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Pairing: Harry/Kagome, it may change to Harry/Kagome/Malfoy

Ages: Kagome: 16, Harry, etc: 15

Brilliantly lit emerald-green eyes glanced out the frosted glass, taking in the beautiful scenery unconsciously. His fist clenched tightly against his hip as he thought of the past summer, no one told him anything, he had no idea what was going on in the Wizarding World, and most of it involved him, either directly or indirectly.

After all, he was the only one who could destroy Voldemort, at least, that's what the prophecy said.

"It seems that the Daily Prophet is still writing badly about you, Harry." Hermione Granger stated, tossing the newspaper over to her right, a slightly disgusted expression was etched into her pretty face. "Who in their right mind could believe that rubbish?" She said out loud, patting the ginger cat beside her. Crookshanks purred loudly at the attention, his large, bushy tail swishing happily.

"It's fine, Hermione," Harry said back quietly. "I don't really care what they write about me." The Boy-Who-Lived glanced back out the window again, though what he was saying was a half-lie. He didn't know why Fudge was so resistant to accepting the fact that Voldemort had returned the previous year, but it was really starting to grate on his very nerves. He didn't care what the Daily Prophet wrote about him, as long as the Ministry were getting themselves prepared for the war that was undoubtedly about to come.

But they weren't, and that's what bothered Harry so much.

"Only a real git would believe that." Ron said, running a hand through his fiery-red hair. He opened his mouth to say more, but closed it quickly when Hermione glared at him, obviously wanting him to drop the subject. Harry was rapidly losing his interest in the conversation, although Ron did mutter under his breath. "You were the one who brought it up."

Hermione sighed, quickly thinking up of another topic to converse about. She turned back to Harry, talking in an even quieter voice. "So, Harry, what do you think about the new class?" She asked, taking a look at her timetable. Internally, she was ecstatic to have such an interesting new class to take part in, but she didn't really think that Harry or Ron would share her enthusiasm.

"I don't know." Harry simply stated, trying to get out of his mood. He didn't need to take it out on Hermione or Ron, even if his anger had been building up over the entire summer. He half-grinned, pushing down the need to snap at his best friends as he also looked over his own timetable. "I've never actually seen a demon, have I?"

The tension within the compartment seemed to vanish instantly, as Hermione smiled back at him brightly. "Well, I think it's absolutely fascinating! Hogwarts has never had a class like this before available. I wonder who the teacher is going to be, though." She left off, leaning back and petting the ginger cat again.

"Never mind that. Who's going to be the new DADA teacher?" Ron stated, already groaning as he slumped down in his seat. "I bet he's going to be horrible!" He covered his eyes in mock horror, causing Harry to half-smile at the red-head's antics.

Harry was actually hoping that Lupin would resume his job as the DADA teacher, but that simply seemed impossible. The majority of the students would not feel the same towards Lupin, especially after finding out that he was a werewolf. It was just too improbable that Lupin would take the job up again.

Hermione frowned at the abrupt change in subject, wanting to talk about the new class at Hogwarts for a while. "I'm sure that Professor Dumbledore can find someone with the right credentials very easily. However, on this particular subject, I'm sure that it's much more difficult to find an expert. One that's qualified anyway." Hermione stated all-knowingly.

Ron rolled his blue eyes, opening his mouth to say something rude, but stopped when Harry elbowed him harshly. "Ouch! What was that for?" Ron muttered, rubbing his arm where Harry had hit him.

"Is Demonology a rare subject, Hermione?" Harry asked his female friend, almost regretting his question when Hermione smirked, getting that little look in her brown eyes that just screamed excitement. That usually meant she went into her lecture mode.

"Oh, yes! Demons have existed for many—" Hermione was suddenly interrupted as the door to their compartment abruptly opened, causing them all to look in that direction.

"Oh, excuse me!" A sweet voice said with a slight surprise. Harry widened his emerald eyes as he stared into two mismatched coloured eyes. The girl was absolutely stunning as she looked at them with a kind but sorry expression. "I'm sorry to bother you, but could I join you? All the other seats are taken." She asked kindly.

