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The six-year-old blonde girl sat silently on a tree trunk a little bit away from the other kids. They were playing and running over the wide meadow, obviously having a lot of fun. She wasn't allowed to play with them. They always said there was something strange about her and therefore treated her like an outcast. Her blue eyes strayed over the wide grassy areas and woods.

Suddenly her eyes were caught on something sparkling next to her in the grass. She took a closer look and found out that it was a golden pocket watch. It was slightly overgrown by moss, showing that it had been lying there for quite a while.

She reached her hands out to take it but another hand was faster. To her surprise the hand was pale and it seemed that she was able to see through it. Shocked she pulled her own hand back and close to her body. She looked up only to meet the eyes of a young boy, perhaps about her age with amazing long purple hair, standing in front of her. In his hand was the watch. And like his hand his whole body and clothes seemed to be see-trough. He smiled weakly at her and held the watch to her. Hesitating she took the watch from him.

"Who are you?" She asked weakly.

"My name's Chrono. You're the first one I've met in a long time. Do you wanna be my friend?" He asked and his voice didn't seem to be more than a loud breathe. The girl nodded, happy that he was not afraid of her.

"Rosette!" Someone called the blonde's name. "Who are you talking to? There is nobody there." Her brother came and sat down next to her.

His light blonde hair was tousled from romping about with the others. His aquamarine eyes showing the slightest hint of worry within them.

"What do you mean there is nobody? Can't you see him?"

"Who do you mean?"

"Well, the boy." She said and pointed her index finger out in front of her.

"I don't see any boy Rosette." Joshua told her "Surely you're only tired… you have been doing many chores today."

The little girl sighed "I only helped preparing lunch and doing the laundry." She pouted "And I'm sure a boy is sitting right in front of me." Her eyes searched for some help in convincing her little brother from the purple haired stranger "Please tell him I'm not lying." She said

Chrono looked at her sadly and slowly shook his head "I can't." he murmured, bitterness audible in his breathy voice.

"Why not? I can see you. You're right here, why can't you tell him that-" Rosette was interrupted by a hand on her shoulder. She looked up and found Joshua's eyes look at her worried "Rosette… There really is no one there."

The little girl sighed.

Joshua gave her a slight pat on her shoulder and got up "Maybe you should go take a nap, it always helps you feeling better."

Another sigh escaped the young girl "Perhaps you're right." She mumbled "I might just be a little sleepy… but I know what I see."

This time it was Joshua who sighed "Rosette, please… it's only you who can see that boy."

"And I know what I see." She repeated stubbornly "I really tell the truth."

"You better take a looong good nap Rosette." The blonde boy said "You feel much better after that. I'll go back and tell Miss Jean. Then I wanna play with Kevin, Mathieu and Billy."

"Alright." Rosette replied defeated "but be careful, you aren't healthy… don't play too rough."

"Okay." Joshua grinned "I'll probably play cowboys and Indians with Kevin and Billy." His eyes were sparkling; he just loved old Western books and had even made some little guns of wood. His favourite game was Cowboys and Indians.

Rosette sometimes wanted to play as well, but she knew the others didn't want to play with her. Instead she strode around, exploring everything around the Orphanage. She was always able to find new exciting things.

She watched Joshua leave and turned her attention back towards the purple haired boy. He was gone though.

"Was he really just an illusion, made up by my tired mind?" she asked herself. She got up, the pocket watch still securely in her hands. Had he just been a dream? She wasn't so sure anymore.

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