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'That colour really should be illegal.' Kagome vaguely thought, resting her head upon her raised hand, watching the woman clad in bright pink make some sort of speech directed towards the students of Hogwarts. The miko squinted her mismatched eyes; the pink was almost burning her eyes. 'Just how long is she going to go on for?' She almost rolled her eyes, shifting impatiently in her seat.

Kagome gave a subtle glance to her left, observing all her fellow professors. Out of them all, she had only met three of them, as brief as each meeting was.

Dumbledore-sensei was the one who had contacted her in person, he was the one who had requested her presence at his school because demon sightings in Europe was starting to explode, she was the only one who could really help.

She had briefly met McGonagall-sensei and Snape-sensei at 12 Grimmauld Place, where she stayed for a small time before coming to Hogwarts. They weren't exactly the friendly-type, but they were civil towards her, no matter how small it was on Snape's part.

Her differently coloured eyes landed on the Gryffindor table, zeroing in on the black-haired boy. 'He's Harry Potter,' Kagome thought, eyes narrowing. 'He's the one I have to focus my attention on, then. I'm supposed to protect him above all other students.' She sighed internally; it was Dumbledore's highest request of her. Harry Potter's life was the most important, above all the other students.

"Thank you, Professor Umbridge for that enlightening speech. Now, as I was saying—" Dumbledore stood up when Umbridge finished her speech, ending it with a girlish little giggle that just seemed to grate on everyone's nerves.

Kagome tried to hide her slight annoyance as Umbridge sat back in her chair, the one to her right. The miko could immediately tell that they were not going to get along at all. She immediately snapped her eyes off her food when the new DADA professor began to make some casual small talk with her.

"So, you are teaching the new subject, Demonology?" Umbridge asked with a fake sweetness, not bothering to touch her food in front of her. A fake smile was stretched along her toad-like face.

Kagome blinked, not expecting for Umbridge to make any kind of conversation with her. "…That's right." She hesitated to answer, wary of that fake smile.

"And you are a priestess?" Umbridge prodded, she and the Ministry were actually unaware of the new subject until very recently. It was her duty to get everything out of the new Professor and report it to Fudge.

"Shinto," Kagome added, nodding her head the very slightest. There were many types of priestesses throughout the world. She practised a very specific religion. "I'm a Shinto priestess, a miko."

"Lovely." Umbridge smiled with even more fake sweetness, not bothering to make any more conversation with the teenager after she got what she wanted.

Kagome frowned, furrowing her brows. Her hands clenched, the fabric of her fingerless gloves making a small noise.

Why did she just feel that she had made a big mistake by telling the woman what she was?

"Isn't this so exciting?" Hermione almost squealed, practically running towards the classroom. "I can't wait to begin the new class!" She glanced back towards Harry and Ron, urging them to pick up their pace. They were far too slow, even if the class didn't start for another twenty minutes. She wanted to get there early to get front-row seats.

"Tch," Ron snorted. "How good can this class really be? I mean, the professor can't be that much older then us." The red-head mentioned, throwing his arms behind his head, slowing his pace a bit. He didn't want to get there too early.

"She has to be something, doesn't she? Dumbledore did hire her himself." Harry said, almost sulkily. He wasn't sure why he was defending Dumbledore after being ignored by the Headmaster for the whole summer. It was just a natural response, or so it seemed.

"Yeah, well…" Ron had nothing to say to that, falling silent. He stared at Harry for a moment, a bit wary because of his attitude. Was he still not over the incident of the Daily Prophet? He knew Harry's temper, and had no desire to trigger such temper.

"Age doesn't matter," Hermione immediately waved off such a thing. "I'm sure she's more than qualified." She smiled, her brown eyes flashing in excitement as they finally arrived at the classroom. It was only the second class of the day, but she couldn't wait to get started. The only thing that would ruin it was that they had to share the class with the Slytherin's and more particular, Malfoy.

Hermione did not slow, even as the trio spotted the new professor sitting at the head desk, head down low as she was writing something on parchment. Blue-green immediately snapped upwards at the three, a small smile grew on her face.