Hermione blinked, simply speechless for a few seconds. She suddenly bolted up in a straight posture. At first, Hermione threw the girl a suspicious glance but it disappeared after a moment she realised that the girl did not look like a big threat. Hermione had no knowledge of ever seeing this girl, she certainly wasn't in Gryffindor.

"Of course you can sit here." Hermione said in a polite tone, glaring at the gapping Harry and Ron, who were almost stunned by the girl's good looks. They both vaguely wondered if she was part Veela. "Please excuse Harry and Ron for their stupidity." Hermione said dryly, snapping said boys out of their daze.

"Thanks." The girl smiled brightly, moving in the compartment with grace. She took the seat next to Harry, as Ron was already sitting beside Hermione and Crookshanks. "My name is Kagome Higurashi." The girl said, giving a slight bow from her seat.

Hermione's brown eyes widened as Ron looked slightly confused by the bowing motion. Harry did nothing, merely stared at the girl rather intently. She did not react to his presence like he thought she would, it seemed as if she didn't even recognize him for who he was.

"Kagome Higurashi?!" Hermione practically screamed, her eyes wide. "You're Kagome Higurashi?!" She pointed her finger with disbelief, the Asian girl merely blinked at the action. Hermione's face suddenly exploded into excitement, her mouth talking at an alarming rate.

Harry, Ron, and Kagome simply stared at her, wide-eyed. "Ah… What are you taking about, Hermione?" Ron asked cautiously, catching Harry's eye and shrugging. It was obvious to Harry that Ron also didn't have a clue to who this 'Kagome Higurashi' was.

Kagome simply sat there, slightly amused at this girl's reaction. Yes, people did recognize her sometimes, but that was usually in Japan. She did not think that her name was this famous as to make it all the way to Europe's Magical Community.

"This is Kagome Higurashi!" Hermione glared harshly at Ron, not believing that he had never heard of her before. "She is the only recorded person to have ever controlled time!"

Both Harry and Ron widened their eyes, looking back at Kagome to confirm Hermione's statement. The black-haired female gave a small smile, her differently coloured eyes lighting up some. "Yes, that is true," She said in a quiet voice, as if she didn't want anyone else to hear what she was saying. "I am able to manipulate time to a certain extent."

Hermione seemed to just squeal in excitement, though Harry was much more interested in something else completely. "Your eyes are different colours." He said bluntly, Hermione stared at him like she had never seen him before. She did not expect him to be so forward!

Kagome blinked slowly, and internally sighed. Ever since she got back from her past travels, she had received this question countless times. She was getting rather tired of it. "Yes," She gave a small smile, giving out the same lie that she usually did. "I have Heterochromia, I was born with it." She explained, wishing she didn't have two different coloured eyes.

Her left eye had turned a light shade of green because of a very specific reason, although she was not going to tell anyone until someone guessed the correct reason. So far, no one had guessed any other reason than the one she had told, people simply believed her that she was born with one blue eye and one green eye.

"That's very interesting." Hermione said, wanting to converse with this mysterious person very badly about her time-manipulation abilities. Before she could open her mouth, Kagome interrupted her.

"I'm sorry, but you haven't told me your names yet." Kagome asked, glancing over to the black-haired boy. She smiled some; he himself had very pretty green eyes. They were much more interesting to her then her own eyes, which only reminded her of the past that she would like to forget.

"Oh, how rude of us! I'm Hermione Granger!" Hermione quickly said, elbowing Ron in the side. He grunted a bit, muttering how it hurt. She glared at him harshly.

"Ron Weasley." He muttered, turning a bright red as the girl smiled at widely. The girl was easily on par with Fleur Delacour, though this girl didn't seem to have the high attitude that Fleur seemed to possess.

"Harry Potter." Harry said quickly, already waiting for the staring or squealing. After a few moments of silence, he glanced at her weirdly; surprised that she didn't react like every other person he was suddenly introduced to. The girl smiled at like she did at Ron, and simply leaned backwards.

