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Emmett's P.O.V.

I've got to find that song.

It was just about three hours after Bella had left the house and I was on my way to Radio Shack to buy myself an ipod and one particular song as soon as I got home. When I got into the store I went straight to where the ipods were. The lady at the counter looked terrified. Probably of me. Her name tag said that she was Denise. I tried to fix the determination on my face and turn it into a smile. It must have worked because she relaxed a little. Then I saw it. It was the most beautiful ipod I had ever seen. It was pink! COOL!

"Excuse me Denise." I said in my most sexiest voice. She turned to look and when her eyes met mine I heard her heart flutter.

"Y-Yes?" She asked stuttering.

"I've found something I'd like to buy."

"O-Okay." She stuttered. Again. She walked over to the glass door and put the key in it, turned it and asked. "Which one?"

"The Pink one. Please." I asked quiet politely. She looked at me astonished and grabbed the pink one. YAY! Finally after she rung it up and I paid for it I was out the door.

"Thank you, Denise" I yelled so loud that other people turned there heads to look. She blushed and sat down breathless and very pink.


"Hey, everyone! I'm home!" I shouted when I got into the house. They were all sitting there just staring at me astonished….. Ugh!!! Alice she can't keep a secret for anyone! Edward get out of my mind! geese no privacy! Finally someone spoke. It was Alice.

"Umm… Emmett are you okay?" She asked a little worried, but with a humongous smile on her face.

"Yep! Better then okay actually. I just went to Radio Shack and got myself the most awesome ipod ever!" Okay I might have just sounded like a kid on Christmas eve just now. "Anyways here it is" I pulled the awesome PINK ipod out of the bag and showed them! "It's cool isn't it?!"

Jasper and Edward started roaring with laughter.

"It's pink!" Jazz said.

"It suites you well Emmett, very good for your manly hood." Edward second.

I gave them a dirty look grabbed the laptop and started to go upstairs , but instead yelled.

"Hey, Jasper feel this emotion!" And tried to feel the most happiest person alive, well vampire. I saw him cringe. Mission get back at Jasper succeeded. Now… Mission get back at Edward next.

"Hey, Edward look at this." And I threw him a couple pictures of me and Rose doing stuff he does not want to see, I also threw some of just Rose to him too. I saw him cringe too. I win!


Finally I was upstairs looking for that song when there was a knock on the door. Hmm… wonder who that could be and went downstairs to look.

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