"You are fifteen minutes early, you know." Kagome said with amusement, having been forewarned of Miss Granger's enthusiasm for knowledge. She was glad to have a distraction, already tired of the paperwork she seemed to be loaded with. She was already dreading the coming days, especially the marking. As if teaching four classes in a row a day wasn't enough.

"I wanted to get my preferred seat, Professor Higurashi." Hermione said, sitting down at the front desk. She watched as Harry and Ron sat at the desk placed beside hers, the desks only held two people each.

Kagome twitched, wincing internally at the name. She desperately wanted to correct Miss Granger; she didn't want to be called Professor. However, that would be inappropriate; she was an authority figure to the three, even if they were around the same age.

Kagome simply smiled, happy to have a student who wanted to learn so badly. Demonology was a rather complicated subject, one had to be intent on learning it if they wanted to know anything about demons.

Harry stared at the female professor, memorised by her mismatched eyes. She was interesting to him, especially how she didn't react to his name and his fame.

Ron merely sat back, not really excited about taking the new class. It only meant more homework for them. He smirked as he lazily opened one blue eye, the teacher being a hot girl was only a plus for him. He would something to occupy his time with during the class.

The fifteen minutes passed quickly, the majority of the students filed in at the last minute. They sat in their seats, and Kagome sighed inwardly. This was the part where she did not enjoy, the introduction of herself. She knew that she was bound to be asked about her age, a question that she was unwilling to answer.

The miko stood from her desk, blue-green eyes looking towards the class with confidence. She needed to confidence to gain and maintain the class' attention.

Her name was already written in English on the blackboard, though she stated it for the people who couldn't pronounce it by reading it. "My name is Kagome Higurashi, and I'm here to teach you Demonology by request of Dumbledore-sensei," She said, getting straight down to business. The first day she would be easy on the students, it would be more of an introduction day.

"And for those who don't know what Demonology is, it is the systematic study of demons and the beliefs about demons. I will teach you everything I know about demons." Kagome stated, seeing a few hands raised already.

"Yes? Please state your name before I answer your questions." Kagome pointed out a student, already knowing it was Hermione Granger.

"Hermione Granger," The witch said quickly, eager to get on with the class and to get to know the professor. "Are demons really siding with the dark side and You-Know-Who?" She asked, having heard a rumour at the Order Headquarters about Voldemort collecting demons for his dark army.

Kagome blinked, Dumbledore having warned her about treading carefully with the subject of Voldemort. The British Magical Ministry apparently didn't believe in Voldemort's return, and made that opinion very clear in numerous magical newspapers.

"It is true that demons are joining the Death Eaters. They are being convinced in small numbers right now, but that soon will increase." Kagome stated grimly, most demons wanted nothing to do with humans, though some would be tempted by Voldemort and his promises of humans to slaughter.

Hermione nodded, satisfied with the answer. She glanced over to Harry, whose emerald eyes had darkened considerably. She sighed quietly, knowing it would that much harder to fight against Voldemort now with demons on his side.

"Yes?" Kagome pointed out another student, noting it was the blond boy she had met on the train. It was the one Kirara disliked immensely. It was the permanent sneer on his pale face which made Kagome wary of him. She did not enjoy the superior air that he seemed to hold around him.

"Draco Malfoy," Malfoy drawled slowly, as if he thought she couldn't understand English completely. His cold grey eyes flashed as he smirked. "Are you really sure you're qualified for this job?" He sneered. He, like all others, had noticed that she seemed too young to be a professor.

Kagome sighed, already irritated with the arrogant blond. She rubbed her temples in an attempt to get rid of her coming headache. "My age is of no concern to you. And yes, I am more than qualified for this job. I am employed as a demon exterminator for the Japanese Ministry of Magic. I am also a miko." She explained, blinking as Hermione gasped audibly.

"Are you really?" Hermione asked in complete surprise, having read that all mikos were dead and extinct; it was a shock to her to find out that one was still alive and well. The information that she had read on Kagome Higurashi was that she could manipulate time to a certain extent. There was nothing in the article about Kagome being a miko.

"Yes, I am." Kagome blinked; surprised that someone even knew what a miko was. She suddenly smiled, remembering the warnings from her fellow professors that Hermione was knowledge-hungry. It really shouldn't be a shock to her that Miss Granger knew what a miko was.