"It's nice to meet you all." She said kindly, fiddling with the silver fastening on her pitch-black cloak. She glanced at them, really hoping that they wouldn't ask about her presence. She sighed internally as Hermione dashed her hopes only a moment later.

"So, Kagome, what house are you in?" The bushy-haired girl asked politely, holding back all her other questions that were just about bursting to come out. Hermione herself was perplexed that she had never seen Kagome at Hogwarts before, but didn't question it for now.

Kagome blinked slowly, thinking quickly. "W-well," She gave a slight stutter, cursing to herself in her mind. She should have thought of an excuse long before boarding the train. She was bound to be asked these kind of questions sometime. "I don't actually attend Hogwarts, or least not as you think. I'm really here to talk with Dumbledore-sensei." She answered nervously, not wanting to reveal why she was really going to Hogwarts in the first place. Having it revealed in front of the entire school would be bad enough.

"Oh." Hermione blinked, now knowing why she had never seen Kagome around at Hogwarts before. She was about to ask something else when Kagome suddenly stood up, giving a slight apologetic look towards them.

"I'm sorry, but I have to go find something." Kagome said, wincing at how horrible that reason sounded. It sounded like she just wanted to leave. 'Nice time to run off, Kirara!' Kagome thought with irritation, having noticed her two-tailed feline's disappearance long before she entered Harry's compartment. "My cat ran off." She added, making the reason sound a bit better.

"Oh, alright." Hermione sounded a little disappointed; she wouldn't get to ask the questions she was dying to ask. The Golden Trio watched the Japanese girl leave the compartment, shutting the door behind her.

The bushy-haired girl suddenly turned to Ron, ignoring his questioning look. "Come on, Ron! We have Prefect duties! Remember!" Hermione snapped, irritated with his clueless look. She stood up, grabbing his arm to pull him up. She frowned when she noticed that she was a lot shorter than him, who seemed to have grown half a foot over the summer. "Let's go!"

"But, Hermione! I wanted to know what's so special about that girl! Why do you know her and everything!" Ron exclaimed, already annoyed with his Prefect duties. Maybe he should not have accepted them…

"I'll explain it when we're patrolling the train!" Hermione said, pulling Ron out of the compartment. She suddenly turned around. "I'm sorry, Harry, but we'll back in a while. I'm sure that you can go and find Neville or Ginny to sit with." She said, snatching the newspaper so it wouldn't be in the same room as Harry. She didn't want him to have a tantrum like he did at 12 Grimmauld Place.

Hermione gave a last wave, pulling Ron out of the room. Harry merely slumped in his chair, feeling his dark mood come back.

A few moments later, the door opened again, and Harry looked back again. For some reason, he was expecting Kagome again. There was something he would've liked to ask her. He was slightly disappointed when it was only Neville, Ginny, and a blond girl who he had never met before.

It would only be a few minutes later in which Harry would be introduced to Luna 'Loony' Lovegood.

"Kirara! Kirara!..." Kagome called out, running through the train's narrow corridor, looking for her twin-tailed guardian. Kagome would do anything for the feline; even give up her very life. Kirara was about the only thing she had left of her past, and she could not let that go. Sango had given Kirara to her, saying that Kirara would be better used in her possession. After all, Sango had temporary retired from her taijiya occupation as she had to raise two newly born twin daughters.

"Mou! Where did she go?" Kagome muttered, feeling irritated after a few moments of useless searching. Kirara was a very paranoid demon; she had to scout out all the areas they travelled to, just to make sure there were no disposable threats around to harm Kagome. 'Though I can handle most things myself.' Kagome thought, too engrossed in her mind to notice the person in front of her, she slammed into him harshly. "Itai!" She mumbled from her place on the floor, looking up to see what she had hit.

