Baker's Chocolate

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If you had asked me a decade ago if I ever believed I could be this happy, I probably would have scoffed at you, and possibly flashed you a razor sharp smile. If you had asked me a century ago, I was this happy, but not in the same way. Immortality gives you a lot of time to think about things, but there are many things in my past I don't bring up willingly. When you can live forever, what do you live for? I wouldn't have been able to answer that before I met Bella. But while I was mortal, I did have something I lived for. Even in my early years of being a vampire I lived for her. Lifestyles have to change when the things you want to live for, is the thing you want to kill.

It was while watching my beautiful family and hearing their loving thoughts, that made me think of my happiness, and the expenses of such. My beautiful wife, Bella, had taken up gardening to keep herself occupied during the day. She was outside now, tinkering around in her picture perfect garden. I wanted her to live a normal human life, believing I was the most selfish being on earth for wanting to keep her forever. It was a change in fate that brought her change to happen, quicker than I was ready for. But that little change in fate was now who interrupted my contemplation, by slipping her hand into mine.

I smiled down at our daughter, Nessie. She was only a few years old, but was inching toward the body of a teenager. While the thought of having a child seemed impossible to me, I couldn't imagine live without her now.

"I'm bored." She huffed, leaning against me and watching her mother.

"How could you possibly be bored in this house?" I laughed. Bella looked up at the sound of my laughter, and blew me a kiss from her spot.

"I don't know. I don't know what I want to do." She complained.

"Go help your mother, you know she's always wishing you'd take an interest in that." She stood for a moment, imagining herself out in the garden pulling weeds. I watched her thoughts, not needing her to use her special gift to show me. Her vision slowly shifted to us in the kitchen, with mixing bowls in front of us.

"You want to bake?" I balked at the idea. I tried to push back the old memories away, not wanting them to resurface right now. However, if I refused, she would no doubt ask questions, that I would indubitably have to answer.

"Yes, chocolate chip cookies. Jacob will love them." She smiled, thinking of her werewolf. Now I felt nauseated, for two reasons. First, as she was quickly maturing, she was starting to think of Jacob in that way. Being able to read her thoughts was no longer a desired trait. Second, just thinking about the smell of chocolate chip cookies drug up all of those old memories I was trying to bury. Someday I would learn the secrets of olfactory memory retention. It was a subject I constantly studied whenever I went to medical school, hoping to find a way to defeat it. But would I give that up now? There were so many scents now that held memories of Bella. And would I want to give up those memories of Miranda?

Miranda. I hadn't thought her name aloud for years. I was taken away from the thought of her by Renesmee placing her hand on my face, showing the image of me lost in my personal thoughts, with a longing for answers.

"So cookies?" I asked, trying to change the subject of what I was thinking about.

"Do you not want to make cookies?" She answered with a question.

"No it's not that. I was just thinking about some good memories. Let's go up to the big house and find the ingredients." I took her hand again and took her outside.

"You two look like you're up to no good." Bella laughed, gently pruning a rosebush in the corner of her garden. She tried to incorporate different plants to represent everyone in the family. Ironically, the rosebush representing my dear sister was the thorniest one I have seen in my entire endless life. Nessie skipped over to her mother and placed her hand on Bella's cheek. I could see she was showing her the image of us with bowls, then of me being lost in thought. Bella looked up at me as we both felt the desire for answers through Nessie's thoughts. She raised one perfect eyebrow in question.

"I'm not sure what he's hiding." She mused. "You'll have to find out for me."

Nessie laughed and started to turn for the house. "First one there gets to lick the bowl." She giggled, knowing full well that I would not be partaking in the eating of any cookie dough, even if I could eat human food. I took Bella in my arms and kissed her passionately. Our feelings for each other only intensified the longer we were together.

"So what were you thinking about?" She asked. That was typically my line, but I let it go.

"Just some old memories. Nothing too important." I really didn't feel comfortable hiding things from her. But in this instance I really didn't know how she would react. As far as she knew, she was the only girl I had ever loved. Carlisle and Esme were the only ones that knew the truth. It was through their love of me, that I could live with these memories whenever they popped up to the surface. Carlisle had saved me from making mistakes I was afraid I would make. Esme's only wish was that I found someone that could make me happy. Lucky for all of us, that happened.

"I'm too fortunate to have you." I whispered in her hair, taking a deep breath of her scent. Hopefully this would hold me over while we were baking.

"I wish you would tell me. You look hurt." She said, concern filling her eyes.

"Just listen carefully, I'm sure our daughter will find some way for me to tell her." I kissed the top of Bella's head, before sprinting after Nessie to the house.


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