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I don't know why, I can't explain it, but watching this man wither in pain was becoming unbearable and yet I couldn't leave his side. This man, who I have never met, never heard his voice, only his anguish filled screams. The screams of the day I had been playing over and over in my head ever since I brought him here, to Carlisleā€¦ to me.


Those screams. I will always remember those terrified yells, the overpowering smell of blood, the burning in my throat, my control quickly slipping away as I followed the heavy scent of blood on the wind. All thoughts had strayed from my mind as I searched for this delicious woodsy but sweet scent. The screams became louder as I approached. I had pushed them from my mind, wanting to only focus on satisfying the overwhelming scorch in the back of my throat.

Then I saw him.

Looking helpless, bleeding furiously, a bear ferociously attacking him. His curly hair, along with his ripped clothes were covered in blood and dirt, I could tell he would have a gorgeous smile, wide, dimples.

I sprang, easily taking down the bear, cracking its neck. For some reason I didn't want to just scare it off, I wanted to hurt it for hurting this innocent, beautiful man. I left the bear immobile and howling, near death, but no where near to death as this man, this oddly familiar man. I tried to search through my hazy human memories, trying to see the past through my dull human eyes. Then, as the compelling stranger opened his eyes with a laboured breath, he looked at me and contently smiled.


Those dimples, those curls, those innocent eyes, they were all like Henry. The hazy human memory suddenly became clear, as if I had seen it with my heightened vampire senses. Those wonderful few hours spent before my human life was so savagely taken away from me came flooding back into my memory. I had to save this man, I had to ignore the scorching pain in my throat, I had to get him to Carlisle.

I took his fragile bloodied body in my arms looked into his hooded eyes as he started to descend into unconsciousness.

"I'm going to save you." I promised him.

Then I ran. I ran as fast as my legs would take me, willing them to go faster, trying to outrun my thirst. Those hundreds of miles seemed to stretch on forever.


"It wont be much longer" I heard a soft voice say over the screams.

"I know." My eyes focused on every movement, every shift of weight, every twitch, every breath, but I was still lost in thought. What if he resents me for this, what if he doesn't want this, what if he never wants me?

I felt a hand on my shoulder, "Rose?" I shrugged it off.

I felt his weight added to the couch that I had been perched on for the past two and a half days.

"Rose, he won't." Edward whispered.

"How do you know, maybe he'll resent me, just like I did Carlisle." I said my voice low with fear.

"I don't think he will."

"How can you be so sure" I was willing to listen now. Edward talked with such conviction and I wanted any reason to forget my own worries, to believe that something would finally end up how I wanted it to.

"As the pain starts to fade, he is able to regain some of himself, some thought, clinging to his fading memories to distract him from the pain."

He paused, taking a breath, trying to figure out how to word what to say next "All I can see in his thoughts is your face, you telling him that you're going to save him. He repeats to himself over and over, 'get through this for her, for this angel who saved me, who brought me to God.'"

The venom burned behind my dark eyes and I reached over to hug Edward. A very rare occurrence for us seeing as we never found much time for hugging through all the fighting, but we loved each other like siblings. We would be there for each other. "Thank you, Edward"

"Besides Rose, we're all not as pigheaded as you."

I pulled away to see a smirk on his face. I playfully hit him in the chest "Cant you just leave a tender moment alone, Eddie"

"Not on your life, Rosie Posie" He chuckled. The laughter abruptly stopped, "He's going to be awake soon. The pain, it's nearly gone, he can hear us now."

I was taken aback by this. I don't know why, I knew it would happen. I remember when I could hear my family discussing me amidst my pain. I heard Edward leave the room and I approached the bed where my beautiful stranger lay. His appearance hadn't changed much, his hair fuller maybe, teeth a bit straighter, paler skin, all of his wounds from the bear healed.

It felt like I should say something, but I didn't know how to begin, what would be appropriate, would he even want to listen.

I took a calming breath, unnecessary but necessary all at the same time. "I'm Rosalie." I started simply, "I guess I'm that angel who saved you." I paused and then whispered "Now if only I knew who you were. If I only I could put a name to your face" and I gently stroked his face with my hand.

The withering of his body lessened, his strangled cries had ceased, replaced with soft whimpers, like a wounded puppy and I smiled at the strange innocence about him. The innocence that was rekindling my vague human memories of happier times spent with family and friends. Happy memories that were pulling a shade over the last few dark hours of my human life, for now at least.

I looked down at his face as I stood over the bed he had been placed in, the sheets all twisted around him from his thrashing body. I saw the pain fleeting away from his face, it was nearly time for his eyes to open, time for the blue eyes that I had only ever seen full of panic to be turned red then eventually gold.

"Carlisle" I said, never taking my eyes off the angelic man on the bed, eager to put a name to the face.

I heard him enter the room, "It's nearly time" I said excitement in my voice.

"Now listen Rosalie, please don't get your hopes up to high, I know you want this to go exactly how you planned, but sometimes it's best to not expect anything, I learned that the hard way."

His words sent a pang of guilt through me. Guilt for the pain that I put him through, Carlisle was trying to help, he didn't think it was my time to go, and for the first time as I watched the blood red eyes slowly crack open, I was glad for the change. I lightly grazed Carlisle's hand with my own and smiled at him, before turning my attention back to the reborn man before me.

As soon as he opened his eyes, he locked them with mine and whispered "Rose?" he asked.

I nodded, the venom pooling behind my eyes, burning and I bit back a tearless sob of joy.

He smiled a little, showing his dimples and sat up


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