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Squeeful good news on the personal front: I finally got my own copy of Dragonquest! (Now I can return the copy I've been keeping hostage from the library.) After searching for a used version for three months, I finally gave in, despite feeling ridiculous buying new a book I've already read, and ordered a new copy since I got a gift card to my favorite bookstore for Christmas. Plus I found a cheap used copy of Skies of Pern while I was at it. I'm rebuilding my collection, huzzah!
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Dragonquest in Half an Hour

Chapter I
Robinton: *Writer's block*
Robinton: Meh
Robinton: *Awesome exposition action*

Benden Weyr: *Peaceful* *For once*
Canth: *Lazy*
F'nor: Slothful wretch!
Canth: Whatever
Numbweed: *Stink*
F'nor: Drat
Manora: Come here!
F'nor: Hey Manora, Lessa, …who're you?
Brekke: Hi
Lessa: Lookit the freaky pot
F'nor: Meh
Manora: No rly
F'nor: K, fine
F'nor: *Tease*
Lessa: *Tease*
Brekke: O.o
Manora: *Nag*
F'nor: Whatever
F'nor: *Gone*

T'reb: I'm a temperamental bully because my dragon's horny!
B'naj: I don't see anything wrong with this
Terry: Eek!
F'nor: Hi
T'reb: *Defensive*
F'nor: *Cool*
Terry: *Polite*
T'reb: *Aggressive*
F'nor: *Intervene*
B'naj: I'm going to just stand here and make the situation worse!
T'reb: *Attack*
F'nor: Oww!

Chapter II
F'lar: *Fume*
Mnementh: Calm down
F'lar: Why do you like giving advice so much?
F'lar: *Sigh*
Weyrleaders: *Arrive*
T'ron: I'm an overbearing incompetent arse!
F'lar: *Pleasant*
T'ron: Wut?
T'ron: *Accusatory*
Other Weyrleaders: *Correcting*
T'bor: *Provocative*
F'lar: Mnementh, tell him to shut up
T'bor: O.o
T'ron: *Accusatory*
F'lar: *Reasonable*
T'bor: *Provocative*
D'ram + G'narish: *Reluctant*
T'ron: *Accusatory*
F'lar: *Reasonable*
T'bor: *Provocative*
D'ram + G'narish: *Reluctant*
T'ron: *Accusatory*
F'lar: *Reasonable*
T'bor: *Provocative*
D'ram + G'narish: *Reluctant*
F'lar: I'm beginning to see a pattern here
T'ron: That's it!
G'narish: Wut?
D'ram: *Preachy*
F'lar: *Sigh*
T'bor: *Angry*
F'lar: *Reasonable*
T'bor: *Sigh*
F'lar: *Frustrated*

Chapter III
Ramoth: OMG Thread!
Benden Weyr: OMG wut?!
Benden Weyr: *Chaos*
Thread: *Fall*
Dragons: *Flame*
Dragons: Oww!
Mnementh: Something's wrong with this picture
F'lar: *Worried*
Asengar: Nice job
Asengar: Oh, btw, I'm just going to casually mention that Thread's been falling wonky all over the place
F'lar: OMG wut?!
F'lar: *Smile and nod*
Asengar: *Worry about forests*
F'lar: *Reassuring*
Asengar: *Worry about new crafthall*
F'lar: *Agreeing*
Asengar: This is just preaching to the choir
Mnementh: Can we go already?

Lessa: OMG you're hurt!
F'lar: Tattletale
Mnementh: *Unrepentant*
F'lar: *Pout*
Lessa: *Lecture*
Lessa: So anyway… wuzzgoinon?
F'lar: *Explain*
F'lar: *Frustrated*
Lessa: *Righteous anger*
Mnementh: LOL
Lessa: *Sigh*
F'lar: *Sigh*
Lessa: We've got company
T'ron: *Furious and arrogant*
F'lar: *Pleasant*
T'ron: *Accusatory*
F'lar: Oh, btw…
T'ron: OMG wut?!
F'lar: *Accidentally provocative*
F'lar: Whoops
Lessa: *Sweet and charming*
F'lar: O.o
T'ron: *Cooperative* *Somewhat* *For once*
D'ram + G'narish: Wuzzgoinon?
Messenger: OMG chaos at Telgar!
Weyrleaders: OMG!
Lessa: We have to help!
T'ron: No wai!
Lessa: Wai!
G'narish: Srsly, wai
Lessa: *Gone*
F'lar: *Explain*
F'lar: *Suggestion*
T'ron: No wai!
G'narish: *Suggestion*
F'lar: *Suggestion*
D'ram + G'narish: Yeah
T'ron: *Pout*
T'ron: But…
F'lar: No rly
D'ram: But…
F'lar: *Handwave*
F'lar: *Suggestion*
D'ram: *Reluctant*
F'lar: *Sigh*
D'ram + T'ron: *Leaving*
Lessa: Wait up!
D'ram + T'ron: *Gone*
G'narish: Wuzzgoinon?
Lessa: *Explain*
F'lar + Lessa + G'narish: *Discuss*
G'narish: *Leaving*
Lessa: *Accompanying*
Lessa: *Flirt*
F'lar: *Facepalm*
Mnementh: LOL
Lessa: *Sigh*
F'lar: O rly?
Lessa: *Pout*
F'lar: *Worry*
Lessa: *Rant*
Lessa: *Relent*
Lessa: 3!
F'lar: 3!
F'lar: Oww!
Lessa: Whoops
F'lar: *Sigh*
F'lar: *Lightbulb*
Lessa: Already there
Lessa: *Scold*
F'lar: LOL, fine