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"You damn rat! This is all your fault!"

"Explain to me how any of this is my doing?"

Kyo faltered, lost for words. However, the pause was very brief, his ire breaking through emotional uncertainty.

"It just is!"

Yuki sighed.

"It doesn't matter now. She made her choice. I guess we were either too late, or she didn't have those feelings for us to begin with."

Kyo half-heartedly kicked at the wall.

"Why him? How could she pick that damn cow over us? What is it that she sees in him anyway?"

Yuki shrugged wearily. He was spent, and had no energy for the cat and his questions.

Kyo sat with his knees bent, arms crossed on said knees, still aggravated over the topic.

"I mean, what does he have that I don't? Even your a better match for her than him. And isn't he in love with you or some crazy shit like that? I just don't get it."

The rat's eye twitched, irritated at the mention of the black and white haired Zodiac's strange crush on him.

Still, the gray haired boy had to wonder about that. Hatsuharu lived to cling to him, hover around him, and flirt with him every chance he got. So, what were his feelings for him now? Did his affections change so suddenly? Then again, the cow did have a tendancy to be unpredictable. Maybe he simply didn't see Yuki that way now - or maybe he never had. Oh well, whatever the case, it didn't matter. He loved Tohru, and her feelings toward him were mutual. Neither of the brothers had a chance in Hell with her now. That was the issue here. That was the problem. After all the cat and dog fights, the tug-o-war, the insults...they had lost. It was over.

"Could we not talk about this anymore? It's done. It's finished. Ms. Honda...she's lost to us. Forever."

Kyo snorted.

"Yeah, right. I'm not giving up just because cow-boy decides he likes her. If he's just now realizing his own feelings, that's sad. And how did they get together so fast? We've been in love with her for so long...it's not fair! I don't want to let her go. I won't let her go!"

Chilling purple eyes, hardened by annoyance, shot to the slumped figure. He wasn't amused or impressed by the other's rather childish proclamation. If anything, it only served to irk him further.

"I'm sorry to have to be the one to tell you, but you don't have any say in the matter. It's Tohru's choice, and she made it. She shouldn't have to forfeit her happiness for anyone. Least of all a stubborn, selfish, needy brat like you."

"Why you-!"

Kyo was on his feet in an instant, face red, and hands balled in two fists at his side.

Yuki, not up for a fight, just turned his back on the seething cat and walked away.

Kyo huffed and threw a punch in the air.

"Damn rat. Always getting me worked up and then walking away."

He scowled, pondering the situation, an intense stare on his face.

Now that Tohru was taken...where did that leave him?

Suddenly, as if in answer to his unspoken question, a door was thrown open and the bane of his existence entered.

"Oh Kyo! My love, I've been looking everywhere for you. I wanted to know i-"

"Whatever it is-no. I'm tired, and I don't really feel like being bothered."

Her smile disappeared. In a flash she was thrashing her arms wildy, striking Kyo over and over again without pausing. When she finally ceased her violent attack, the orange top was sprawled on the floor covered in black and blue bruises.

Kagura knelt beside him, clutching his head close to her chest, and weeping loudly.

"Kyo, who did this to you? My poor, poor Kyo-kun. Don't worry, I'll make it better."

Kyo just groaned, in too much pain to do much else. He coudn't even move. Kagura had to be the only girl who could injure him that badly.

Shigure snickered openly from the doorway. He had come into the room to witness the scene the moment the sound of Kyo's tormented cries reached his ears. Now, he thought with his usual devilishness that Kyo would be very happy with the boar...that is, if she learned to better manage her temper. If not, well...the cat would just have to live with her beatings for the rest of his life.

"Hatsuharu, I don't like this. I mean, I love you, I really do - but what about Yuki and Kyo? They didn't seem too happy for me. I want them to smile and be content with the way things are now, but...is that too selfish?"

The cow was stretched out on the grass, arms crossed behind his back, legs crossed at the knees, staring at the drifting clouds. His expression was serene, and unbothered. But inside...he was worried. Not about Kyo, or even Yuki, but Tohru. He didn't like seeing her upset. It made him uneasy. Like, if Kagura stopped hitting Kyo, he would be afraid of the world coming to an end. It wasn't in Tohru's character to be so distraught, and he hated it, especially since he was the cause...

He smiled sadly, and turned on his side, grabbing her waist and holding her against his chest. She smiled, even through her distress, snuggling up to him. One hand left her waist and moved to the back of her head, smoothing down the hair, as he attempted to soothe the girl. Tohru instantly relaxed, comforted by her lover. They lay in silence for awhile, until he whispered in her ear,

"They'll be fine. Right now, they aren't taking our relationship too well, but soon they will get used to it. Trust me; anyway Kyo has Kagura, and Yuki is very popular with the ladies. Those two will find other people, and, though they won't forget about you, I'm sure they will find happiness."

Tohru lifted her gaze to meet his, her chin tickling him as it gently grazed his chest. Her brown orbs sparkled brilliantly, and the onigiri's cheeks glowed with a girlish blush. Her tone was gentle and yet simultaneously enthusiastic as she spoke.

"Like we did?"

He chuckled deeply, eyes smoldering with the intensity of the emotion he felt. His black and white topped head bent as he leaned into her face.

"Yes. Like us."

And then he captured her pink, strawberry flavored lips in a fiery kiss.

In the future, Kagura would learn to be a loving wife, Tohru would tame the darker side of her boyfriend, and Yuki would find a girl for himself.

But, in the present, time stood still, as the couple shared a warm, tender moment that seemed to last a lifetime.


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