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He smiled a little, showing his dimples and sat up


In the two and a quarter seconds it took us to finally speak to each other, introduce ourselves, he had spotted Carlisle.

With his new, unfamiliar vampire speed, he crashed into the corner of the room, his instincts telling him to crouch defensively due to the fact that he did not recognize Carlisle.

I could see disbelief take over his face, his heightened senses causing confusion.

His new red eyes were seeing once unnoticeable things, like dust in the air or the pores on his skin, as works of art. He could smell everything around him, from the ironically rosy scent of my skin to the paint Esme was using downstairs. I noted his surprise at the strange but comfortable feeling of breathing as his chest unnecessarily heaved up and down.

He growled as he heard Carlisle draw in a breath to talk but made no move to attack when he darted his eyes towards me and saw me standing calmly beside Carlisle.

"Emmett," Carlisle said carefully, "I'm Carlisle Cullen."

"What have you done to me?" He finally felt his thirst "Why is my throat on fire?" He asked in a dry but smooth growl.

"You are part of a different life now Emmett, you are a Cull-"

"Um, Carlisle," I interrupted him in a low voice, my eyes never leaving the disoriented new born in the corner, his new strength threatening to break the wall "Maybe I should tell him, take him hunting."

Emmett was giving Carlisle a fierce scowl, but whenever Emmett's eyes flickered over towards me his face softened.

"Rosalie, he's a newborn. It's not safe." Carlisle said to me as Emmett's gaze bore into him.

"I can handle it Carlisle." I replied confidently

He looked into my eyes, as if searching for something, and sighed "okay."

I stepped forward boldly, knowing for some inexplicable reason that Emmett wouldn't try to hurt me, I could feel it, see it in his eyes somehow. I offered him my hand. He looked at it, and then looked at me, into me. He stood straight and extended his hand, I grasped it.

"Come on" I said a smile tugging at my lips.


"Just follow your instincts." I said as we smoothly ran through the woods, away from prying human eyes, delicious human blood. "It takes some getting used to"

He nodded, concentrating on satiating his unaccustomed thirst.

I inwardly sighed to myself. I knew he was pleased about being a vampire; these new sensations were causing him immense enjoyment. My fear was; what if he doesn't want this eternally thirsty lifestyle. What if he leaves to hunt humans?

A new scent picked up on the wind, grizzly.

He caught it, "about two and a half miles northeast" he murmured. For reasons unbeknownst to me, I felt strangely proud that he was able to figure out where the scent was coming from so quickly.

We followed the scent, our hands still connected. As we approached closer we started to slow our pace. "Just jump on its back and dig in" I said in a low voice.

He nodded, and carefully walked towards the bear, keeping behind trees. He lightly jumped and was atop the bear, sinking his teeth into his neck as the bear thrashed around in an attempt to get the foreign thing off its back. He did this all with such grace; it was like a dance between him and the bear.

I walked over at a human pace as Emmett sucked the bear dry.

When I got there he looked up and laughed, "This is a little vengeful… I like it."

I laughed. I hadn't laughed a real true laugh since I was human, it was odd. This awakening of old, hidden emotions; happiness, humour, confusion… desire- it- feeling again- was a little overwhelming.

"Seriously, from what I gather this is a new diet of sorts… so I guess I get to live the rest of my life on a bear vendetta."

I laughed harder, there was an unfamiliar ache in my sides, and a real smile adorned my face. He looked at me through this whole outburst of emotion, a smile playing on his lips.

"You're a touch ridiculous; I hope you're aware of that." I said to him, my laughter subsiding.

"I've been told." He paused, gathering his thoughts "I hate to be so forward, well actually I don't mind at all, but what the hell has happened to me?"

"Well we covered the basics, you vampire, me vampire-"

"Beautiful vampire"

Even though I knew I was beautiful, hearing him say it was different. I felt like blushing, even though I couldn't technically. Instead I gave him a small smile and once again offered him my hand. I lead him over to a fallen tree and we sat on top of it, crossing our legs to face each other.

"What else do you want to know?" I asked him, knowing there must be a thousand questions running through all the new room in his mind.

"Just tell me about- about this life, about your life."

"Well… Esme, Carlisle, Edward and I are a coven."

The smile he had been wearing since his hunt suddenly faltered, "Oh, there's an Edward."

"Yes, there is an Edward. He's like a big brother to me, a big annoying, pretentious brother."

His smile returned and he changed the topic away from Edward. "So I thought that vampires thrived on human blood and could only come out at night or they'd melt or something along those lines."

The human blood, the thing I had been dreading. "Most vampires do live on human blood; we've only ever found one coven like us. And I- I mean we won't force you to stay and live out lifestyle, it's your choice but you're welcome to stay with us." I heard the pleading in my voice; I did nothing to hide it. I looked straight into his red eyes as I said all this, willing him silently to stay.

"Well, I don't think you're leaving these Cullen's anytime soon, and from what I recall that house seemed pretty big, so I'm thinking there's room for one more."

I don't think that I ever smiled wider in my human or vampire life then I was right now, my worst fear had been avoided.

I felt a shift in the winds and I looked up to see the clouds move away from the sun, the light came in on us through the tree branches. Our skin started to shimmer like diamonds, "Well I guess that answers your second question."

He looked at his arm, eyes wide in surprise. He then looked at me "You're… this… wow"

I was about to ask him about his life, what he remembered when he was suddenly just mere centimetres from my face. My words caught in my throat. He came closer, his eyes never leaving mine. He was closing distance between us, I stayed still. His lips gently pressed against mine. He pulled back for a moment, looking into my shocked eyes. His lips returned to mine, but they were more passionate this time, rougher.

"No!" I said against his soft lips while pushing at his chest.

He pulled away, "I- I'm sorry" he stuttered, surprised.

"No, I am. It's just" I paused "I just can't- I can't be hurt again."


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