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Susan awoke slowly, not quite sure where she was. The bed she was laying in was considerably larger than the one she had at her parents' house in London. It was far more luxurious, as well. She was fairly certain that the sheets were satin, not the cotton she was used to, and the blanket under her fingers definitely felt ornately embroidered. If she didn't know any better she would have sworn that she was waking in Narnia once again, not in her bed in England. She knew it was just her imagination, and it made her just a little sad. How wonderful would it be if she was actually back in Narnia? Then, the baby would be not only with her, but with Caspian and Caspian would be able to raise their baby with her. She felt the tears begin under her eyelids and slipped a hand to her abdomen to feel the life within her.

She sat up quickly with a gasp of fear when she felt her abdomen was much smaller than it should have been. She tore the blanket away quickly, beginning to sob when she saw that she was no longer pregnant. She looked around wildly and another sob stopped halfway though her throat when she saw the figure in the window. Caspian was standing with his back to her. It had been so long, but she could still read his body language somewhat. He seemed calm, relaxed. His stance was strong and sure. She sobbed his name once, and caught her breath when he turned around and she saw the infant sleeping calmly in his arms.

All of the sudden everything came rushing back to her. Coming back to Narnia, Glenstorm finding her in the woods and bringing her back to the castle, telling Caspian about their baby, the marriage, the birth. She began to sob again in earnest when she realized that everything she had thought was just a wonderful dream was actually real. She was in Narnia, she was married to Caspian, and they would be able to raise their baby together. Their little Caspian. He murmured to her in a language she didn't quite understand as he moved to the bed and sat so that she could take their little one in her arms. She knew it was the Telmarine language and that it was probably the language he had spoken from birth, learning Narnian as he got older, but she couldn't bring herself to concentrate enough to translate it. She could only sob how much she loved him as she took their child and kissed the little face again and again before turning her face to her husband for a kiss.

Caspian took Susan's face gently between his hands when she turned her face to him and pressed his lips to hers gently, angling his head to take the kiss deeper almost immediately. He would never tell her, but they had come so much closer to losing her than he ever wanted to think about again. The healers had come to him, two, perhaps three, hours after he had sent Glenstorm and Moonsong to the How and told him that Susan was dying. Nothing they were doing was bringing her fever down. They did not believe that she would last through the night. They told him that he should say his goodbyes to her because they did not think that she would live long enough even for Queen Lucy's Elixir to arrive. It was as if she had held on long enough to make sure that the babe was delivered safely to Caspian, but could hold on no longer.

Caspian had gone back into the room and pretended again that she was just sleeping. Even as he held her in his arms, felt her fevered face, heard how she was struggling to breathe, he pretended that it was just another winter night and he had come to bed late, after she was already asleep. He'd whispered his love over and over again as her breathing became more and more labored. He'd prayed with all his might that she could hold on just a little longer. In the end he was sure it was a matter of seconds between her death and the moment Glenstorm burst into the room, the cordial in his hands. Caspian had poured a few drops down Susan's throat, waited, and fallen to his knees when she began to breathe more normally and the color returned to her face. She'd woken briefly, but he doubted that she remembered. Then she had fallen back asleep and slept until the morning.

"Hello, my love," she murmured when they pulled away gently and Caspian situated himself more comfortably behind her so that they could observe the beauty and wonder of their child together. Caspian the Eleventh continued to doze, unaware of his young parents' scrutiny. Caspian was still murmuring in his native Telmarine language, but she just smiled at it. It meant that he was comfortable beyond thought with her. He didn't think about the language he spoke to her in. She was catching some of the words now. Love, beautiful, forever. They were all words she had wanted to hear from him more than anything for months. Now that he was with her, she still couldn't quite believe that it was true, despite all evidence to the contrary.

She looked down at their baby boy, smiling as Caspian rested his chin on her shoulder and kissed her neck. She ran her hand over his dark hair, so much more than she had expected an infant to have, cooed over his little fingers and toes, not realizing that she was doing exactly what Caspian had done when the baby was first born. They marveled together over the perfect curve of his nose, the bowed shaped of his lips. Susan turned her head to kiss Caspian once more.

"He really is beautiful," she whispered.

"He's perfect," Caspian spoke in Narnian for the first time and she couldn't help the little laugh of pure joy that bubbled up from somewhere deep within her.

"I never thought I'd see you again. I never thought that we'd be like this, that you'd get to see our child. I love you, Caspian."

