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A Gripping Surprise

I gasped as I felt the hand clamp down on my mouth and for a moment, I thought that danger had once again found me.

Then he spoke, "Shhh, it's just me," and I realized that this could be an entirely different kind of danger. His voice sounded like it was holding unspoken erotic promises for me, this cannot be, he must be messing with me. Why would he play such a game with me? His mouth was so close to my ear, I could not help but to wonder what it would feel like if he ran his tongue down the edge of it.

I closed my eyes, guilty at the thought that had just gone through my mind. What was I thinking? I thought to myself. Pranks, remember he is all about pranks.

"I want you." Hearing his throaty whisper and feeling his breath on the side of my face made a shiver curse down my body, making my insides curl up with thick warmth. His words sent my mind into a panic of confusion and lust.

I tried to pull away from his grasp but he just tightened his grip and pulled me into the contours of his body by placing his free hand on my hip. His grasp was seductive, light and right at the hipbone with his fingers in front angling down. Although the grasp was firm, his fingers softly kneaded the flesh in that delicate spot causing desire to pump through my veins.

He whispered again, "we are alone Bella, no one ever needs to know," then he gently nibbled on my ear lobe, a soft moan escaped my lips.

My mind screamed how wrong this was, but my body was crying for more. His hand left my hip and grazed slowly up my body, his other hand left my mouth and tangled with my hair pulling my head slightly to the side. I felt his cold lips on my neck and heard him breathe in deeply. As he breathed back out with a quiet but animal like moan, he brushed his lips down to my shoulder. On his way back up to my neck, he let his tongue taste my skin and he growled. I trembled and pushed my hips back into him, feeling his excitement hard against me. I brought my hand up to the back of his neck pulling him closer to me and ran my fingers up through his short hair. My breathing became labored and my thoughts became clouded.

He brought his lips back up and whispered to me, "You want me to." I began to shake my head no and I was quickly turned around and lifted off my feet. He was holding me up so that our eyes were level and my feet were dangling in the air. Our chests were pressed together and my hands came up to rest on his broad shoulders. I felt a tingle flash through me as my breasts brushed up against him. My breathing hitched and all I could do was stare into those beautiful dark amber eyes, glazed over with need…for me.

I tried to shake my head again but he brought his head down closer so that our lips were inches apart. "Bella, you can't deny that you want me. I can hear your heart battering against your chest and your arousal for me is strong, it makes me ache for you."

I could feel the heat flash up my face and I new I was blushing. I tried to put my head down but his forehead touched mine nudging me back into place. Breathless, I just continued to stare at him and then he kissed me so quickly I was not even sure that it had happened. I brought a hand up to touch my lips and sighed. His eyes sparkled with a knowing and confidence that irritated me. He knew what he was doing to me and he was enjoying my…unease. Then he smirked at me, giving me his sexy half smile bringing out his adorable dimples.

I tried to sound controlled as I spoke for the first time, but it still came out sounding like a whimper. "Emmett…"

"Yes, Bella?" He responded as he rubbed his nose up one side of my face breathing me in deeply.

"Um…we can't do this," I was leaning my face into his, loving how his breath felt on my skin and the smell of him. I could feel my body hum with anticipation.

"Sure we can, just let yourself go for once. I can give you what Edward won't."

"We can't," I said again. "He'll know and he'll hurt you when he finds out. He will see it in your thoughts. You have never been able to keep your thoughts from him."

He smiled at me, a wicked and sexy smile. "I keep things from him all the time, I just don't let people know all of my strengths. Life is so much easier when so little is expected of you."

"What are you saying? You can block your thoughts from him?"

"See what I mean, Bella? Look at how surprised you are. It is hard for you to believe that Emmett the oaf has a mental ability." When I did not respond he continued, "How about this…I have wanted you since that first day that I saw and smelled you in the cafeteria. Not only that, but our brainy Edward hasn't got a clue."

Emmett can block his mind, I cannot believe this. Not only can he block his mind but also he has managed to keep it a secret and has manipulated people into thinking that he is a weak link. A weak link with a weak mind. When realization dawned in my head and I had put everything together, a sinister smile erupted on my face.

Emmett kissed me again but this time there was no question that it was happening. His lips brushed against mine softly, slowly, back and forth. Just when I thought I could not take it anymore his lips crushed down and attacked mine with fervor. Without thinking, I wrapped my legs around his waist and his hands came down to grip my backside. We both moaned and looked at each other; he tightened his grip and pulled me closer, rubbing me against his erection.

This time it was my lips that were crushing down on his and my tongue thrust into his mouth. He welcomed the invasion eagerly and massaged my tongue with his own. The kiss was amazing, eliciting moans from both of us and causing me to writhe in his strong grip. He squeezed my backside in response and began to walk toward the stairs.

With vampire speed, we were in Emmett's room and my back was up against a wall. Our lips were still locked together and I felt like I could not breathe. I threw my head back to catch a breath and banged it into the wall.

"Ow!" I exclaimed and Emmett laughed at me.

