Kurou gritted his teeth in anger; Hiyo was off with Haine again! Did she really prefer that grey crow's company to his own?

He spread onyx wings and took off in a huge gust of wind, all the while muttering about punishing little white crow fiancées.

It certainly didn't help matters that he found the two of them in a rather compromising position, though certainly not one as bad as the time Hiyo had been in Haine's bed of all places.

They were snuggled up on one of the many stone benches in the school corridor (what Haine was doing at SM instead of Hyakki Kurou didn't know, and didn't particularly care, unless he was stealing his Hiyo.), and Hiyo was blushing profusely, while Haine whispered softly into her ear.

"HIYO. Come with me." Without waiting for an answer, Kurou lifted Hiyo into his arms and took off, leaving behind a smirking Haine.


"I'm sorry, Kurou." She whispered, her contrite tone unmistakable. Hiyo had indeed matured. "I didn't think that such a thing would matter so much to you, and I didn't consider your feelings." Here she looked up shyly at him, face blooming crimson at the bold words that came next.

"Let me make it up to you? Let me… let me love you tonight."

Kurou stared at her, stunned. The Hiyo he knew would never initiate something… carnal like that. Did she mean just kissing, perhaps. Gods, he hoped not.

Hiyo's next action put paid to such thoughts. In fact, Kurou could no longer think. His blood flow was being rapidly redirected southward.

Hiyo had taken off her shirt.

Needless to say, Kuro accepted Hiyo's extremely heartfelt apology.

But he would never thank Haine for it.


"See, I told you it'd work!" Haine grinned smugly at Hiyo. He leant forward conspiratorially. "So… how did Kuro like your… ministrations?"

Hiyo flushed maroon, fumbling for an answer. Fortunately, rescue came in the form of Hitomi, Gin and Yuki.

The Guardian Child got straight to the point, wagging an accusing finger in Haine's face. "I knew it – you cheated! You instigated Hiyo to seduce Kurou! If you had just kept your big mouth shut, it would have happened next month, and I would have won."

Hiyo stared uncomprehendingly at Hitomi, while Haine had a sheepish grin plastered on his face, hand scrubbing his hair awkwardly, very unlike his usual debonair self. "Uh, all's fair in love and war?"

Yuki smiled at the small group, blithe smile firmly in place. "Looks like the bet is off. Now we have to return all the money."


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