiently for an answer. She turned around to face him and leaned her face's right side in her palm, keeping both eyes on him.

"You remind me of your dad," she said.

Goten tilted his head slightly; what did that have to do with anything?

Chichi dried her pruned hands then pulled out a chair from the table and sat. She stared at his face—Goku's face, then smiled. "I guess I didn't realize I was trainin' you to be like your daddy."

"Training? You mean, like how we always spar all the time but not brother very much?" the boy asked.

She nodded. "You're a lot like him, you see. And you look just like him!"

"Oh, okay! So I should train all the time to be stronger!"

Chichi's smile disappeared. "Err...no... I never said that..."

But her retort fell on deaf ears; Goten was too jumpy and animated to listen. He leaped down from his chair and dashed to the door.

"I'm gonna play outside now!" and he was gone like that.

Chichi face-palmed with a chuckle. "Yep, just like him..."

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