He did not miss a step in stride though, his lips were already assaulting my neck and collarbones as her murmured, "Only you Bella, only you."

He said it with such affection that I smiled and kissed his forehead. We gradually made it over to the bed and he unwound my legs and laid me down. He got up, took his shirt off, then came down to me, and kissed me. I brought my hands to his chest and ran them down to his stomach slowly feeling every line and slope. "Emmett, you…are…so…breathtaking."

His breath stopped when I reached his waistband, he kissed me then grabbed my hands and brought them up above my head. He held them there gently with one hand while his other dove into the waistband of my cotton Capri's. He quickly cupped my sex and ran his middle finger up the middle, "Oh, Bella, your panties are wet." He practically panted as he said, "Your. Ready. For. Me. Aren't you?"

"It was always you…always you," I gasped back as I pushed my hips up to encourage him to continue.

Emmett immediately froze and brought both of his hands up to my face, "What?" He whispered.

"It was always you." I pulled my head up to kiss him but he pulled his head away.

He looked at me perplexed as if I had just shown him some puzzle that he could not solve. "What do you mean, it was always me?" He asked me.

"It was you from the beginning, but you were very obviously with Rosalie and no woman can compete with her. Then Edward pissed me off in Biology and starts following me. I always wanted it to be you and being with Edward, well, I got to be around you also."

The look on Emmett's face was one of pure elation, his eyes smoldered and sparkled, and his smile enhanced his dimples. He kissed me with a passion that I had never felt before and quickly ripped off all of my clothing. He leaned back and looked at me with an awestruck face and, of course, I blushed, bringing my hands down to cover myself.

He grabbed my hands and held them, "You are so beautiful." He brought his lips down and kissed me, letting his right hand trail down my body. His hand felt like cold silk as it glided down my chest, brushing over my nipple and down to my thigh. Although his hands were cold and hard, my body felt warm and electric wherever he touched.

He gazed into my eyes for a moment more and it seemed like he wanted to say something but then he lowered his head. He brushed kisses down my neck and across my collarbones. He kissed both undersides of my breasts and then licked the tip of one. My back instantly arched up pushing my breast into his face, while a deep guttural moan escaped my throat.

Accepting my pleasure, he brought my nipple into his mouth and suckled it gently, while I wiggled beneath him not knowing what to do with all of these sensations flowing through my body. As he brought his face up to mine to kiss me, he brought his hand to my bare center.

As his fingers felt my inner folds, his head collapsed into my hair and he murmured so softly, "Bella, you are so warm." A finger slowing eased inside of me and he brought his lips back to mine. My body was trembling and aching with a need that I have never known before.

"Emmett, please do something…I can't take anymore." I cried out begging him to finish what he started.

"This is only the beginning, there is so much more I want to do to you."

"Next time, please…I need this now," I panted under him as he slid his finger in and out of me. He removed his finger, brought it to my delicate bundle of nerves, and rubbed them in a circular motion. My hips bucked up and my back arched. "Emmett, now…I want you in me now," I screamed at him as my hand gripped his shoulder, my nails digging at him but leaving no makes in his granite skin.

Emmett growled and brought himself up over me, gently pushing my legs apart with his knee. I brought my hand down to erection, never even realizing that he had taken his pants off. He moaned, "Bella," from deep back in his throat and I began to stroke him.

"Please, Emmett…hurry" I pushed my hips up and my wet core made contact with his massive arousal.

He quickly and forcefully thrust into me in one stroke bringing himself all the way to the hilt and stopped, as I let out a loud cry of pain.

"Oh, God…" he said with pleasure and pain as he tried to restrain himself. He kissed my lips, forehead, eyes, "Bella, I'm so sorry…the pain will ease soon…I won't move…" He gasped and a drop of ice cold sweat fell from his creased forehead, "I won't move until you say."

I tried to regulate my breathing, I wanted him so bad, but the pain had been so intense in that one thrust. He kissed my lips softly, his tongue entered my mouth and glided with mine, so soft, and then the pace picked up. My hands went around his neck and instinctively my back arched up, "Try," I said.

With permission granted he slowly pulled his throbbing erection out of me and then ever so slowly pushed it all the way back in. He groaned into my mouth right then as we were kissing and I lost it. Frantically, I began to push my hips into him; my hands were rubbing and clawing at his back. Taking my cue, he gradually began to pump into me faster, my body met his each time, and we worked into a rhythm.

I cried out, "I'm…oh, Emmett."

We looked at each other and Emmett moaned, "Bella, God, you are so hot, so tight. I'm not going to last much longer."

With our eyes open and watching one another, he saw me reach my climax, my back arched and I began to call out his name. Before his name fully escaped my lips, he clasped his lips on mine in a scorching kiss as he released himself into me. He moaned my name into my mouth and my body convulsed slightly in tremors as delicious sensations coursed through my body.

He collapsed on top of me, "Bella, you are so amazing…so worth the wait."

I kissed his jawbone, cuddled into his side and whispered, "So were you."