"I never stopped loving you, Susan," Caspian rocked his small family gently, "If there is one thing that I have learned about Aslan, it is that he may do things in his own time, but he is never cruel. I don't believe he can be."

"You knew we'd be together again?" There was surprise in her voice.

"No," he smiled and breathed in the fresh scent of her hair, "I thought hat we would be doomed to long for each other all out lives. We would have always felt something missing, but we would have found ways to be happy. Our child changed everything. I don't believe Aslan would have ever forced you to raise him alone or denied me the right and pleasures of helping you to raise him."

"I don't believe he would have done that either," Susan admitted, a little bit of sadness in her voice when she remembered her last conversation with Edmund.

"What is it?" Caspian picked up on the sadness in his wife's voice.

"It just makes me a little sad to realize," she murmured, kissing their son gently on one closed eyelid, then the other, "Edmund will have a life like that. He will never be truly happy away from Narnia."

"Why is that?" Caspian was eager to learn anything about the most mysterious of the kings and queens, the one Susan seemed closest to, but wished talking about it did not make her so sad.

"Edmund's tastes in romantic partners are not acceptable in our world." She was surprised that she admitted something she had never told anyone so easily to Caspian. But, he was her husband, she mused, and the love of her life. Perhaps it followed that she trusted him more than she'd ever trusted anyone else.

It finally struck Caspian that he had never seen Edmund in the company of a woman while he had been in Narnia, and that, at the coronation ball, he had seen him in the gardens with a young man he had assumed Edmund had made friends with. He couldn't imagine how love could be considered wrong if it was true, in any nation, and felt his heart tug just a little for his wife's brother, wishing him joy and love silently.

"We can never know what is in Aslan's plan for each of us," Caspian murmured, pressing his lips to her neck gently once more, "We can only trust that he loves us and only wants us to be happy."

"Yes," Susan smiled, "You're right."

"Of course," And they both laughed, "I'd like to introduce Narnia to their new queen and heir today if you feel well enough."

"I feel fine," Susan beamed, "More than I fine."

"You look radiant," He couldn't resist kissing her again, "I love you."

"I love you," She responded.

Hours later at the ball held in celebration of the new heir, the advisors to the king, human and Narnian alike, watched in happy satisfaction as their king beamed at his new wife and doted on his young son. He never let either of them out of his sight for long, but they assumed that was just because he was still getting used to the fact that they were with him. As he realized they weren't going to disappear he would be less inclined to have to know where they were at every second of every day. Not that Susan seemed to mind the attentiveness of her husband at all. She never seemed happier than when Caspian had his arms around her and they were both looking down at their son as if they couldn't believe that he was there and their very own child.

"Out of the many things Aslan could have given me," Caspian had announced, loud enough for all to hear, just after the meal before the musicians began to play, "He has given me a beautiful son and a woman to love more than my own life, my perfect match. Thou art enough," he kissed his son's forehead, "And thou art enough," he kissed his wife thoroughly, "If there was nothing else," his voice had become a whisper only for his wife, who closed her eyes at the gentle words, "It would still be enough." As the kiss had ended and a spontaneous cheer had gone up from those gathered, the musicians had begun.

The atmosphere of the ball was pure joy with all of the guests wishing the young couple and their child only the best. The king and queen of Archenland had stayed, along with Princess Marin. The young princess and the new queen seemed to get along famously. At the dinner they had sat together and laughed often, especially after Susan had asked Marin how she knew Caspian and she had responded that they had almost been married, but that she hadn't been able to go through with it. Trumpkin had tensed up, hearing that, but had only smiled when Susan had just begun laughing and Marin had joined in. Susan knew it was the truth, he could tell, but chose to see the humor in it, especially when Marin told her of the shocked look on Caspian's face when she had told him that she wouldn't marry him. Marin cooed over the baby, holding him when Caspian asked if he could steal his wife for a dance and everyone could see that the young royal couple and the princess would be life long friends.

"Everything's worked out beautifully," Doctor Cornelius sighed happily, his hands folded over his belly.

"Aslan has a perfect plan for all of us," Trufflehunter, ever faithful, smiled as he surveyed what he had thought would never happen.

Trumpkin just grunted, but couldn't hide the light in his eyes as he watched his king and queen, flush with happiness and a lively dance, taking their son back from Marin, who smiled widely. The entire room cheered when Caspian held him up to the sky.

"It'll do," Trumpkin grunted to himself, under his breath, smiling a secret smile that no one else saw, "It'll do."