Official Summary: The third in a saga written over what is amounting to three years now, sequel to The Good in Evil and Lost Without You. It's not compulsory to have read those two previously to this one, but it would help you understand what the hell is going on.

AN. Okay, so just know I wrote this before Tekken 5 came out, hence the absence of a lot of characters in that game. However, I did rewrite a bit of it to include someone of the Kazama bloodline (you know who I mean). In the last story Jin was born, and as such he shall have a starring role in this. There are several different POVs and they rotate between each chapter. It will say who's POV it is in the first sentence of each chaper. Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoy.


Jun Kazama sat at the wooden table in the moonlight, fingering a golden locket around her neck. A lone tear tracked its way down her cheek and splashed onto her fingers. She opened the golden oblong and looked lovingly at the two pictures inside. One was of a kind-faced woman holding a little baby with black hair. The other contained everything she longed for.

"Kazuya," she whispered, closing her eyes.

Behind her eyelids, Kazuya Mishima was standing. His black hair was spiked up behind his head, his chest and scar exposed. He was wearing training pants, white ones with red patterns on each leg. Oh, how she missed him. It had been 14 years since she had last seen him, and she missed his touch as much as his face.

The door banged open and a young man entered. He was wearing a matching uniform; a dark grey shirt with the sleeves rolled up and green trousers. Jun smiled to see his black hair spiked behind his head, even if it was accompanied with a few loose strands as a fringe. He looked just like his father.

"Hi, Mum," he said happily, putting a few grocery bags down on the table.

"Hello, Jin," she replied. "Did you get everything?"

"Yeah. I saw Xiao at the supermarket. We talked; that's why I'm so late." He smiled dreamily up at the ceiling.

Jun laughed. She knew her son had had a crush on Ling Xiaoyu since they had met. She was a cute little Chinese girl, quite powerful in her own right, who was three years younger than Jin, but only two grades below him.

"But she started talking about this guy who worked at the counter. He wasn't even that good looking." Jin sighed and sat down at the table, pouting slightly. Jun bit back another laugh. She had heard of that trick; use a guy to make the guy you like jealous. Maybe Xiao was more cunning than either Kazama gave her credit for.

"Don't worry," she said. "I'm sure she won't like him for long."

He pouted even more, laying the top of his body on the table and crossing his arms, resting his chin on them. Jun put a hand on his elbow and smiled.

Then a dark presence pushed on her. It was similar to Kazuya's presence, but was far more concentrated than his, more evil. She gasped and sat up a little straighter. Jin was immediately alert, shooting to his feet.

"What is it, Mum?" he asked. He had learned to trust his mother's intuitions and feelings because, more often than not, they were right.

"Something's coming," she whispered. "Something...bad." She turned to Jin, who was standing in fighting stance. "You have to go."

"But, Mum," Jin protested. "You can't stay here alone. We'll go together."

"Listen to me, Jin. This...thing, whatever it is, will follow you, wherever you go. I'll stay here and try to hold it off. I want you to go to Mishima Mansion."

"Mishima Mansion," Jin repeated, his arms falling temporarily to his sides. "Why would I go there?"

She hesitated, before saying. "Heihachi Mishima is your grandfather. His son, Kazuya, was your father. If you go to Heihachi, you'll be safe until you're skilled enough to fight back."

"But, Mum," Jin said again. "I'm strong; I'm ready to fight anyone."

"You can't beat this evil, Jin. Not now," Jun said. "I want you to go to your grandfather. Say that you are Jin Kazama. Say that you're his grandson, and you want to learn Mishima Style Karate. He's too proud to turn you away."

"I want to stay with you," Jin said stubbornly.

"Jin, you're only fifteen." She put a hand on his cheek. "You've got your whole life ahead of you. Now promise me."

"I promise I'll go to Heihachi if anything happens to you," he said sulkily. "But nothing is going to happen, is it?"

Jun shut her eyes. The presence was getting closer. She opened them again and pulled Jin into a hug. He was already muscular and very tall for his age.

"Jin. Remember that, no matter what happens, I'll always love you." She kissed his cheek.

"I love you too, Mum." He kissed her cheek too.

Jun reached to the back of her neck and carefully undid the locket. She had never let him touch it before, and when she started to fasten it around his neck, his eyes widened. He had only ever looked at it before; she refused to remove it from around her neck in the fifteen years Kazuya had been gone.

"Take this," she whispered, the clasp hooking into place. She took the locket up in her hand and held it up. "If you ever feel that I'm not there, just look at this locket and remember me." She let it drop back onto Jin's chest.

There was a loud roar and Jun stared at the ceiling.

"You have to survive, Jin. For me, and for your father." She kissed his cheek again and they ran outside.

There was another roar and a tall, green man landed on the grass. His black eyes had tiny red irises that surveyed the two with cold distaste. A cold wind rushed through the forest, making the intruder's loincloth flutter, and Jun's dress swirl around her legs. She emerged from the cottage completely, assuming fighting stance.

She saw Jin doing the same from the corner of her eye.

"No, Jin. Run away!" she shouted, feeling despair sink into her gut. She knew her son too well to know that would work.

Jin ignored her walked in front of her, assuming his fighting stance. She watched in horror as they began fighting. Jin was hit hard across the face, flying to the side and landing on the ground. Jun started towards him, but then decided that he would be safe there. Her mind was overcome with hate for this evil, green man.

She slowly got into her fighting stance, knowing she probably wouldn't make it out of this battle. But she would fight anyway. She would fight for her son, who lay unconscious on the cold ground a short distance away. And she would fight for her lover, who had promised to return and now would never see her again.


Heat. Burning, searing heat. And the blaze of fire all around her.

Jun blearily opened her eyes, squinting against the harsh, flickering light that surrounded her. Her clothes seemed to be gone, torn almost to oblivion. A tall, broad figure stood over her, the large muscles clearly outlined by the firelight. His chest and legs were bare, a simple loincloth covering him. A large, Aztec-like headdress was worn like a crown on the proud head. Jun groaned, her hand coming up to shield her eyes. The figure lifted one huge foot, and she watched with vague detachment as it began the slow descent that would crush the life from her body.

There was an angry cry and the figure was kicked away. Jun looked in confusion at the new figure that stood in her line of sight. Her eyes took in the hard muscles, the long training pants, the red scar on his chest, the glint of bright red from his left eye, the two scars beneath his eyes, and the black hair styled behind his head. She smiled slightly at the look of tenderness that broke through the anger as he looked down at her.

"Kazuya," she whispered, her voice thin and harsh. "You came...back..."

Her eyes slid closed, and she blacked out.

AN. And there we have it; the end of the prologue. What an incredibly unsatisfying way to begin things. I hope this has stoked your interest. Please review XD