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Mello and Misa Keehl looked exactly alike. They were twins, of course they looked alike. That's where the similarities ended, almost.

It wasn't fair. It wasn't fair. It just wasn't fair, damn it!

Mello Keehl hated his life at the moment. It wasn't his fault that he and his twin sister both liked guys. It wasn't his fault that they both liked the same guy either! The blonde didn't like it at all. It wasn't his fault, so why did he feel so guilty? The eighteen year old sighed as he plopped onto his bed after storming through the house and slamming his door. He shook his head. "Misa and her big fucking mouth… I hate her…" he growled.

"Mells," Misa called from outside his door about an hour later. "Matt's here for dinner! I've already said hi to him, you should come down!" She was the same giggly little girl she had always been, even at eighteen.

Mello growled and stood up. He glared at Misa as he opened his bedroom door. "I'm not coming down for dinner." He muttered, slamming the door in her face.

Misa pouted and sighed, running down for dinner, giggling the whole way. Nearly half an hour later, Misa comes back to Mello's room, sighing. "Mello, come on, just come down and eat something," she muttered.

Mello opened the door and sighed, pulling her into the room. "I need to talk to you."

A few moments later, Misa walked back out of her brother's room, giggling and walking back down to dinner. She adjusted her frilly black dress and sighed softly. "Hey guys, Mello's sick still."

A certain red head looked slightly upset as he continued eating his dinner. He sighed. The dinner table was so quiet besides Misa's random comments about what she was planning on doing for a career or that weekend.

Dinner soon ended and Misa and Mello's parents cleared the table as Misa and Matt went to watch TV in the living room.

Matt sighed, chewing on his lip. He opened his mouth to speak a few times, but said nothing. Finally, he spoke up. "Misa, I have to tell you something…"

Misa looked up at him expectedly. A smile was on her face and she seemed relatively interested.

Matt sighed. "Listen, this was really great and all, but I… I think I'm in love with your brother…" He kind of shied and shifted away from her on the couch.

Misa looked as if she was trying to get angry, or trying not laugh, either one. She soon dropped the angry façade. All that came out of her mouth was a pathetic little. "Really?"

Matt's piercing green eyes went wide as he recognized the voice. He hardly spoke to the blonde man, but they were still friends. He stood up from the couch and pointed at the Misa impersonator. "I knew it!" he grinned.

"How?" the impersonator tried to act innocent and then sighed. "Apparently Misa is a cup size smaller than I thought she was…"

Matt grinned, shaking his head.

"So… Is it true?" Mello asked, looking up shyly at the red head. "Do you really like me more than my sister?"

Matt smiled widely and laughed, mostly at the blonde's expression.