A/N: Here is the epilogue. *tear, sniff* I am so sad that it is over. My first fully completed story. I hope that you enjoy it and I hope that the ending did the story justice. Please let me know what you think!


Bella's POV

3 months later

I watched Emmett from the front window of the cabin in Alaska as he checked the jeep out to make sure we had an uneventful trip back home. Home…I pulled the afghan around my shoulders tighter as I thought about home and the people there. We had kept in touch with our families while we were gone, but leaving this magical place that held the memories of our first three months as a married couple was incredibly bittersweet.

I laughed as Emmett paused to animatedly move his hands in front of him as he chatted on his cell phone. He looked happy, exuberant and I saw a radiance about him that did not use to be there and I felt good knowing that I was responsible for putting it there. Just like he had put life back into me and I felt like I was glowing even if I couldn't see its result in the mirror…I felt it.

We were leaving in one day, after 3 months of honeymoon bliss in a remote cabin in the Alaskan wilderness. Although I was alone I still blushed as I thought of all the horneymoon loving that had gone on in this place and then I laughed as I used Emmett's not so clever word in my mind. We definitely could not get enough of each other and if that is supposed to get worse after my change, our family better watch out. Maybe we will end up having to get our own place at some point. I would not gripe at that possibility and some privacy would be nice for us.

I continued to watch him from the window, mesmerized by the grace in his big and bulky body. He closed the hood on the car and put his cell phone into his pocket. He turned and looked at me in the window as if he could feel my eyes on him. I smiled and waved watching his bigger than life grin consume his face releasing his devilish dimples. In the next instant he was gone from where he was standing and the front door was open, then closed. He slowed to a human pace just as he wrapped me into his arms in a cool embrace. He swept me off of my feet and held me in his arms gently like you would hold an infant and carried me into the bedroom.

After we made love again, we stayed in bed cuddling and relishing our time together on our last day.

"Who were you talking to?" I asked him as we lie face to face wrapped up in each other.

"I talked to Esme and Alice, they are very excited for our homecoming," he said as he pushed my hair over my shoulder.

"It will be nice to see them…I miss them." I paused and kissed his lips, "I also wish that we could stay here longer, I don't want to share you."

He chuckled, "I am all yours kitten and we can come back. Pretty soon we will have an eternity together and lots of trips to be had."

"An eternity," I whispered.

Emmett cleared his throat and looked as if he was hesitating to speak.


"I was just wondering if Alice told you about Edward." He asked refusing to look at me, instead staring at the blue and white snowflake sheets on the bed.

I pulled his chin up with my hand and he let me. Once we were eye to eye I said, "Yes, she told me about his girlfriend Anna and I think it is wonderful."

"You do?" He asked.

"Of course I do. Edward deserves to be happy and I am glad that he was able to move on. I was afraid that his stubbornness would keep him alone for who knows how long."

"Yeah me to. You're sure you are okay with it?"

I grabbed his face and looked at him, trying to show him with a penetrating stare how serious I was. "Emmett, I love you. Edward is my brother in law and that is it. I am happy for him and that is it. I am yours."

He brought his forehead down to mine, "I know, I guess I just needed to hear it."

"Well they sound like a perfect match, Edward needs someone that needs or likes to be taken care of."

"Yeah, they say that her gift is that she kept her humanity after the change." Emmett looked incredulous.

"I know…so perfect, but why do you seem unhappy?"

He shrugged, "I don't know, I am confused about this gift of hers." He did air quotation marks on the word gift. "The girl has to be reminded to eat and sometimes force fed. How can you call that a gift?"

"It is odd, but my guess is that she doesn't like to kill things, be it people or animals."

"It's just different and interesting. I have never met a vampire whose first memories after the change do not consist of thirst and hunting."

"Do you think it is going to be all weird and uncomfortable when we get there?" I asked him.

"Naw, no more uncomfortable it will be for them being around us."

I nodded my head, "Yeah."

"I need to go hunt before we leave. Do you want to go walk around Swan Lake one last time when I get back?"

I smiled as I watched him get up and dress. "Sure, as long as you tell me the story of how you named the lake."

"Again?" He laughed.

"Yes, I love hearing how you named the lake. It's like you knew or had a premonition of me."

"Well, you are a beautiful swan, my Bella, but to me you will always be kitten." He sprang cat like back onto the bed.

I laughed and then groaned as his hands grabbed my backside and pulled my hips up to his. He threw his head back and growled deep in his throat. He brought his head back up, grinned and lifted an eyebrow at me. "So my soft kitten, will I always be you tiger?"

I smiled back and purred, "Meow."