"What's a miko?" Ron asked, forgetting to raise his hand and state his name. Harry also sat up, intent on listening. This was a class that he wanted to do well in, especially after hearing that Voldemort was collecting demons on his side.

Kagome flicked her eyes lazily over to the red-head, sighing. She planned to have a whole class on spiritual humans, though she could always briefly explain to them what a miko was.

"A miko is a Shinto priestess who has the ability to purify demons due to spiritual powers." Kagome briefly explained, knowing there was much more to say on the subject. However, that was for a different day. "Yes?" She pointed to another student with their hand up.

"Can you really manipulate time?" A Slytherin girl asked, interested in their new professor. "I read in an article that you can."

"Yes, I can manipulate time, but only to a certain extent." Kagome explained, hoping that she wouldn't have to get into a complex subject of time manipulation and time travel.

"What do you mean?" Harry spoke up, wondering if her abilities were anything like a Time-Turner.

Kagome flicked her green-blue eyes over to the Boy-Who-Lived, focusing on his face. She smiled suddenly, knowing that she would get to know this boy very well in the next year. His back story was very interesting to her, though she didn't react outwardly to his name. She thought that he may be tired of that by now.

"Alright," She sighed, thinking up of a simple way to explain her abilities. Her eyes flashed as she thought of one. "I can think of one simple way to explain it, but you will have to listen closely if you want to understand this." She warned, standing in front of her desk. She leaned back against it casually as the students listened intently, not causing any trouble for the new professor's first day. Even Malfoy was quiet, thinking he could use any information to give to his father.

"Alright, think of time as a narrow hallway, one with an uncountable number of doors on each side," Kagome said thoughtfully. "You are always walking in a straight direct line in this hallway, and you cannot turn back or go backwards. Time is always going in one direction, forwards."

"What do the doors represent?" Hermione asked as Kagome paused, completely fascinated with the subject. Hermione was well aware of the dangers of time manipulation.

"The doors represent choices and decisions that you make in your lifetime. Once you make a decision, you will unconsciously go through a door, which leads to another hallway," Kagome said, smiling a bit. She knew that she would get along with Hermione very well. The girl was smart. "You are always walking down a hallway, the hallway is never-ending." Kagome blinked. "Well, the hallway ends when you die as your time is no longer."

"And what does this have anything to do with time manipulation?" Malfoy rudely interrupted, sneering at the young professor.

"Five points from Slytherin," Kagome stated lazily, not concerned with the Malfoy heir. From what she could see, he was nothing but a spoiled brat. She would put him in his place rather easily.

Harry, Ron, and Hermione all smirked as a light pink tinge appeared on Malfoy's pale face. Harry immediately decided that he liked this Professor Higurashi.

"For everyone, the hallway is the same; you can only go in one direction, forwards at a set pace." Kagome smiled, this is where it differs for her. "However, it is very different for me. I am able to travel in different directions, but most of all, backwards." Kagome smiled as Hermione sat forwards, eager to hear more.

"It's only to certain extent, but I am able to walk backwards, at any pace that I wish. However, I can only go so far backwards with my own magic." The miko stated, manipulating time was very hard for her to actually do. There was no way she could ever go back as far as five hundred years without the magical help of the well, the Goshinboku, and the Shikon.

"I am able to do this because I can physically see time particles," Kagome smiled, glancing at the almost non-visible blue lights floating in the air. "Normal humans cannot see time particles, and cannot move them around. However, I am able to do this, allowing me to manipulate time to a certain extent."

Harry raised his hand, green eyes intent. "What do you mean by a certain extent?" He asked, noticing that she kept on saying that.

Kagome smiled. "Well, in order to manipulate time, you need to manipulate the time particles. However, I can only see very few of them. For every one time particle I do see, there are probably about one billion more that I can't see. Also, manipulating the time particles is very exhausting and over-taxes and puts a lot of stress on my body." Kagome suddenly smirked. "I suppose I can say that time manipulating abilities is more like… super-speed to other humans."

"What do you mean?" Hermione immediately demanded, needing the answers. This was all very fascinating to her.