It was a male; he had platinum blond hair with cold grey eyes. He had turned around the instant she had bumped into him, an irritated look to his pale face. "Watch where you're going!" He said coldly, blinking as he only looked at thin air. He suddenly glanced downwards, a sneer suddenly forming on his pale face. His mouth opened to say something, but all that come out was a strange noise that formed from the back of his throat.

"Kirara…" Kagome sighed, trying to hold back her grin when she spotted her twin-tailed cat, her small fangs digging into the pant leg of the blond boy. The boy swore loudly, shouting.

"Get this thing off of me!" His grey eyes flashed, kicking out his leg in hopes of throwing the cat away from him. It didn't work as the cat dig in her fangs even more savagely, her claws now added.

"Just stop moving!" Kagome had now gotten off the ground, amusement bubbling up internally. This boy probably wasn't all that decent if Kirara was attacking him, but Kirara was her responsibility, she could not let her little feline friend go around biting everyone she didn't like. "Kirara, get off of him!" The miko ordered, the nekomata letting go instantly, jumping up into Kagome's arms and purring loudly.

The blond male glared at her harshly, and with hatred. A few moments later, however, the hatred had turned into a small confusion, so small it almost wasn't visible. "What house are you from?" He asked bluntly, and rudely. Another sneer formed on his face, for no reason whatsoever.

Kagome frowned, not liking this one's attitude. "And what's it to you?" She asked coldly, she wasn't about to take any kind of crap from anybody. A secret smile suddenly formed on her pretty face. Not that she would say this to him right now, she had more authority then him, he would regret it if he tried to do anything…

"You're not from Slytherin, or from Gryffindor. So which is it? Ravenclaw, or Hufflepuff?" The blond male asked, the sneer still present. If the girl was in Ravenclaw, then she could be of some use, but if she was in Hufflepuff… The male wrinkled his nose at the very thought, disgust overriding the sneer.

"Neither, if that answers your question," Kagome answered, bypassing the blond boy, Kirara still in her arms. She turned around, give a fake wide smile. "See you around." She left the boy behind her, intending on going to the head of the train to ask how much longer it was.

Draco Malfoy frowned as he watched the female walk away from him, his cold grey eyes watching her every move. The sneer spread across his face again, not getting the answer he had wanted. He suddenly snorted, turning around with a swish of his long black cloak, walking towards his own compartment.

His father would like to hear of this new development.

Twinkling blue eyes took in the sights warmly, a large smile on his bearded and aged face. "I greet you in hopes that you have a marvellous year, my students." Dumbledore raised his arms in welcome. Light blue eyes caught emerald-green eyes, seemed to have lost their brightness, and then moved on.

Harry Potter bristled at the action, why was Dumbledore ignoring him? He acted this way at the hearing, and now it seemed even worse.

"I am glad to report that we have a new Defence against the Dark Arts teacher!" Dumbledore raised his arm over to the person sitting at the end of the teachers' table. She was wearing pink, and a lot of it. She was very toad-like in appearance, although this is not why the magical students were whispering amongst themselves rapidly.

"Please welcome Professor Dolores Umbridge!" Dumbledore clapped, getting the unenthusiastic students to give a half-hearted welcome. The clapping stopped only a moment later. Professor Umbridge gave a sickly sweet smile, her perfect while teeth visible to all.

"I am pleased to say that Hogwarts has added a new subject to the students' curriculum, one that is mandatory to fourth years' and up." Dumbledore said, eying the students that were eying the person sitting in between Professor Snape and Professor Umbridge. She was way too young to be a professor…

Harry widened his emerald-green eyes as he stared into the mismatched eyes of the Japanese girl who he had briefly met on the train.

Malfoy narrowed his grey eyes, smirking slightly. Oh yes, his father would like to hear of this new development.

"The new subject, Demonology, is going to be taught by none other than Kagome Higurashi!" Dumbledore motioned for Kagome to stand up. She did so, her pretty face turning a light red as the students simply stared at her.

She gulped, now regretting her choice of choosing to accept this job… though she knew that she had to.

After all, this Tom Riddle character was apparently collecting demons for his dark army… at least according to Dumbledore he was…