"I guess I can show you," Kagome said, her smirk wider. The entire class immediately went on edge when the professor suddenly disappeared in a blur, vanishing before their very eyes.

"I moved the time particles more quickly then what they would flow naturally," Kagome's voice echoed from behind them, the class quickly turned around to see that Professor Higurashi was standing at the entrance to the class to their surprise, none of them even seen her move!

"I moved the time particles faster, too fast for human eyes to catch. It means I can move with the particles, speeding up the time that naturally flows around me for a few moments, allowing me to move freely within the time stream." Kagome explained, watching the student's awed faces. She smiled, happy to impress the students.

"Well, class is over." Kagome smiled even wider, happy to see that some of the student's had disappointed expressions. That simply meant they liked her class, and didn't want to be over yet. "Tomorrow, we get to work. I will start on Demonology. We will learn what a demon is, what a demonic half-breed is, what a human host is, and what a human avatar is."

Professor Higurashi dismissed her students, allowing them to leave at their own pace. She walked back up to her desk, mentally preparing for her next class. It would be the sixth years for Gryffindor and Slytherin, she had just finished with the fifth years.

The students filed out the room, the Golden Trio being the last, Harry taking one look back at Kagome before leaving the classroom. Kagome merely smiled at that, whistling low under her breath.

A few moments later, her two-tailed familiar came bounding into the room, hearing her new master's call. Kirara chirped a mew, her large ruby eyes glancing upwards towards Kagome.

"Kirara, I want you to tail Harry Potter for me, follow him at any time you can. I need you to protect him for me, and make sure that nothing happens to him," Kagome giggled as Kirara butted her head against her cheek. "Can you do that for me?" She asked, stroking Kirara's head as she mewed, giving her answer.

"Thank you." The miko let the nekomata run off, following Harry Potter out the door.

"Well," Kagome sighed, running her hand through her long, black hair. "I guess I should mail Souta a letter and see how he is doing with his demon exterminator training…"

Red-crimson eyes narrowed, a smirk appearing on the lipless mouth. "How… perfect." He stated, looking towards the kneeling figure on the ground.

Aquamarine eyes glanced towards Voldemort, red lips smirking arrogantly. "I know." The female said with arrogance, flicking silvery hair back. "Stand up." She ordered the figure kneeling on the ground, the figure obeyed immediately.

Red eyes drank in the sight hungrily, knowing this would be a perfect opportunity for his cause. The figure stood up, she was completely naked, though neither in the room noticed. The figure's long, black hair hid most private areas from view anyhow.

"Hai, Tsubaki-sama?" The figure asked, opening her eyes to reveal a crimson-red with cat-like slit pupils, clawed fingers curled.

Tsubaki smirked, seeing many opportunities rise now that she has joined Voldemort's dark army. It took his Death Eaters a lot just to convince her to travel out of Japan and to Europe, but now she saw it was worth it.

Her shikigami was a masertpiece, one of a kind. Of course, it couldn't have the same pure spiritual powers as she did, but demonic power would do nicely for this shikigami.

"Your name is 'Kagome' for now," Tsubaki said smirking, looking towards the Kagome-look-a-like. The best thing about shikigami was that she could make them look like anyone she wanted. "And this is your first target." The kuro-miko held up a magical photo, the person inside moved freely.

'Kagome's' red eyes glanced towards the target's photo, and she smirked ferally. "Hai, Tsubaki-sama, I will do as you wish."

Tsubaki narrowed her eyes at Voldemort when he spoke. "Careful now, your target is a werewolf after all." He taunted the shikigami, though he gained no response from her as he had hoped. She didn't even look at him…

"My shikigami are more than capable of handling something as simple as this." Tsubaki snorted, almost laughing at the thought that a mere werewolf could beat her shikigmai. "Go now." She dismissed the shikigmai, who nodded and disappeared in a flash.

Tsubaki ignored Voldemort, not all frightened to be in his presence. He was nothing to her but her to ticket to that wench.

'And I will have my revenge.' Tsubaki thought darkly, her face growing with hatred.

A very large scar suddenly appeared on Tsubaki's flawless face, centered around her eyes.

'The Shikon no Miko will pay for doing this to me!'

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